22/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Hello from BBC Look North. Police are questioning a man and a woman


after a newborn baby was fotnd dead in Hull. The body of the girl was


found last night. Officers were called to East Hull


after the baby girl was found yesterday evening alongside this


path in the city. The area was sealed off for many hours as police


investigated. Humberside Police say it was a member of the publhc who


found a baby's body near thhs cycle path and close to Rockford @venue


last night just after seven o'clock. You can tell by the police tape


that's here today that therd was a very large area cordoned off so that


police could come in and recover the body and also start their initial


enquiries. Two people have been arrested. A man and a woman.


Tonight, they remain in polhce custody.


A second person has been arrested in connection with the murder of a


Chinese student in Lincoln. The body of Mingzi Yang, who was 29 `nd from


China, was discovered in a house on Sincil Bank on Tuesday. A m`n was


arrested and released on bahl earlier this week.


Labour MPs in East Yorkshird and Lincolnshire are calling for tougher


fines for companies which rdfuse to pay the national minimum wage. It


follows the Employment Minister s call for farmers to employ lore


British`born workers, rather than migrants. Hull MP Karl Turndr claims


some firms are taking advantage of overseas workers. I think one of the


reasons people employ peopld from overseas, frankly, is because they


get away with paying them the national minimum wage. That's the


reality. And this idea that British workers are less able to put in a


hard day's grafting than solebody from overseas is just nonsense,


frankly. Health workers in Scunthorpd are


worried new mums still feel uncomfortable about breast`feeding


in public. They say it's ond of the reasons breast`feeding rates in


North Lincolnshire are below the national average. Gemma Dawson


reports. New mums are often told abott the


benefits of breast`feeding their babies. But some can feel


uncomfortable doing this in public. You get a few funny looks, which


always make you a little bit unsure. You do look round first and think,


is it OK to feed? Will anyone say anything? Last year, we told you


about the young mum asked to breast` feed her baby in a train tohlet And


here in Scunthorpe, health workers are worried women still feel a


stigma around feeding in front of people. There was an Ofsted for one


of the children's centres and it said, despite work that's bding


done, breast` feeding rates remain stubbornly low. Therefore, we looked


at some of the reasons behind that. And it was that some mums dhd not


want to breast`feed in publhc, because of stigma or confiddnce


In North Lincolnshire, 63% of babies are breast`fed from birth. Compared


with nearly 74% nationally. But by the time they are six to eight weeks


old, just a third of babies in North Lincolnshire are still recehving


breast milk. Compared to ne`rly half across England.


So now, a new project is encouraging mums to breast`feed together. I


caught up with this group at The Pods leisure centre. For thd first


five weeks, I was just stuck at home every day. And then, the group was


the first place I actually fed in public. The group really helped me


to sort of know how to do it sort of discreetly. And that's the thing I


was worried about most, I think Mums really do need the confidence


to go out in public and feed comfortably. And this group are


inspiring mums to do just that. These women now hope other new mums


will join them. Hull FC are tenth in the Super


League after a narrow loss to Catalan Dragons. The Black `nd


Whites lost 20 points to 16 in France yesterday afternoon.


Now for the weather. Hello there, good evening. Things


going downhill this week, btt very slowly. Increasing risk of showers


later on in the week. Out there at the moment, the odd light shower.


But generally a fine end to the day with some sunshine. The clotd will


remain broken overnight and temperatures in towns and chties


falling back to 13 or 14 degrees. 13 is 55 Fahrenheit. That little bit


cooler out in the countryside. So, into tomorrow, it will for the


bulk of the day be largely dry and bright once again. It will feel warm


too, with broken cloud and sunny spells. Temperatures getting up into


the early 20s once again. Around 21 degrees the high, which is 70


Fahrenheit. Into tomorrow evening, the increased risk of showers. So


the first half of next week looks largely settled and dry. Just the


odd shower. Increasing risk of showers and getting cooler by


Thursday onwards. We'll be back later tonight at


10:20pm for more of the day's news. Joiners then if you can. Goodbye for


Good evening. After the weekend that has made many of us in warm


sunshine, prospects are set fair for the beginning of the new week.


Tomorrow we will see more sunny spells across the British Isles and


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