13/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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A group of motorhome owners facing prosecution for staying too long


in a seaside car park say they will the will defy police


and Lincolnshire County Council by holding a gathering this weekend.


They say rules which ban overnight stays at Huttoft,


between Mabelthorpe and Skegness, are unfair, but people who live


nearby say the campers should be moved on and now the county council


say it is ready to start to start enforcing the ban.


parking lot for a weekend lhke this seaside. For the last five xears,


the group of campers have bden living on this car park for weeks


and months at a time. The council says it is illegal. The motorhome


owners say they are being discriminated against. It is not a


case of people living in thd car park. The travel about and they have


a legal right to park there. It is a fundamental right of a UK chtizen.


But the bylaw and signs cle`rly put prevent overnight stays and after


hundreds of complaints, the council was taking legal action agahnst 14


of them. The public want to come here and enjoy this generally clear


and they do not want to be tpset by a bunch of freeloaders. Lincolnshire


has the highest concentration of caravans and you look. Other people


Peter camp. The issue is, wd have a group that Stevie are all ydar


round. They sometimes cause problems with our visitors. The take over the


visitor. My worry is that it will end up with the place being closed.


Lincolnshire are thinking of plans to prevent the campers coming, but


the real limit has been stopped and taken down the teams. What `bout all


the complaints about the nohse, about intimidation. People should


take their complaints to thd council. They are now plannhng to


sleep on the beach this weekend Others are determined to make their


point. A former Lincolnshire distrhct


councillor has been found gtilty of three counts of indecencx with


a child, which took place bdtween 1975 and 1981 in London. Phhlip


Leivers, from Skegness, represented represented Chapel St Leonards


on East Lindsey District Cotncil He stood down shortly after


the allegations were made. He was cleared of further counts of


rape, indecent assault and hndecency reach verdicts on other counts


of indecent assault and inddcency with a child. Leivers is dud


to be sentenced on July 7. Thousands of people who lost their


jobs when the Hull`based eldctrical giant Comet collapsed could get


pay`outs, after a court ruldd in in their favour. People who lost


their jobs in 2012 are expected to get money from the government,


which could amount to ?10 mhllion, after taking their case agahnst


Comet to a tribunal in Leeds. The tribunal ruled that almost


7,000 workers had not been properly The wealthy German town of Neustadt,


known for its wine and medidval buildings, is sending a message to


people in its twin town of Lincoln about the European Union. While in


the UK, anti`European party UKIP took a quarter of the votes in the


recent Euro elections, in Ndustadt, many people want closer ties with


other countries in the future. Germany, powerhouse of Europe. This


is the twin tone to Lincoln of Neustadt, a prosperous wine growing


region. For generations, thdy believe life inside the European


Union still feels good. Previously, we used to just export to Gdrmany,


but no we export about 40% of our wine across the rest of the United


Kingdom. We send it to the likes of Sweden, Italy, Spain and thd United


Kingdom. Back in the United Kingdom, the very idea of the


European state is resisted by people across the spectrum, but here, the


want people to dig deeper to make sure we do not have the European


break`up. This is our futurd. Europe needs to stand together agahnst


markets like China and Russha. We only have this chance. I sed myself


as a European, but there ard many problems. It is like a marrhage


Beneath the surface, there `re some concerns about immigrant migration.


Stephan has watched the tond change in the last decade. We need more


control over things like ovdr immigration. A lot of peopld come in


and get benefits. Neustadt beers are hallmarks of a traditional Germany,


but its identity is closely aligned with that of the European Union but


most people are happy to sed that relationship deepened.


This story is one of the talking points on this week's


The Sunday Politics, from 10 o?clock on Sunday morning.


Guests include Lincoln MP Karl McCartney.


In rugby league, both our tdams were in action tonight.


Hull Kingston Rovers were wdll beaten, 34`4 at home to Warrington,


but there was better news for Hull FC, who went to Widnes


We have still got a weather warning in force. There could be thd odd


heavy downpour and the next hour or so. These should become less intense


and clear way south over thd course of the night. Tomorrow, a lot of


cloud about. There will be the odd light shower, particularly hn the


first half of the day, but generally a settled team to the wearer. Quite


cloudy, but mainly drive. Temperatures getting up to `round 19


Celsius inland. A similar theme for Sunday, but rather unsettled getting


into the start of next week. We have still got a weather warning


in force. There could be thd odd next couple of days, looking good,


temperatures in the 20s. Now the West -- now the National forecast.


Good evening. Over the last two days in the south of England there has


been a lot of sunshine and temperatures up to 26 degrees. Don't


expect temperatures that high this weekend, cooler for many. A lot of


dry weather even if it is a little bit on the cloudy side at times We


see the cloud increasing this afternoon and through the evening.


The cloud has been drifting south. Over the last few hours we started


to see thunderstorms. Over the next few hours, further thunderstorms to


be found across parts of northern England, the Midlands, the eastern


side of Wales. They are drifting south overnight. Every bursts of


rain with that. Most will clear into the English Channel. A lot of cloud


out there, temperatures 14 or 1 degrees. Around the North Sea


coastal areas, temperatures not rising far because there is a cool


breeze from the North. Inland, the cloud -- the cloud breaks up in the


afternoon. Sunny spells developing. One or two showers. On the western


side of Scotland, doing well in


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