21/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel.


This vessel has already been widening the approach to thd dog.


Some of the large port such as Rotterdam, they have two mahntain


the depth of ease and changd the ports to fit in. The Humber


obviously, maintaining it to enable these bigger and bigger ships to


come into port. 100 years ago the space behind me would have been


filled with jetties for the transportation of coal will stop


today we have 25,000 tonnes of biomass that has come all the way


from America and will be destined for Drax power station. The chance,


too, to travel on a pilot boat and see close hand the scale of


modern`day cargo ships. I love ships and everything about them. The work,


sometimes it was very hard, but you take the good with the bad. Very


interesting, very exciting, the way it is handled down the dock, and the


job is good. Since its creation for coal, this doc has handled will


meat and tender. Timber. Firefighters across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire have been on strike The action,


between 10 and 5 today, was The Government says firefighters


have among the most generous Campaigners opposed to cuts to


opening hours at some Hull luseums The Council says it has to save


?150,000 from its heritage budget but the protestors are angrx


about the reduction in servhces Unions want Hull City Counchl


to find savings elsewhere. The responses we have had to the


petition from people, both local and far away, is astonishment, ht's


ridiculous. You have been awarded this City of Culture award `nd what


do they do? They close musetms. We need to tell people that thd museum


's idea to attract visitors. Hull City have agreed a fee


for the signing of midfielddr The 24 year old spent last season


on loan at the KC Stadium. It's believed he will cost ` club


record fee in excess of ?7 lillion. In the Super League, there's


five minutes left in Hull FC's The Black and Whites trail


by 20 points to 4 in France. Last night,


Hull KR secured a comfortable away The Robins scored 8 tries


in a comfortable 44 points to 1 win They've moved above Hull into


ninth in the Super League t`ble It has been a beautiful day. Let's


get the weather. Another pleasant day to comd


tomorrow, the pollen levels are still high. A fine end to the day


with some sunshine, then drx, with clear spells overnight. In the


countryside, temperatures could be a few degrees lower than this.


low`pressure pushing in frol the west. Bridges dropping off for the


first half of the week. `` temperatures tripping off.


For the majority of the British Isles, today has wrought long spells


of warm sunshine and it is the longest day.


of warm sunshine and it is the though, plenty of sunshine. And once


again across England and Wales, sparkling skies and as the sun comes


up, temperatures will start to rise appropriately. For


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