09/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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looks back at his life and career. Rik


Hello. The Environment Agency say they'll consider legal action


against the owners of a forler landfill site in East Yorkshire


At times, the tip at Gilberdyke has been twicd the


legal limit in height and its owners City Plant Ltd have missed repeated


Here's our correspondent, Paul Murphy.


Underneath this hill is a hdap of rubbish, and although thhs tip


in Gilberdyke has closed, complaints about it keep motnting.


At points this tip has reached double the legal limit in hdight.


And it's also led to anger that more hasn't been done by the authorities.


In 1974 the site was granted planning permission for landfill.


In December 2011 City Plant Ltd took over the site.


After that, five legal notices were issted to


And in January 2013 the sitd stopped receiving general w`ste


They have to get tougher, they have to make the companies delivdr their


promises. If they don't, thd people will go on suffering.


And no`one is more familiar with the stink than Kevin Clifford.


He lives in the shadow of the tip and claims


the ongoing saga has caused his wife to suffer from sevdre


Stress. They could have dond better. We are well overdue for somd stiffer


action. We asked City Plant Limited


which runs the site, for a comment, I spoke to Richard Clarke from


the Environment Agency, who told me what action they were considering


against the owners of the thp. We have to give the operator the


opportunity to comply with these If the operator does,


we'll have to consider our next steps, and that's likely, I guess,


probably to involve prosecution Then it'd be a matter for the courts


to decide what penalties to impose. Ultimately, the site's going to be


restored and it's going to be safe for the neighbours and people


of Gilberdyke. If I drive past in November,


on the M62, will the smell still be That's a very difficult question


to give a definitive answer to. But you said it'd be sorted


by October! That's in the hands of City Plant,


isn't it? If they comply with all these


notices, it will have gone by then. The father of a baby who didd


after failings by Lincoln County Hospital says he's concerned the


same mistakes could happen `gain. Ian Goddard's son,


Bobby was just two days old An inquest heard how staff hnvolved


in the care of his mother, Cate Byrnes, didn't realise she d


developed diabetes. Lincolnshire Hospitals' Trust has


apologised to Bobby's familx. In a statement it said since his death it


has introduced a range of ndw Kate doesn't drink or smoke and she


took her folic acid. The only mistake we made was mushrooling


people were doing their jobs properly. `` was mushrooming people


were doing their jobs properly. A woman has appeared before


Scunthorpe magistrates charged with Barry O'Brien died in hospital


after being found with life 38`year`old Lisa Joanne Glover will


appear People near Gainsborough ard


clearing up tonight after bding hit by flash flooding caused


by heavy rain this afternoon. The village of Blyton was b`dly


affected and our reporter How widespread has


the disruption been? A few hours ago, this road was


completely flooded, and behhnd me was inundated with water. The water


is gone. The effects are not. Glass and impact of the storm which


came and went in minutes. This family run ice cream shop in Blyton


has been running for almost 30 years. This is a third time it has


flooded in the last decade. We will be closed for at least the rest of


the week. It doesn't sound like long but it is for Rose, in the liddle of


summer. We are not busy winter so we need to make the most of thd


summer. Blyton was not the only village affected. 20 Eight St in


total in the Lindsay area. Some businesses like this pub cotld not


escape. It went black, rain, then became Ulster 's, then therd was a


lady outside who said, it whll come into the pop. You couldn't really


see across the road, it was that heavy. It came into every door. Like


a mini tidal wave. What quickly receded but the clean`up won't be as


fast `` that water quickly receded. There was some travel disruption on


the trains. We are told the lads have reopened. Many people H have


been speaking to told me thdy don't believe drainage systems have been


properly maintained. I imaghne there will be difficult questions asked


tomorrow. Thank you. Now the water from poor.


Tomorrow, a bit better. There is a risk of a fuel thundery showers


through the afternoon beford high pressure built on Wednesday.


Wednesday, Thursday and Friday look mostly fine. Still a risk of


thundery downpours, and it will be a mild night. Lowest temperattres 13


or 14. Uncomfortable for sldeping for some of those. Sunshine through


the afternoon. A lot of dry weather. Top temperatures, 20 or 21.


That is it from is tonight. Thank you for watching. We are back in BBC


breakfast News, starting at 6:2 a.m.. Good night.


of us, but I'll pass you overto Jay. -- over to jay now.


Good evening, it was the warmest day of the year. Warm for some, but


thundery for others. This line of really intense thunderstorms moved


through. Large


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