13/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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pleasant in the south-west where the winds are that bit lighter. That is


it. Goodbye. Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. They are self`contained and we have


in the row over parking regtlations They are self`contained and we have


the legal right to park up for a couple of days anywhere in the


United Kingdom. The council says overnight camping is illegal but


some visitors said they are being picked on.


Thousands of ex`Comet workers could get payouts after a court rtling.


The writer who claimed "Hull is decaying and should be


allowed to die" comes to city to see things for himself.


Final preparations for the international


The battle lines have been drawn up in a row over parking


here. This reach stretches ` couple of miles and is surrounded by


unspoiled countryside. But some people say visitors are disrupting


the peace. A number of campdr vans and motorhome owners have arrived


and they are angry they cannot stay here overnight. Parking up for a


weekend by the Lincolnshire seaside. For the last five years a group of


campers have been living on this car park for weeks and months at a time.


The council says it is illegal. Motorhome owners say they are being


discriminated against. Why do some people want to live in a car park?


They are just travelling around They are self`contained and they


have a legal right to park tp a one or two days anywhere across the UK.


It is the fundal rent sole right of UK citizen to park where thdy want.


But these signs clearly forbid overnight stays. Now the cotncil is


taking legal action against 40 people. The residents and tourists


want to come here and enjoy the place in the daytime and should not


be subjected to a use by a small bunch of freeloaders. We will deal


with this problem once and for all. Lincolnshire has the highest


concentration of caravans in Europe and just up the road, others pay to


camper. The issue over night parking, we have had a group that


stay there all the year round. They sometimes cause problems with the


toilets. They take over the area. What I am concerned about is that it


might yet closed. Along the coast, height barriers have been installed


to keep motorhomes are. But this has been cut down three times. H have


been told that have been problems with rubbish, fires and inthmidation


and bullying. People don't feel safe. I have seen all of thd


complaints submitted to the council with regards of fires and noise The


complaints were about a ravd. No complaint was seen about thd letter.


Andy plans to sleep on the beach over the weekend and others are


determined to make their pohnt and ignore the rules. Campaigners say


they will fight the legal action and the majority have told me they will


not be staying here overnight. Anyone who is caught faces ` maximum


fine of ?500 and it they do not pay they could have their vehicles


seized. The only ones who c`n get an overnight permits are anglers. But


it does not allow them to sleep here and there are plenty of campsites


nearby and that is where thd council says people should be staying.


After UKIP?s recent election success, Germans in Lincoln's twin


An accident on one of Boston's main roads this afternoon c`used


Part of the A16 Spalding Ro`d was closed following a collision


A business on Hessle Foreshore which only recently reopened after


severe flood damage last December is now looking for a new owner.


The parent company of the Country Park Inn has gone


into administrative receivership. It's one of three businesses in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire to be affected


The Country Park Inn only rd`opened in April after


the venue was affected by flooding. The receivers says all bookhngs for


future functions will be honoured. East Midlands Ambulance Service


which serves Lincolnshire s`ys it's prepared for an expected 15$ rise


in call`outs during the World Cup. Managers say it's


down to increased drinking. Thousands of people who lost their


jobs without redundancy pay when the Hull`based electrical giant Comet


collapsed could now get payouts A case brought by former employees


against Comet has ruled that they are in line for a Government


payout worth around ?10 million The judge found they had not been


properly consulted Our reporter, Sarah Walton,


has been following developmdnts Sarah how much could


former employees receive? The judge said this was such


a serious case that he awarded the people represented in this case


the highest amount he could, between 70 to 90 days pay, so as you


say around ?10 million in total But nearly 7,000 people lost


their jobs when Comet closed. The judge is now asking thel to


put forward claims so that payout Many of those former


employees are from our area. The company was set up in Htll


in the 30s. But when it collapsed the Government


had to use taxpayers? money to cover the ?23 million worth of pax owed to


staff at the time and this new ruling means the Government will


also have to pay their compdnsation. But the lawyers representing


the staff say the ruling shows just The employees were lied to,


they were given what the judge described as positively


misleading information. They were not consulted


with properly. The judge found they weren't


consulteOn Look North at 6:30pm Often they were holding consultation


meetings then making represdntatives The Judge will decide


in the next month or so if other former employees are also


entitled to a payout. The true cost will only be


known after that ruling. But at the same time,


the Government's Insolvency Service is carrying out a review


into the collapse and claims So a year and a half after Comet


closed down, When the national publication


the Economist described Hull as a city in decline it was


a description that upset residents and the city's leaders alikd.


Now eight months on and Hull has been named City of Culture


for 2017 and Siemens has made a multi`million pound commitment to


build a wind turbine factorx here. So the BBC brought the writdr of


that controversial article to Hull to see if his views would change.


Entitled Britain's decaying towns, the writer Daniel Knowles from The


Economist said giving public money to places like Hull was "misguided"


and instead of trying to rescue failing towns they should "help the


people who live in them commute or move to places


After Hull won the City of Culture title, the BBC brought Mr Knowles to


the city to make a Radio 4 documentary to sed


"It's had this uphill struggle and the challenge as Britain coles out


of recession and Hull tries to capitalise on this is whethdr we can


really turn this regeneration into something that will really benefit


the people of Hull and turn the city around."


The full documentary, Finding a Future for Hull, it's avail`ble on


the iPlayer. Earlier I asked Daniel Knowles and asked him what he


thought of Hull now? And you might have your thotghts on


It was striking how optimistic the people in charge of whole art. They


have this city of culture thtle to show off. Last October you wrote we


should give up on failing towns like Hull and let decaying towns died. Do


you accept you were wrong? Xes, we did say those words. But if you read


it it was more about how to deal with regeneration. You were saying


you should not rescue Hull. You wrote that and then a month later we


won the City of Culture title. Do you want to say sorry about that?


Know, and I feel this is slhghtly aggressive. The fundamental say


economic growth is happening in big cities and not small ones. That


remains true now, six months later. The city of Culture is a good thing


the Hull and I am pleased, but it does not mean we were totally wrong.


The fundamental picture of relative economic decline in post`industrial


cities and towns remains trte. The challenge is overcoming that. The


idea that the cities should be allowed to grow faster at the


expense of small ones, we still stand by that, but that is not


happening are you saying Sidmens and the city of culture alone c`nnot


reverse the decline? If thex combine well with other policies around


schools and transport, things that will bring businesses in, they will


be a catalyst to help turn `round some of Hull's relative decline


They are great news but perhaps the beginning of a change. To stmmarise,


Hull is still swimming against the tide? Absolutely. It is a dhfficult


one. Something impressive is going on but there is a lot of hard work


to go on. Another one you mhght have some thoughts on. He said l`st


October we should give up on Hull and Britain's decaying towns and let


them die. He still sounded ` bit cynical.


Students utterly out to become the seafood Chef of the year. Forget the


World Cup, we are getting rdady to be international cabbage throwing


Championships. Cabbage and seafood still to come. The photograph was


taken by Kenn Moss. Looks lhke an oil painting. Now the weathdr.


Continuing with the scare crow theme, I have a message frol Louis.


Sorry there isn't a Peter scarecrow yet. Do you want to give us the


forecast? Very settled over the next few days


with the exception of percehving. We start the forecast with a wdather


warning of heavy rain. Localised, but the risk of heavy and thundery


downpours. The weather pattdrn is dominated by high pressure. It does


not mean it will be sunny over the next few days, but it could be quite


the opposite but it could bd settled. On the satellite phcked


chip, Cloud spilling down from the north and some places have `n


overcast day. As we go throtgh the evening, we see thundery showers


spreading but mainly inland. Some places might not get them at all but


if you do they will be happx and thundery. Cloud overnight.


Temperatures falling back to around 14 or 15 degrees. Sun will rise at


4:30am and setting again at 9:3 p.m.. A different feel to the


weather. We have picked up ` north easterly breeze by tomorrow morning.


Cloudier and cooler. Aside from the odd light shower it will be largely


dry through Saturday and we will see the best of any brightness hn the


afternoon. Some spells of stnshine breaking through but at timds it


could be cloudy. It felt warm and humid today. Inland it could get up


to 19 degrees. Those temper`tures along the coast, 15, 16 degrees will


feel cooler than it has been this week. High pressure dominatds.


Settled weather to come and cloudy at times but it will be largely dry.


A wealthy Germantown is sending a message to its twin town in Lincoln.


You kept up a quarter of thd votes in the recent Euro elections but in


Germany they want closer tids with Europe in


Lincoln's twin town of Germ`ny's prosperous wine growing reghon.


And for seventh generation wine grower, Stefan Chrisman, life


When I took it over from my parents we just sold


But nowadays we export about 40 of our wines and it is a perfect thing


that the Common Market is there and we can sell the wines to Swdden to


Italy, Spain and a lot of dhfferent countries and also to the UK.


Back in the UK, the very idea of an EU Federation


state is strongly resisted by politicians across the spectrum.


But here, many people want their country to


TRANSLATION: That is our future we can only go


on together because Europe can only stand together against the others.


For example, China. Powerful China or Russia.


TRANSLATION: I see myself as a European and wish that as wdll.


Beneath the surface in Neustadt there are some concerns


Stefan has watched Neustadt change over the past decade.


There has to be more control over things like immigration.


It is not allowed to be that easy to come in and get then bendfits.


Neustadt bears the hallmarks of a traditional Germany, but like its


country, its identity is closely aligned with that of the EU.


Most people are happy to sed that relationship deepen.


More on this one on Sunday. People in parts of Hull are bracing


themselves for an increase hn their parking permits. They want to raise


it from ?7 50 up to ?33 a ydar. A big response on this story. Thanks


for your messages and e`mails. A former Lincolnshire distrhct


councillor has been found gtilty of indecent assault. He represdnted


Chapel Saint Leonards. He stood down shortly after the allegations were


made. He was cleared of further counts of rape, indecent assault and


indecency with a child. The jury was unable to reach verdicts on indecent


assault and indecency with ` child. He has been granted bail and is due


back in court on the 7th of July for sentencing.


Hull City striker Nikica Jelavic played a decisive role in Croatia's


only goal in the side's opening game in the World Cup. Jelavic is only


the second Tigers' player ever to appear in a World Cup competition.


He captained his side in last night's 3`1 defeat by Brazil and was


involved in the build up to Brazil's own`goal which put Croatia `head.


In rugby league, both Hull FC and Hull KR are playing tonight. The


last time the Black and Whites played was a fortnight ago when they


beat the London Broncos. Thdy play Widnes tonight. Hull KR suffered a


heavy defeat when they lost at Castleford. Tonight they're at home


Lincolnshire tennis player says she is looking forward to playing her


Wimbledon qualifying matches next week. Jade Windley will be playing


in the singles and doubles qualifying rounds. If she gdts


through, it will be her second year playing at Wimbledon.


Probably the greatest experhence I've had playing tennis.


I really hope I can qualify this year so I can have that agahn.


If she gets to Wimbledon shd will be joining Lincoln's Daniel Cl`rk and


Kyle Edmonds. Student chefs have been battling for the title of Uk


Young Seafood Chef Of The Ydar. Heading up the judging panel was a


celebrity chef. Our correspondent watched the competition. Thd pans


are boiling hot and the knives razor sharp. The atmosphere is like a


pressure cabal. 18 young chdfs or determing to win. I have always


wanted to be a chef. We tridd last year but did not get through to the


final. But it will not be e`sy to impress. It is nerve wracking when


he comes round and shakes your hand. He starts sniffing in your pans


With more cookery contest is like these on our screens, this hmage is


attracting plenty of young recruits. We have seen a big change. People


look at professional chefs `s a good location. When I was a chef, I was a


reject from society. This competition promotes the usd of fish


in cookery and each team prdpares three fish `based dishes. These


young chefs will hopefully dnd up in restaurants and hotels. I think they


will realise the value and importance of seafood. According to


statistics, we are eating ldss fish as a country these days. Hotsehold


registers has declined by 8.4%. But here they are passionate about


seafood and keen to reverse that trend. It is hard to cook and people


try to stay away from it. It would be better if people did learn how to


cook fish. As the sponsors sample the results, it is a thumbs up. I


have enjoyed it very much. Ht is restaurant quality, I would be happy


to pay for that in a restaurant South Essex College take thd crown.


But these students are busy and have no time for disappointment.


The organisers of the annual cabbage throwing Championships are getting


ready to host contestants from around the world. The event is in


its second year. Simon has been to see the preparations. There is a new


sport in town. It requires ` keen eye. And nerves of steel. You are


about to experience a taste of the world cabbage throwing compdtition.


It is like scoring a goal at the World Cup if you get one in the


tyres. You do get totally dhfferent results, it is great. You jtst aim


your cabbage, pull the pin `nd you are there. This will be the second


year that this extravaganza this weekend. They hope to build on the


surprise success of last ye`r. Everybody was tentative abott having


a go, but later in the day, the arena was full. Everybody w`nted to


see it. The only cabbage throwing competition? There is a competition


in America. It is the creathon of John Ward. We set the cabbage in the


sling. When you pull the pin it will go at a rate of knots. It alazed us,


we did not know it would go global. We laughingly said world cabbage,


not realising when we looked online and we have got a foothold hn so


many countries. The interest last year was phenomenal. There `re


health and safety aspects bdcause cabbages way quite a bit. There is


an alternative for the children .. Onions. Organisers would like us to


stress no vegetables will bd wasted in the making of this report. All of


them are rejects and by Monday will be fed to the cattle.


Only in Lincolnshire! Let's have a re`of the headlines.


The director at the school `t the centre of abuse allegations in


Rochdale, a senior police officer says he was misled by the council.


People accused of parking illegally on the Lincolnshire coast s`y they


will defy the authorities and stay overnight. Risk of a few light


showers tomorrow, dry for the rest of the day. Cooler, especially on


the coast. On the subject of parking. Somebody says, thex should


visit Australia says, these people who choose to


break the bylaws should be prosecuted to the maximum. Thanks


for your messages. Very good weekend. Look after yourselves.


Goodbye. Make the most of your weekend,


wherever you are.


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