08/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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some big decisions to make. That's it from


The first Normandy Veterans' Association in the country has been


officially disbanded at a sdrvice in North East Lincolnshire today.


The men from Grimsby and Cldethorpes were honoured for the role they


The group's standard, which was laid`up at the service,


will now remain in St Peter's church as Jessica Lane reportsmu A


service remembering the D`D`y landings and a special placd


I think it's 33 years since we formed, and that standard


being carried all the time in different parades, it will never


The standard will remain here now in the Normandy Veterans' Chapel


It's hoped it can be used to teach future generations


about the sacrifices that wdre made all those years ago.


When this generation is gond, the next generation will have


It was 70 years ago that allied forces entered occupied France.


156,000 troops from Britain, America and Canada arrived.


Today only five of those in Grimsby and Cleethorpes are still alive


We had a job to do and we just did it.


I hope we can learn in that sense from it.


The Grimsby and Cleethorpes Normandy Veterans' Association has now been


disbanded, but the memories of all those who fought on D`Day lhve on.


A woman's been charged with murdering a 41 year old man


Barry O'Brien died in hospital after being found with life


threatening wounds at a house on Frodingham Road on Thursday.


Lisa Joanne Glover will appdar at Scunthorpe Magistrates Court


Two others, who were also arrested at the scene,


The Conservative MP for Cldethorpes Martin Vickers, has accused


the government of making a "blunder" by legalising same`sex marrhage


It follows comments made by fellow Tory MP, Sir Edward Leigh,


He said ministers should apologise for upsetting traditional


Conservative supporters through the introduction of gay marriage.


The Labour Party has critichsed his views.


The gay marriage issue was a blunder, to be perfectly honest,


for a Conservative government to be taking the lead on it.


It upset a great number of our core supporters.


If you don't want it, don't enter into


a same`sex marriage with anxone That's the key.


Giving the option to anyone that w`nts to


have that relationship, that seems to me that that's where we `re now.


I'm very pleased that it's gone through Parliament.


A mother from Lincolnshire says her son's life could now change


beyond all expectations aftdr he won a national talent competition.


24 year old Thomas Leak is part of the musical theatre Group,


Collabro, and last night thdy won the TV show, Britain's Got Talent.


The winner of Britain's got talent 2014 is...Collabro!


Part of a winning team, 24`year`old Thomas Leak, second


on the right, whose mum was in the audience, unable to belheve it.


I felt as though I was above myself watching it.


I couldn't hear anything, so when they actually said


the winners are Collabro, I didn't actually hear that.


I just saw the boys jumping up and down and I knew they?d won.


Singing songs from Les Mis, Tom s now got his taste of paradise.


Partly thanks to the backing and voting from his hometown.


There has been a poster in every window.


The local lad did extremely well, as well.


It's brilliant. It?s good for the town, it?s local.


I thought it was fantastic. I thought they deserved to win.


Victory has earned Collabro ?250,000.


For Thomas, more importantlx, the chance to make the most


They are more used to seeing him on local stages and in the local


choir, but now the biggest stage of all because part of the prize


isn't just money, it's the chance to perform in front of the Pueen


So yesterday he sung for thd stars, today he is one.


His group hope it will be their chance to shine.


Let's get a look at the weather now ` here's


A mixture of sunshine and showers tomorrow.


Most of the showers this evening have now died out.


Some warm sunshine but also the risk of showers through


It will be pleasant, but sole of those showers could pack a punch.


Temperatures listing to around 20 or 21 degrees.


Showers on Tuesday, fine on Wednesday and Thursday.


That's all from Look North this evening.


We're back at 6:25am tomorrow.


Hope you can join us then. Bye for now.


Good evening. It was quite warm today and humid. There was sunshine


and also thundery showers. Low pressure anchored to the south and


west of the UK. Winds go anticlockwise. We are dragging in


some very warm and humid air. We are dragging in some thundery showers.


They will drift north, through the southern counties into Wales and


getting into the north of England by dawn. It will be a warm night in the


south. Just a few degrees behind that the north will start on a


decent note. The thundery showers will work through northern England


and into Scotland come the afternoon, with some heavy showers


breaking out elsewhere. We could see thunder in the west of Scotland


through the afternoon.


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