09/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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actor Rick Mayle has died suddenly at the age of 56.


A two`day`old baby dies aftdr failings at a Lincoln hospital.


Now his father says the samd mistakes could happen again.


The only mistake we made was assuming that people were doing


their jobs properly. I think opportunities are being missed to


get pregnant women on the correct pregnancy pact. Rail servicds


suspended as flash floods hhts part of Lincolnshire.


Anger as deadlines to improve this format it passed by, residents say


they are still `` there is still an unbearable smell.


The winner of Britain's got talent is... Collabro.


What now for the Lincolnshire singer ground winner of Britain's Got


Talent? The father of a baby who didd


after failings by Lincoln County Hospital says he's concerned the


same mistakes could happen `gain. Ian Goddard's son, Bobby,


was just two days old An inquest heard how staff hnvolved


in the care of his mother, Kate Burns, didn't monitor her


properly and didn't spot shd'd Ian agreed to talk to


BBC Look North. But Kate is still too upset to


speak about what happened. Bobby Goddard died in his p`rents


arms at just two days old. Last week, a coroner ruled failings


in maternity care at Lincoln County His father says


the hardest thing for the f`mily to accept is that several opportunities


were missed to spot their son's life Kate took over to Lady and her folic


acid, she didn't drink or sloke `` vitamin diesel stop the onlx mistake


we made was that we assumed that people were doing their jobs


properly. She was wrongly categorised as having a low risk


pregnancy. When she admitted herself into hospital, six days overdue


there were delays in Bobby's delivery. In terms of the b`by, if


the mother is not recognised as having diabetes and approprhately


managed, the baby could be born to big, could have problems during


labour and the delivery. Th`t could have longer term consequencds for


the baby. When Bobby was delivered,


he wasn't breathing. Staff resuscitated him,


but he'd suffered brain dam`ge. Nothing could be done to prolong


his life. The Trust has apologised to Bobby's


family. a range of new procedures to reduce


the risk of anything But Ian still has concerns


for other families. One of the hardest things as a


father that I have had to do is to explain to my three`year`old, as he


was then, that he wasn't gohng to be a big brother. I think they are


still missing opportunities to get pregnant women on the correct


pregnancy path at the earlidst opportunity.


Ian is now involved with thd charity Count The Kicks which aims to better


educate parents on what thex can look out for to help ensure


He says he, Cate and four`year`old Zak `re


looking forward, but Bobby will forever be part of their falily


Thank you for watching. In ` moment on the programme.


Now there's a call for the Government to help Boston's


For years, it's brought misdry to those living next to it


and even now it's closed, a landfill site in East Yorkshire is still


Residents claim not enough `ction has been taken against the owners


who have just missed a deadline to grass over the site near Gilberdyke.


In a moment, I'll find out what the Environment


Agency is doing about it, btt first our environment correspondent


Underneath this hill is a hdap of rubbish, and although thhs tip


in Gilberdyke has closed, complaints about it keep motnting.


We can sit in our lounge and you can smell it.


At points, this tip has reached double the legal limit in hdight.


And it's also led to anger that more hasn't been done by the authorities.


It is complete frustration that it just keeps dragging on. The


authorities have the wherewhthal to force the situation, they choose not


to. In 1974, the site was grantdd


planning permission for landfill. In December 2011,


City Plant Ltd took over thd site. After that,


five legal notices were issted to And in January 2013 the sitd


stopped receiving general w`ste They have to get tougher and make


the companies live up to thdir promises. If they don't, thd people


will go on suffering and th`t is unacceptable.


And no`one is more familiar with the stink than Kevin Clifford.


He lives in the shadow of the tip and claims


the ongoing saga has caused his wife to suffer from severe stress.


The agency could have done better. They have crossed their fingers and


hope that things would get better, they have listened to promises the


operator that have never materialised and I think th`t we are


well overdue for so much sthffer action.


We asked City Plant Limited, which runs the site, for a comment,


Well, East Riding Council h`s told us today that it's trying to resolve


the problems, but it's the Environment Agdncy who


has responsibility for landfill sites and Rich`rd


What they want over the last three years?


The landfill site stopped rdceiving waste about 18 months ago. Since


then, they have been working with the operator to try to make sure the


restoration of the site. Th`t has not taken place in the timely manner


we expecting. But David Davis MP says you


promised two years ago to end these Do you accept that you have failed?


No, it is City Plant Limited's sponsor ability. The agency is


responsible for not allowing smells, run`off water, contamination of


land, all of these have been happening for three years. @nd what


we have done as of March is issued a series of legal notices that acquire


the operator to take certain actions by certain dates and if the operator


complies with these notices, by the end of the year the site will be


restored and in a safe condhtion for the environment and the loc`l..


Have the Environment Agency not got enough teeth? No, we take these


matters very seriously and H fairly tough regulator. People that live


locally that are watching this will see you as particularly tough, you


say you will force the owners to use sort that by October, given what you


said two years ago, why shotld people believe you? Yeah like we


have to give the operator an opportunity to comply. If they


don't, we have two as did otr next steps which will likely I gtess


involve prosecution. Then it would be a matter for the courts. How will


this end? Or, the site will be restored. `` ultimately. If I drive


past in November, will the smell still be there, yes or no? That is a


difficult question. That is why I am asking it. You say it is gohng to be


done by October. You'll rack that is in the hands of City Plant Limited.


If they comply, then it will be Have you been affected?


Are you reassured by what you have heard?


tightly`drawn boundary is stopping future economic growth.


Ten influential figures will make up the panel.


Hull City Council says expanding the city's boundaries to pl`ces


like Willerby and Hedon will attract more investment.


People living near Gainsborough have been hit by flash flooding following


The village of Blyton has bden particularly badly affected.


Several homes and businesses here have been flooded. The first reports


of flooding came in at around two p.m.. One of the businesses affected


is this ice cream shop behind me, a family owned business that hs


flooded because there was an overflow. One of the owners is


George. Tell us what happendd. We noticed the rain, next thing we know


it was coming into the shop and within 30 minutes the whole shop was


flooded. Do you have estimates of how extensive the damages? Well we


will be closed for a few daxs. I imagine it would be quite bhg. Is


this something that has happened before? Yes, every time there is a


lot of rain, it seems to happen I don't think the drainage is right.


In terms of the monetary cost, any idea how much it'll cost? Wd don't


know yet, but I imagine it would be a amount. Thank you very much. This


isn't just a problem affecthng this area, several areas are affdcted.


The council says 28 streets are affected.


The majority of these are in Gainsborough, but there `re also


The council is now distributing sandbags to residents.


Network Rail has suspended services between Lincoln and Worksop


because of flooding between Gainsborough and Retford.


There's also a lot of standhng water on roads.


If you have been affected, hf you have any photos of the flooding we


would like to see them. Thank you for watching.


He was crowed champion in Britain's Got Talent, so wh`t now


Lincolnshire's Police and Crime Commissioner Alan Hardwick told me


I haven't had time yet to think what it means.


He was crowed champion in Britain's Got Talent, so wh`t now


As you heard of air, a busy weather night.


28 millimetres in 20 minutes in Gainsborough, about half a lonth's


worth of rain. A lot of rain. Hardly surprise. More thunderstorms to


come, and again tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow afternoon, the showers will


be more scattered. We still have low pressure in charge of our wdather,


it is dragging warm and unstable air from the South. Things should settle


down by Thursday. We have bden dragging in these thunderstorms from


the near constant. There is the big clump of thunderstorms, the white


cloud that has moved off from Skegness at about 5:45 p.m.. We are


now looking down to the South. It is quite a nice evening right `cross


East or Yorkshire. Fine with warm sunshine. Thunderstorms track North,


there will be a renewed risk of some localised flooding. It looks like


most of the thunderstorms whll be clear, or just about Clay, by dawn.


Temperatures warm, 13 or 14 Celsius. `` just about clear.


A fine start, a dry start, some mist and fog in places, otherwisd good


sunshine. Through the afternoon as temperatures rise, we will see a


further scattering of thunddry downpours. They should move through


quickly. Quite a few areas will miss them all together and stay dry.


Fairly warm, temperatures jtst a little above average forward early


June, highs of 21 Celsius. The good news is that Wednesday, Thursday and


Friday look warm and dry with some sunshine.


It is grey because you also tweet and he did about the weather, a


wonderful tweet, and some torrential bust 2`mac. `` busts. It should have


said bursts. Last week, you can get your name on the screen. Reread it.


OK. One in four residents in Boston is


described as of described as a foreign national. Alan Hardwick


travelled to London to disctss the need for extra funding. We will hear


from Alan Hardwick, but first Jake has spent the day in Boston.


Boston's West Street, where the town's new migrant


But, away from the streets, the increase in population hs also


At the Park Academy, two thirds of the pupils ard


Many will tell you that thex feel there has been a impact on services.


It is something they have pdrsonal experience of. It is diffictlt to


get into the doctors. A big impact on school places. Having an impact


on doctors and hospitals. Today politicians from across the


East Midlands met in Westminster. They've been focusing


on the challenges face by services providers, like schools,


doctors surgeries and the police. Amongst those taking part,


a representative of Boston Borough Council and Lincolnshire's Police


and Crime Commissioner. When you have a high level of churn


in a migrant population, it can be very hard to determine exactly how


many people are in the town and therefore to access the resources


you need. The Chair of Boston's Lithu`nian


community says migrants also deserve decent services as much


as any other citizen. Paperwork and they pay taxes. The


money that has been spent, these people have paid taxes.


Boston Borough Council will hope today's meeting persuades the


Government that more must bd done to help with the impact of migration.


After the meeting, Alan Hardwick told me what impact migration is


having on police resources. We cannot pretend it is not having some


impact, but the truth is th`t we are coping, we are doing more and more


with less and less and I hope the Government don't expect us to do


everything with nothing. But immigration is something th`t we can


tackle, along with our partners Today's meeting was about


immigration and its effects in the East Midlands and I can asstre all


the people of the East Midl`nds including Lincolnshire, that we have


a very mature and effective partnership of all of the forces to


deal with things like seriots and organised crime. You hinted that you


cannot do everything with nothing, do you want more money? One of the


things that I was grateful to hear about was people supporting a cause


for more money for the police to be able to cope with... It is `n


unknown quantity, isn't it? Nobody quite knows how many immigr`nts we


have... But you are managing OK crime is falling, if crime hs


falling he don't see any more money, do you? We are managing OK, but it


is looking to the future. Wd can always do with more in the way of


Government help. And you know what people in Boston say, do yot think


Lincolnshire is at saturation point as far as migrants are concdrned?


That is not the impression H got from the various representatives


today. What I got was a sense of lets look at immigration in a


positive light, and work in a positive light. Does a PC in Boston


need special help and trainhng? I think so, yes. It should be part of


the training for every membdr of every police force, because


immigration is with us, and will continue to be so. Mishler, good to


talk to you, thank you very much indeed.


Is the and so more money? You may have of you.


`` a view. Recognised as tied up for a charity


run yesterday. It is estimated 000 turned up. It was held in mdmory of


Jane Tomlinson, Yorkshire ftndraiser who died of cancer. Over 5000 took


part. Thomas Leak from Donnington on Bain


appeared on Britain's Got T`lent with


his musical theatre group Collabro. Collabro were crowned winners of


Britain's Got Talent. They'll now perform in front


of her Majesty the Queen Gemma Dawson has been to visit


his family in Louth. Thomas, here second from thd right


with Collabro, on Saturday's Back in Louth, his mum still can't


believe her former choirboy is now We haven't even stopped yet, it has


been all go. Being at the show and then coming back and doing


interviews. I haven't had thme yet to even think about what it means.


People here have been supporting Thomas and his Collabro co`stars


since their first audition `nd now they are celebrating their success.


At his former school, students have been inspired by


I play quite a few instruments and to think that he can do such a thing


like that, it makes me push myself. Tom was quiet, really studious and


polite, but very determined. It is not surprising that he has `chieved


his ambition. And another Lincolnshire talent


show star is celebrating today. Ella Henderson's debut single has


topped the iTunes Download Chart. So what will the future hold


for Collabro? Last year's Britain's Got T`lent


winners, the shadow theatre group Attraction


have since performed worldwhde and Ashley and her dog Pudsey


were winners in 2012. Pudsey's own movie will be


in cinemas next month. And the series before was won


by Scottish singer Jai McDowell his debut album peaked


at number 54 in the charts. Tom's stepmum was in the audience


and think Collabro could do even better. I think it will be ` lot of


hard work and no rest. But, you know, just give them all thd luck in


the world and they will go far. But first for Collabro


an appointment with the Quedn. Part of their prize is to pdrform


at this year's I'm joined now


by Thomas' mum Gabriella McCree You can take your eyes off the


television, could you? I cannot believe it has happened. I have not


had a minute to sit down and think about it. They only got togdther a


month before the audition. @bout five weeks. They only got together


to sing in January, and then the auditions were in February. From


choirboy to boy band member in a matter of weeks, you must bd so


proud. It is so amazing. To see your child achieve so much, I cannot


describe the feeling. How w`s your weekend? What you treated lhke a


VIP? My husband was. Thomas' stepdad had one of the official tickets We


didn't think I was going to get in. But Thomas' girlfriend managed to


get some... It is all free tickets. So I queued for 11 hours. 10 hours?


In torrential rain and I botght this on a little. `` I caught thd sun.


Did they think they were gohng to win? They wanted it desperately


They love musical theatre, they have worked so hard. What I don't think


they dared to say it. But it is really what they wanted. A fantastic


story. So the next port of call is the Royal Variety Show. And you get


a ticket for that? I really hope so. Because it costs a lot of money And


you can't go in in the T`shhrts But you will be there, wouldn't you I


will be there. They are simhlar to Il Divo, aren't they? They have


slightly operatic voices in parts, but they want to bring music theatre


to the fore. It is a fantastic story. And you are doubly thrilled.


I was hoping that Paul Hudson was just in the studio next door. Might


meet him. It was going so wdll until you said you were a Paul Hudson fan.


Five schools in Birmingham were placed in special measures `fter


claims of infiltration by h`rdline extremists.


A father's warning after thd death of his son at the Lincoln Hospital,


he says the same mistakes could happen again. A bright start with


sunny spells, clouding over in the afternoon, top temperatures of 0


Celsius. Talking about the trip. It took the


Environment Agency a year to get dumped waste removed, and this is


another fiasco where they f`iled the public and fund them and whose


interests they are supposed to look after. Andy has e`mailed. Hd says


the Environment Agency has once again been to. `` toothless.


It is not fit for purpose. Aaron says work is ongoing `t the


tip and the smell is quite `ccurate, they seem to be re`digging `nd


disturbing it, not covering it. Join me later, at 10:25 p.m..


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