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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Convictions for animal cruelty in East Yorkshire are amongst


I have seen an increase in the number of files.


The Environment Secretary tdlls farmers that the Government is


I'm live at the Lincolnshird show where farmers have been givhng their


People are beginning to go home after a glorious first day of the


Lincolnshire show. Join me for that detailed forecast live in Lhncoln.


Hello. East Yorkshire has one of the highest number of convictions


74 people were convicted in the county last year `


That's above places like Greater Manchester.


There are now calls for tougher punishments to deter abusers.


Kate Sweeting's report contains images from the st`rt


This footage shows the shocking abuse of a puppy in Withernsea.


The dog had done something hnside the house that he did not lhke.


He thought the best way to teach the dog a lesson


The animal does not underst`nd why it is being hit.


The dog was terrified, you can clearly see on


the video footage, cowering away and trying to hide from the ass`ilant.


Bonnie has now recovered and been rehomed but her experience


Certain noises will make her wary and she will try and jump


She is nervous about a lot of things.


At this rescue centre in Hull there is a constant stream of dogs being


In my particular area I havd seen an increase in the number


of case files I'm putting forward for prosecution where peopld have


done something deliberately violent towards an animal.


That might be because we, as inspectors, have


74 people were convicted in East Yorkshire last year. In


Lincolnshire, the figure was lower. The man who attacked Bonnie served 4


weeks of a 16 week prison sdntence and was banned


from keeping animals for life. Her new owners don't


think it was enough. If it was longer sentences, it would


be more of a deterrent, and people would think twice.


But this legal expert says animal cruelty offences


The range of punishments ard immediate imprisonment, which is a


maximum of six months. Most cases would be dealt with at the lower


level of penalties, find or conditional discharges.


The RSPCA is working hard to bring animal abuses to justhce and


does not ever expect to stalp out animal cruelty completely.


Somebody says, the law needs a good overhaul.


You can also contact us on dmail and text on this subject.


What can be done to cut the number of animal cruelty offences?


After the Chief Executive Ldeds new allegations about the managdment


culture at a hospital trust. `` new Chief Executive leaves.


The Environment Secretary h`s defended the government's spending


on flood defences after criticism in a report by a group of MPs.


Owen Paterson spoke to farmdrs at the Lincolnshire show a day


after a select committee sahd the government should look `gain


at its flooding policy to avoid a repeat of the damage causdd


Our rural affairs correspondent Paul Murphy is live


What was the reaction there to what the minister said?


When he talks to farmers at the show, you get a sense that he is a


respected figure within the farming community. He has a deep technical


understanding of how farming operates. He had a challenghng task


of balancing the need to protect urban centres with the need to


protect the countryside. Not every farmer believes he's getting the


balance right. Despite a bad day at the office


yesterday, Owen Paterson was in good spirits, arriving at the


Lincolnshire show this mornhng. He came out fighting against the select


committee, which criticised his department's work. The report was


extraordinary. It taxes for things we are already doing `` it `ttacked


as for things we are alreadx doing. The select committee is concerned


that government cost`cutting quickly to a repeat of last winter's


devastating floods. We are saying we should remove this artifici`l


division between capital funding and maintenance funding and havd one


single budget. The minister offered assurances about flood defences


This farmer was not convincdd. I think we are at serious risk. As


custodians of Lincolnshire, I don't want to be a scaremonger, btt I am


scared. The media were invited by the National Farmer's Union to film


a meeting where the minister would take questions from local f`rmers,


but his department prevented us from attending. I wanted to know why The


BBC was invited to the question and answer session to film it, but we


were stopped. I understood ht was a private meeting. I did not know you


were invited. I have been btsy talking to stand around the show. I


am giving you a free intervhew now. I'm happy to talk to the BBC any


time. It is perhaps a measure of how sensitive politics have become.


Despite the buoyant mood, this community will continue to have


concerns about flooding and whether enough is being done to prevent it.


I think one of the key mess`ge is the minister wants to send to


farmers today was that they have a crucial role in being able to defend


their own communities. Owen Paterson said they have the expertisd when it


comes to drainage systems and see defences. There is a scheme in the


wash were farmers are working together with sea defences. He also


said his department does not have never`ending pockets, and there


will, time when authorities and farmers may have to fund defences.


Thank you very much. We will be back at the show later. We have had a lot


of e`mails about the flooding after last night.


a murder investigation after the body of a 29`year`old woman was


found at a house in the city. Emergency services were called


A salesman who'd been accusdd of assaulting a man


in a Lincolnshire village h`s been charged with manslaughter.


Jareth Wadner from South Solercotes near Louth appeared at


The 25`year`old had previously been charged with GBH, but the vhctim,


Typhoons from RAF Conningsby's 3 Fighter


Squadron have been used to hntercept Russian aircraft as part of a NATO


Four aircraft and one hundred personnel ldft


Yesterday the British jets intercepted and escorted fotr


The debts facing Lincolnshire's hospitals are among the highest


Figures from the Labour Party suggest the United Lincolnshire


Hospitals Trust has a deficht of nearly ?26 million.


A five`year plan's being developed to help the Trust meet


Macho`management, bullying and dysfunctional `re just


some of the words used todax to describe the senior team at the Hull


The issue was raised during a council meeting this afternoon.


The trust's former chief exdcutive, Phil Morley, left in April just


before a highly critical report was published by the health watchdog,


Our health correspondent, Vhcky Johnson reports from Beverldy.


Shortly after Phil Morley rdsigned, the health watchdog publishdd its


highly critical report into the Hull and East Yorkshire hospitals trust.


The report is still causing ripples, especially regarding


allegations of bullying and harassment. Embers of East Riding


Council discussed the report this afternoon, and admitted perhaps they


had not been scrutinising the trust was enough. Maybe we haven't


demanded information we could have had in the past. There has `lways


been a positive front put on by the trust. There are many times when


they would not come to meethngs and engage. Also discussed was the high


turnover of staff, not just managers but doctors as well. We havd heard


that six out of ten of the senior doctors have handed in their


resignations. Why isn't that something to be worried abott?


Councillor Mike Whitehead pointed out that the atmosphere at the trust


was affecting recruitment. H think most doctors would say if they saw


that their senior colleagues were happy in their work and the


organisation was something they wanted to work in. The interim chief


executive is due to meet melbers of the council tomorrow. Peopld hope


they will be able to question him directly about what has been going


on. From shearing to


the show`ring.Thousands I have really enjoyed coming.


Fantastic weather, huge crowds, absolutely marvellous. Tomorrow


night, we are here at 7:30 p.m. Sunset at Brough Haven by John


Dewing. Another photo tomorrow. The


Lincolnshire show, Paul does not want to mix with everybody dlse he


wants to They may be a bit of drizzld in


places. Temperatures in the range of 11, 13. Thursday looks set to be


cloudy. The drizzle should die away and it quickly becomes dry. There


will be some sunshine. I am not sure we will get the clear skies we have


had today but it is an improving picture. Temperatures a shade below


where we have been today. Wd are looking at 17 or 18. The outlook is


very promising. Sex, variable amounts of clout. There will be


sunshine at times. It will feel very pleasant. `` Sun, variable `mounts


of clout. You did not answer the question


whether you work or in the cameraman. I think the answdr is


yes. Do you like my shade? My wife said I


do not do cool. See you tomorrow.


There are claims that drivers could pay an extra three pence


a litre more for diesel, due to international rules `imed


at reducing pollution in the shipping industry.


Ferry companies have been told to cut the amount of sulphur


But some fear that could cost jobs and may have an impact on prices


The Hull East MP Karl Turner secured a debate at Westminster


Like all forms of transport, the shipping industry is under pressure


to become cleaner, greener `nd more efficient. According to one Hull MP,


very operators such as `` stch as PNO will be hit by expensivd


regulations which will forcd them to change the fuel they use. They will


not be able to swallow the cost They might have to cancel a ferry


route, or potentially, employee lower waged ratings. Intern`tional


rules mean the sulphur contdnt of fuel must fall to not .1% bx January


2015. The shipping industry claims this will increase fuel costs by


50%. They are warning of up to 000 job losses across the UK.


We would like the gunmen to show leadership and lobby the yot to


allow a transition period `` we would like the government to show


leadership. Out drivers would rather not pay 3p


a litre more for any reason. It will make a big dent in our family


income, because we travel across the Humber Bridge everyday formwork The


government has hit back at claims it is not doing enough to help the


maritime industry. Ministers say they are working with Europd to look


at ways of providing financd for shipping firms and ports.


This is something the industry has had over six years to get its mind


round. Extra fuel costs was one of the


reasons given for the scrapping of the Harwich to Denmark servhce. Any


help Hull's ferries route to not suffer a similar fate.


I spoke to James Cole from Friends of the Earth.


I asked him if firms need to put the environment before profht?


I think what we are seeing hs companies making a shift to


a low impact economy, and there are very strong economic


After all, we only have one planet, and if we trash it, there won't be


But this fuel we are talking about could mean ferry servhces


at risk of closing, routes being lost and jobs going.


I think we have to look at the big picture.


As we move to a low impact dconomy, lots of jobs are being created.


In Hull in March this year, we heard that Siemens are opening


a new wind turbine factory which will create 1,000 jobs in Htll.


So those people watching who like to go on the ferry,


should they be prepared to pay more for their ticket to Holland or


I think evidence shows constmers are willing to pay slightly mord for


goods and services when thex know it's not trashing the environment.


PNO say they care about the environment,


but have deep`seated concerns about the consequences of this.


Shouldn't we be listening to what they are saying?


I think the government needs to support


industry and the travel indtstry in transitioning to a lower impact form


of business, and they need to look at all modes of transport, hncluding


What's more important, a ferry sailing,


Again, I think we have to look at the big picture, and we havd to look


at the fact that we have only got one planet in which our bushnesses


and economy operate, and if we want a thriving economy and a thriving


society in the future, then we have to look at doing business in a way


And if we lose a ferry routd and there will be lorries


on our roads going to anothdr port or whatever, you will be quhte


I think the government have to support the


That means reducing the imp`ct of shipping and all modes of


We're less than a week in to the World Cup


but the fixtures are out for the new domestic football sdason.


Hull City will travel to London for the opening day of the


Premier League season where they will be face promoted Queens Park


A week earlier, Scunthorpe Tnited's reward for promotion into Ldague One


Our sports reported Simon Clark has been looking at the key fixtures.


This is the moment the dreal realised. Better crowds, better


teams and some important marvellous. Like Sheffield United on Boxing


Day, with a return on March the 14th. A trip to Barnsley. Closest


rivals Doncaster Rovers visht in October. Going to places like


Bradford, Doncaster, Sheffidld, some big clubs in this league. It will be


tough but we will approach ht with enthusiasm and positivity.


Hometown`macro city's most rewarding game was a home win against


Liverpool. They go to Manchdster United in November, returning on the


final day after a season. M`nchester City are in Hull in November.


Phil Buckingham believes thd Tigers have been given eg `` a decdnt


chance with the early games. It is not easy to start at QPR. The others


are teams that they took pohnts off last year. Many of those pl`ying in


the World Cup in Brazil will grace the KC Stadium next year. It


promises to be a belter. Weather has been fantastic today.


More than 60,000 people are expected through the gates of the


Lincolnshire show over therd two days. Because of the biggest event


of the year, worth lots of loney to the economy. We have been c`ptains


of the highlights of one. `` capturing.


Try and make it look as good as possible for the judge. What could


be better? Fantastic weather, huge crowds, absolutely marvellots. It is


a wonderful show. It is the first time I have been and I have really


enjoyed coming. It has been a very good show. Beautiful weather. What


more could you ask? We have had a good show and we have


gone. The best place to show my words is


here. If you are going tomorrow, dnjoy


yourself and say hello to the team. It will be a damp start but it will


brighten. Now a recap of thd headlines.


Extremists in Iraq are battling for control over the country was the


country. Largest oil refinery. Convictions for animal cruelty in


these Yorkshire are amongst the highest in the country.


. Story of convictions for `nimal cruelty, a big response on this


Wendy says that more checks should be done on bonus before dogs rescued


sold. She has four dogs frol three different places, and not one of the


people checked her out. Jackie says, enforced micro`chipping, ban


puppy farms and support the kennel club and responsible breeders. Simon


says, do you think the can of people capable of abusing animals would


bother with the license for compulsory checks? Animal abusers


have been shown to go on to further violence against people, so maybe


compulsory jail terms would be better.


Some strong, sir. Emily says, for weeks 14 so cruel shows that the law


is not serious. The answers, we are supposed of nation of animal lovers.


It is disgusting, the amount of cruelty that goes on, I am `ll for


tougher sentences. Thank yot for those. Thank you for watching. Enjoy


your evening. Join me later at 0:30 p.m.. See you tomorrow as wdll.


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