07/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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difficult for volunteers to raise enough money to stage the event


It's the spectacle of peopld and colour you'd expect


from any festival, attracting over 8,000 visitors and a place hn the


top five of Lincolnshire events. But not this year.


This year, the Riverside Festival looks like this. Quiet.


Because for the first time in its 12`year history,


That's the only thing everyone's got to look forward to,


What's anyone got round here to do now?


I've got grandchildren and ht's a lovely day out, and it fetches


A lack of funding and the redundancy of the fdstival


coordinator, who was jointlx paid for the town and district councils,


left too big a void to manage by the volunteers alone.


It was the one festival where the whole town came together.


That includes the Old Hall, Marshalls Yard, the town centre


independent retailers, everybody came together on that day


Behind closed doors, councillors want to support


the festival, but unfortunately we don't have the funds to.


Marcus owns one of the main buildings


which houses many businesses that would have benefited.


The cafe here will suffer because the festival was probably


It's a shame, but it is a deeper shame because it


It is a point agreed with bx Donna, who owns a chocolate business.


For my business, it is going to be a big hit for me this year, because


last year was my first year trading, and I got a lot of business.


But the Riverside Festival over the years has in my opinion turned


It needs individual stalls to bring different people in.


Whilst Gainsborough stays qtiet this year, there is still hope


that the Riverside Festival could return bigger and better next year.


Simon Spark, BBC Look North, Gainsborough.


Humberside Police has named the man who was found dead


at a house on Frodingham Ro`d in Scunthorpe on Thursday.


41`year`old Barry O'Brien dhed from a single wound.


A 38`year`old woman arrested at the scene on suspicion of murder


Two other people have been released on police bail.


Army reservists from Granth`m have been honoured today


24 soldiers were given camp`ign medals in recognition of thdir work.


The men and women from the 062 regiment RLC worked alongside


colleagues in the regular army, making sure people and equipment


It's just a proud moment, being able to pin that


on your chest and have it in photos and walk around whth it.


It makes you feel very proud for serving your country.


It's a nice little token to recehve back


The course of the Hull 10K race has had to be re`routed because


The race had been due to go past Wellington House in


More than 5,000 people are dxpected to compete in the event tomorrow.


A plaque commemorating the Hull poet Philip Larkin has been unvehled


It's part of celebrations m`rking the 50th anniversary of Larkin's


poem The Whitsun Weddings, which was performed on


It was published in 1964 and was about a journey from Hull to London.


Lincolnshire singer Thomas Leak is taking part in the final


24`year`old Thomas, from Donnington on Bain near Louth, is part


If they win, they'll perforl in front of Her Majesty the Queen.


A bit of a whirlwind, because it has gone from not knowing what hs


happening to where we are now, and it's just so proud of what they ve


done, what he's done, what the rest of the band members have done.


Here's Kay Crewdson with the forecast.


Through this evening, there may be the odd shower, but mostly dry.


Tonight, continuing to turn drier and brighter with some evenhng


sunshine, though the risk of the odd sharp shower.


Dry overnight with variable cloud, a light southerly breeze.


Variable cloud and sunny spdlls though, with the risk of sole sharp


Good evening. Most of us have seen some rain so far today. It started


off in the south. As it worked its way north, we lost the thunder and


the lightning. Many of us ended the day on a decent note. After a decent


day in the north of Scotland, that band of rain marches northwards Be


hiengd it, there is a -- behind it, there is a lot of dry weather to be


found. Most of us are dry by the end of the night and relatively mild.


Starting Sunday in Scotland, still some showers around in the south and


the west. I suspect the north and the east are getting off to a decent


start to the day. The North West, there may be a bit more cloud.


Northern Ireland doing quite well through the morning. Across Wales,


the South West, it might be a bit cloudy, but it is essentially a dry


start. The


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