06/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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A senior Lincolnshire MP has called for a pact between UKIP and the


Conservative party. Sir Edw`rd Leigh, MP for Gainsborough, says


Tory and UKIP candidates shouldn't oppose each other in next ydar's


general election. He says it's time to "reunite the right" in British


politics and says the Government should apologise


The recent success of UKIP hn the local and European elections was


widely interpreted as a protest full against the main Westminster


parties. But according to sdnior Conservative Sir Edward Leigh, it is


his party that has the most to lose if UKIP do well in next year's


general election. He wants `n informal pact, where the two parties


would not fight each other hn some seats.


We have to reunite the right. A formal pact may be impossible, but


an informal arrangement, cotpled with the fact that we reasstre our


traditional voters that we really are conservative. We are re`lly


going to deliver a referendtm and all the other things they c`re


about. In particular, stopphng mass immigration. And I think we've got a


chance of winning the gener`l election.


Bill and Sandra Warwick are conservative voters who livd in Sir


Edward Leigh's Gainsborough constituency. How do they fdel about


the Tories forming an alliance with UKIP?


I think that Farage is putthng on an image that is not suitable for


politics. That's my opinion. So you do not think that David


Cameron should do a deal with him ? Not at all.


He likes his beer and likes his cigars. He doesn't seem serhous


Nigel Farage has consistently willed about forming a pact with any other


party. This is what he said. It will not happen. UKIP is a


different party with a diffdrent manifesto.


The by`election saw the Conservatives hold onto the seat


despite a big swing to UKIP. Sir Edward Leigh believes traditional


Tory voters have been alien`ted by coalition policies, such as same`sex


marriage. I think it was a listake bringing in same`sex marriage. I


think a senior minister could at least apologise to our older


supporters who value old`fashioned traditional marriage.


We have already seen one unlikely political marriage in Downing Street


and many will continue to speculate on whether we could see another


partnership sometime soon. And you can see the full interview


with Sir Edward Leigh on thhs weekend's Sunday Politics, where


guests will include the Hull North MP, Diana Johnson, and Cleethorpes


MP Martin Vickers. A murder investigation has started


following the death of a 41`year`old man in Scunthorpe. Police wdre


called to this house on Frodingham Road last night. Two women `nd a man


have been arrested Lincoln County Hospital says its


under pressure because too lany patients are turning up at @


Officials say staff are assdssing patients to see if they can go home,


so that beds can be freed. They say no single reason is behind the


increase in patients. The sacrifices made by the `llied


forces who invaded occupied France, seventy years ago, have been


remembered at D Day services in Normandy. Veterans from East


Yorkshire and Lincolnshire have joined political leaders and heads


of state at acts of remembr`nce Gemma Dawson has been following


today's events. Remembering a unique moment in


history... The Queen and leaders from `round


the world have been meeting the men who took part in D`Day.


Earlier, Prince Charles chatted with East Yorkshire veterans John and


Ray, in Normandy to mark 70 years NEWSREEL: The dawn of June 6 comes


up like thunder I didn't know what you expect, when


it did happen... Men falling by my side and all that kind of thing


it's... it wasn't very pleasant There was quite a lot of action


going on ` tracer bullets and God knows what else. I was on an


Oerlikon gun, on the starbo`rd side of the ship. And I thought, if I can


only fire this gun, from Britain, America and C`nada


arrived in Normandy in France. But the landings had to be postponed


because of the weather. For Imelda at home in Lincolnshire,


memories of her D`Day role, when, as a teenager in Ireland, she looked at


the weather charts and realhsed the Perhaps the wrong word is pride but


I feel very happy with then and I had a little part at the little Met


station that had a bearing In Normandy today, the sun was


shining, as the wartime efforts of let the civil service do thdir


thing. One of Phillip Larkin's most famous


poems was performed on a tr`in from Hull to London today to mark its


50th anniversary. Larkin wrote The Good evening. After a pleas`nt day,


as he watched brides and grooms Good evening. After a pleas`nt day,


we start the forecast with ` weather warning. Torrential downpours in


place tomorrow. Not a cold night. Some clear spells. Temperattres


could be around 13 or 14 degrees. Some heavy and thundery rain, heavy


downpours to come. A real mtddy field to the day. On Sunday, still


the risk of showers. But it will feel pleasant in the sunshine.


That's all from the late te`m. Look North is back tomorrow


just after midday ` hope yot can join us then. Bye for now.


improve to some extent. The showers move away and a fresh appeal to


things. Good evening. The good news is,


there will be some decent dry on a sunny moment to come through the


weekend. But over the next 24 hours, the threat of thunderstorms


looms large. The ingredients have been coming together today - warm


air pushing northwards out of Iberia, cooler air from the Atlantic


trying to pushed away. In between the cloud has been building with a


lot of energy in the atmosphere sparking off some nasty


thunderstorms across parts of northern Spain and south-west


France. They will produce most of the rainfall tomorrow. Ahead of it,


the cloud is starting to produce thunderstorms itself. We've seen in


Cornwall. A few sporadic thunderstorms across central and


southern areas and towards Northern Ireland through


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