08/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are. Bye for now.


Good evening. The first Norlandy Veterans' Association in thd country


has been officially disbanddd at a service in north`east Lincolnshire


today. The men were honoured for the role they played in the Second World


War. The group's Standard whll now remain in St St Peter's Church.


A service remembering the D`Day landings and a special placd nor


this Standard to be `` for this Standard to be laid up. A s`d moment


for some. That Standard has been carried all the time ` diffdrent


parades. It will never be forgotten. Here especially.


The Standard will remain here now in the Normandy veterans' chapdl here.


It is hoped it can be used to teach future generations about thd sk fiss


made all `` sacrifices made all those years ago. We have a strong


school link here and childrdn come here regularly. When this gdneration


has gone, the next generation will have lasting remembrance. It was 70


years ago that Allied forces entered occupied France. 156,000 troops


arrived. Today, only five of those in Grimsby and cleave Thorps are


still alive. I don't think... You know, we had a


job to do and we just did it. We don't want another one like that. I


hope we can learn something in that sense from it The Grimsby and cleave


Thor Normandy Veterans' Association has been disbanded. The memories


will live on. And in the morning, we will remember them. We will remember


them. The Conservative MP for cle`ve


Thorps has accused the Government of making a blunder by legalishng


same`sex marriage. Edward Ldigh said ministers should apologise for


upsetting traditional Conservative supporters by the introducthon of


gay marriage. The Labour Party has criticised his views. The g`y


marriage issue was a blunder, to be honest, for the Conservativd


Government to take a lead on it It upset a great number of our


supporters joosmt if you don't want it, don't enter into a same`sex


marriage. Giving the opporttnity to people who want to have that


marriage. That is where we `re now. The number of hare coursing


incidents in Lincolnshire h`s fallen for a second year. Over the past


season police were alerted to 7 6 potential cases. 100 fewer than the


previous year. Officers say it is an assign their a`` it shows it is


occurring. 24`year`old Thomas Leak frol


Donington on Bain is part of Collabro, which last night won


Britain's Got Talent. Watchdd by his proud mum. The world stopped for me


and my heart stopped beating. I felt as though I was above myself


watching. I couldn't hear anything. When they actually said, and the


winners are Collabro, I didn't actually really here that. Then oh


`` hear that. Then I saw all the boys jumping up and down and knew


they had won. Hundreds of rtnners were in Hull today. 5,000 athletes


took part. It was held in mdmory of Jane Tomlinson, the Yorkshire


fundraiser who died from cancer Time to look at the weather now


Hello. Good evening. We end with some sunshine, but also a rhsk of


the odd thundery showers. Pdrhaps some mist and fog later in the


night. 13`14 Celsius generally. So, it will be a showery day tolorrow.


Not raining all day long, btt some of the showers could be heavy and


thundery. Between some cloud. It will feel warm in the sunshhne.


Temperatures lifting to 21 Celsius. As you can see from the colours on


the graphics, some heavy showers about.


High pressure building throtgh Wednesday. Thank you. We ard back at


10. 45pm tonight. Hope you can Good evening. We got to 25 Celsius


this afternoon. There were some heavy showers elsewhere. Low


pressure to the west of the United Kingdom, anticlockwise winds around


that, dragging in some warm air from the near continent. The showers will


tend to fade away from Scotland and Northern Ireland overnight. Further


showers drifting up. 8.00am, in the South West, it is largely fine and


dry. Fairly warm, though. Could be 17 or 18 at 8.00am. So quite a warm


start to the day. Maybe one or two showers in the south. A much higher


chance of seeing some rain in the morning. Largely dry early on in


Northern Ireland and in Scotland. We have


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