14/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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on to more than 400 communities before the start of the summer's


Commonwealth A couple from Bridlington, who have


fostered more than 100 children over 40 years, are being recognised with


an award from the Queen. Miriam and Victor Bennett h`ve both


been made MBEs in the Queen?s Birthday Honours for


services to children and falilies. The couple,


who are in their sixties, say they are planning to continue


fostering for another decadd. Mealtimes are quite an effort


in the Bennett household. Two people never eat


the same thing in this housd. I cook four different


meals each time usually. As well as four of


their own children, grandchhldren, and great`grandchildren,


Victor and Miriam have adopted two Now, they are getting


a thank you from the Queen. We were just gobsmacked,


we could not believe it. But Victor and Miriam say that it is


helping the children that is The Social Services


in Leeds phoned us up and asked if we would take three siblhngs


in ` two boys and a girl. They had been left alone two days


before Christmas in the house. So me


and Miriam went out shopping for To see their faces on Christmas Day


when they opened those presdnts it was absolutely unbelievable,


wasn't it? You are giving someone


a home to start with and letting Love them as much


as you possibly can and just make The couple's own family say that


growing up amongst lots As soon as they walk through


the door, we class them as family. It is like,


come on let's join in and h`ve tea. They have achieved a lot


and they deserve every award they But despite a 40`year career


helping children, this couple has We want to get the 50 years in


if we can. I intend to do this


for a lot longer. Kate Sweeting, BBC Look North,


Bridlington. Among the other people given honours


today was Jim Dick, chairman and co`founder of the Cat Zero project


in Hull, who has been made `n OBE. MBEs were given to Andrew Pdnny


musical director of Hull Philharmonic Orchestra,


and Lincolnshire farmer Andrew Ward, who started Forage Aid to hdlp


farmers coping with adverse weather The British Empire Medals awarded


included one for 81`year`old Eddie Double, who has been hnvolved


with the Sleaford Civic Trust It is just my personality,


I suppose. Inevitably, if you get involved


you get more involved, and before you know where you are,


you are up to your neck in ht. And on the Queen's official


birthday, the Royal Family has watched the World War II Lancaster


Bomber from the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight, based at [email protected]


Coningsby in Lincolnshire, fly over Buckingham Palace during thd annual


trooping of the colour. There was doubt over the Lancaster, which has


spent the week in France after developing a fault during the D`Day


commemorations last week, and it was only confirmed yesterday th`t


it would fly this afternoon. The flypast was completed bx the


Red Arrows from RAF Scampton, Lincoln Prison is on a list of jails


being ordered to take more hnmates, because the prison population is


growing faster than expected. Lincoln is already


the second most overcrowded jail 40 prisons have been told to raise


their capacity Now, the weather forecast whth


Kay Crewdson. Through this evening, for most us,


it should be fine and dry. Over all parts fine and dry


into the day, As we go overnight,


we have cloud spilling in once again and there could be some mist


and fog forming, like last night. It is going to be quite mild


because of all that cloud around. Temperatures down to


around 12 Celsius. Tomorrow morning, like this morning,


it is going to be a cloudy start and Through the day,


it is going to feel quite w`rm. We will hold onto a fair bit


of cloud, but we will see that lifting and thinning in places,


with some brighter spells. The risk


of the occasional light shower. The breeze still fairly gentle


from the north or northeast, A good deal of settled weather,


but a lot of cloud around. Travel information for tomorrow


There is some disruption to train services in Lincolnshire. There is a


short`term staffing problem. They are running a reduced service. Buses


will replace some services. Look North is back tomorrow


evening at 6:20PM. But from all of us on the team,


goodbye. Good evening. We don't have any of


the sultry heat they have in Brazil, but it is a warm evening for many. A


few showers in eastern parts of Wales. Most having a dry night,


partly clear skies. The breeze slightly fresher across parts of


eastern England. Further west, we start again on another muddy


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