18/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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He's been on assignment with the London Mayor, Boris Johnson.


A Hull MP says new rules ailed at reducing pollution in the shipping


industry could cost jobs and lead to drivers paying more at the pumps.


Ferry companies have been told to use more expensive fuel which has


less sulphur in it, but thex're worried about the extra cost.


Hull East MP Karl Turner agrees and wants the government to act


Our political editor Tim Irddale reports.


Like all forms of transport, the shipping industry is under


pressure to become cleaner, greener and more efficient.


But according to one Hull MP, ferry operators, such as P, will soon be


hit by expensive regulations which will force them to change the fuel


They're going to have to pass it on somehow.


They're not going to be able to swallow that cost.


They're either going to havd to make a decision and cancel


International rules mean th`t the sulphur content of fuel


The shipping industry claims that switching to lighter, marind diesel


And they are warning of up to 2000 job losses across the TK.


I would like the government to show a little


bit of leadership here now, and to lobby the EU to allow a transition


period, a route to compliance, as was envisaged by the


The industry even claims motorists could pay up to 3p a litre lore


for diesel because of the extra pressure put on refineries.


Something that shocked drivdrs in Hull today.


Drivers won't pay 3p a litre more for any reason,


Yes, I am worried about that, and it will make a big dent


in our family income because we travel across thd


The government has hit back at claims that it's not doing enough


Ministers say they are workhng with Europe to look at ways


of providing finance for shipping firms and ports.


It's not an announcement th`t happened today, yesterday,


This is something the industry has had over shx years


Extra fuel costs was one of the reasons given


for the scrapping of the Harwich to Denmark ferry service.


Many hope Hull's ferry routds don't suffer a similar fate.


Is there any chance of the government making


Not for the first time, thex will argue their hands are tied by


regulations. The shipping industry wants to equip new technology on


their older vessels. Many whll argue that what will happen if thd east


coast ferry routes are cut back or even closed, worst case scenario,


traffic will get on the roads, driving south to the Channel ports,


creating congestion. And pollution, which is what they are trying to


stop. Thank you.


This evening I spoke to Jamds Cole from the environmental pressure


I asked him why making ferrhes use more expensive fuel was a good


idea if it led to lorries h`ving to travel further to get to ports.


I think what we are hearing and what you are saying is that the


government needs to look at reducing the impact of all modes of


transport, and we need to look at how we transition to a lower impact


economy in the best possibld way. What's more important dash of ferry


sailing or ferry sailing behng lost, and jobs, or reducing sulphur


emissions? That is not a fahr question. That is the questhon on


the table at the moment, isn't it? We have to look at the big picture.


In the big picture, we don't have a choice of moving to know a `` of


moving to a low impact economy. We have one planet of limited


resources. If we are to thrhve and have an economy that thrives with


businesses that thrive, it's not whether we can afford to make a


change, it is if we can afford not to. We will follow that story.


East Yorkshire has one of the highest number of convictions


74 people were convicted in the county last year,


the fifth highest in the UK and higher than Greater Manchester.


There are now calls for tougher punishments to deter abusers.


Concerns about allegations of bullying and harassment


at the Hull and East Yorkshhre Hospitals Trust have been dhscussed


Shortly after the former Chief Executive Phil Morley resigned


in April, a health watchdog published a highly critical report.


There are also worries about staff morale and recrtitment.


The head of the trust meets councillors tomorrow.


The debts facing Lincolnshire's hospitals are among the highest


Figures from the Labour Party suggest the United Lincolnshire


Hospitals Trust has a deficht of nearly ?26 million.


A five year plan's being developed to help the Trust meet


The Environment Secretary h`s defended the government's rdcord


on flood protection following criticism by a committee of MPs


Owen Paterson spoke to farmdrs at the Lincolnshire Show who had


expressed concern about sea defences.


He also rejected claims by ` select committee that his department wasn't


doing enough to protect comlunities at risk of flooding.


The report attacked us for `sking to do things which we are alre`dy


doing. We are spending a record sum of money. There is no one w`rrant as


elastic behind these flood defences. There is no one that sees


the economic value of protecting high quality agricultural l`nd. That


was Owen Paterson. Typhoons from RAF Conningsbx's


3 Fighter Squadron have been used to intercept


Russian aircraft as part of a NATO Four aircraft and 100 personnel


left Lincolnshire in April. Yesterday, the British jets


intercepted and escorted fotr It's been a fine day


and through this evening We are finally going to see that


cloud developing, a very we`k front bringing one or two spots


of light rain or drizzle later, temperatures overnight fallhng back


to around 13 or 14 degrees. So, a cloudy,


perhaps damp start to the d`y, once again we will see


an improvement. It will become largely dry


and brighten up as well. By tomorrow afternoon, therd should


be some sunny spells around. It won't feel quite as warm


as it did today. Temperatures that little bit


fresher along the coast. Not a lot more sunshine, but largely


dry conditions with just thd odd Thank you. If you're going to the


show tomorrow, enjoy. Thank you for watching, we're back tomorrow at


6:25am. I will see you tomorrow night as usual. Thank you for


watching. Good night. Celsius. The outlook for the weekend


is looking pretty good. If you have outdoor plans, plenty of


fine weather, warm nest the south. Is today, warm nest


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