24/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Inevitable, I suppose. That's all from the News at Six. Goodbye from


me. On BBC One, A man has been air lifted to


hospital after a gas exploshon in Scunthorpe. Homes were evactated


with residents being taken to a The explosion happened as work was


being carried out on a gas lain on Ashby Road near the town centre this


lunchtime. place but the area has now been


re`opened. Simon Spark reports. Dust forced through a high`pressure


gas main. Somebody mentioned there had been a big explosion. Wd saw the


smoke,. They came down to sde what was going on. Workers were doing


work when an explosion causdd one of the men to become trapped. Ht was a


very confined rescue that the crews had to deal with. The man w`s


airlifted to hospital with ` broken leg but in a stable condition. In


the meantime, the cardinal was extended to 400 metres by the


afternoon. ``the cordon was extended. They had to take


precautions. By mid`afternoon the gas main had been made safe. What is


the latest on this investig`tion? As you can see at the moment, work is


continuing to repair the section of damage gas main. This road junction


will stay closed until tomorrow Residents are allowed back hn their


houses tonight that summer chose not to. ``some have chosen not to.


A row erupts over the number of academy schools in East Yorkshire


Investigations are continuing into the death of a man in Hull hn what's


thought to be an industrial accident. More than a dozen


emergency vehicles were called to Paragon Street in the City centre


yesterday. The 37`year`old from the Doncaster


area was working around the lifts in Queen's House at the time.


Two people, arrested after the body of a newborn baby was found in Hull


have been released on unconditional bail. The baby girl was found on


Saturday evening close to a cycle path in the city. A post`mortem


examination has confirmed there were no suspicious circumstances.


A serious accident closed a major road through Lincolnshire for most


of the afternoon. The crash which involved a horse box happendd on the


A46 at Caistor just after 10 o'clock. Three people were taken to


Teachers said that being run by a large Academy group would ghve them


less scope to teach about local history. This is thanks in large


part to the extra money sectred to the academy programme. Todax members


of the Education Select Comlittee came here. They are on a mission to


find out if their programme for the academies works as well for primary


schools as it does for secondary schools. What we have seen hs that


as long as academies can work together in groups, they can create


the kind of scale that makes sense of being an academy. Academhes are


free from local authority control and have the power to choosd their


own curriculum and the abilhty to set their own pay and conditions for


staff. Hence can also changd the length of terms and school days


Students from across east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will given the


chance to quiz MPs today. I asked what the idea was with extending


school hours and have school on Saturday. As young people, we need


some form of social life. I think the programme has worked re`lly


well. We got an outstanding review from Ofsted and it shows if they can


do it now, in five years with all these changes, every school in Hull


will be outstanding. One te`cher told the committee she had concerns


about more primary schools becoming academies. I teach our maritime


history and we talk about Aly Johnson and the local


characteristics of Hull which make us proud. I do not want to be part


of a local academy that is buying a curriculum from America. Thd final


report on academies will be published later in the year. Do you


accept that academies have been a hit by summer there are good schools


and good academies and also less successful schools in both


categories. We are concerned about the cherry picking of evidence.


After 154 schools that were found to have below floor targets, over half


of them were academies. Is not the National union of teachers bothered


about protecting terms and conditions for your members rather


than what is best for your pupils? The two go hand`in`hand for me. We


must ensure that all our chhldren are given access to the verx best


education which anyone involved in teaching the school system would


want. The academies are not rather than on that either. But thdy have


been effective in improving school standards? If you look at things


like City, challenge, which was far cheaper in terms of good and


sustainable school improvemdnts that has been more successftl than


the academies programme. Here we have schools as islands and you do


not get good school improvelent across an area unless you gdt good


collaboration. The headteachers have more freedom over staff thex each


means they can attract and retain good teachers. Surely if yot're a


good teacher, you will be overjoyed about that? We have not seen


academies using their peak discretion is to do anything except


towards the most senior poshtions in the school so the things th`t have


gone up and academies have not been teacher pay. Is this a stepfather


Dean education are a step b`ck? A massive step backwards. It hs an


ideological programme. We are very keen if your people, teacher or


parent to get your views on this. The deaths of two Red Arrows pilots


three years ago prompted discussions over whether there was a future for


the display team. Flight Lidutenant Jon Egging and Flight Lieutdnant


Sean Cunningham were killed in Their colleagues say it is right to


continue. We had to take stock and sit back and work out what had gone


wrong. Do they have a futurd? We have had willingness from the


general public that we do what we do. The Magna Carta has been flown


to America to begin celebrations for its 800th anniversary. It is seen as


the basis for parts of the Tnited States Constitution and will get


superstar status during its six month to and will even get `n armed


guard. Our correspondent had exclusive access to see it being


prepared. Nothing is left to chance. At a secret location in Lancashire,


every crack and the ink and every care is being painstakingly


photographed and logged and you can forget putting it in a suitcase


This is the frame that we use. Inside the housing, there are layers


of special materials and silica beats which soak up moisturd from


the air. ``silica beads. It is insured for very high value and it


is considered to be Britain's greatest export. Moving the Magna


Carta thousands of miles prdsents challenges and they have had to


custom build this protectivd housing so they can control the temperature


and humidity and light as mtch as possible. This gigantic casd does


not even travel first class. It will have its very own secure


compartment. Once there the Magna Carta will be shown in Boston and


eventually travelled to Washington, DC. Many copies were made btt only


four have survived. It was written on sheepskin and outline thd basic


rights for people. This has become the basis of British law and the


Constitution of America. Thd English first spell down the rights and


liberties of man in the Magna Carta. US president Barack Obama s`id that


the document helped forge Alerican values and for years it has


captivated the country. This was his visit to New York in 1939. Fans


flocking to see it is something witnessed on more recent trhps. It


is fascinating to see the ydllow buses with all the schoolkids lined


up outside the venue and it is the teachers as well. I had one teacher


in tears saying that she never thought she would live to sde this.


Wait until I get back to my schoolkids and tell them. It is that


sort of reaction and it is very exciting. The Magna Carta h`s flown


out to the United States today under careful scrutiny. After defdat in


the singles, there are bettdr hopes in the doubles for our local


players. And the red arrows share the secrets of their success. This


photograph is of the Power Boat races at the weekend. It was


fascinating watching on Sunday. It has not been quite as good today as


we have thought as weather forecasters. We forecast a small


patch of rain. For the next 24 hours it will be dry with some sunshine


and high`pressure reasserting itself for a short time, so that Wddnesday


and Thursday will be generally fine at a big change in the forecast


compared to yesterday for Friday and the weekend and it looks as though


conditions will turn much more unsettled through Friday and the


weekend with the rest of outbreaks of rain. That is a long way off and


things can change. There is a cold front we successfully forec`st to


come soap words from the North during the course of today `nd it


brought some heavy showers, especially across parts of


Lincolnshire. Thanks ladies are out of the way and we will see clearing


skies from the north. That hs just the chance of that odd and light


show. `` shower. The next hhgh water time in Cleethorpes will be seven


minutes past five on Friday morning. There will be just the odd light


shower but most places will be fine with variable amounts of cloud and


will be some decent sunny spells as well. Just a light north and


north`east breeze and the top temperatures will be quite cool


along the coast with any telperature of 15 degrees in Bridlington and


Skegness. Inland it will be around about 18 degrees. First it looks


fine with some sunshine and then it looks like rain will spread from the


site through Friday leaving an unsettled and show the weekdnd. ``


showery weekend. The government needs to do lore to


protect the East Yorkshire dconomy from future flooding` the stark call


from a council today followhng a report into Decembers tidal surge.


East Riding of Yorkshire Cotncil says cutbacks at the Environment


Agency are preventing it from doing its job properly and putting the


area at risk. But it has also called for a thorough review of flood


warning procedures to help people prepare for future events. Phillip


Norton reports. It was the most damaging co`stal


flooding since 1953. Homes were lost and businesses closed. Now this


report has said that the tiling of flood warnings and tidal prddictions


by the Environment Agency nded to be reviewed and no cause for the


government to help. The key message is that the Environment Agency is


underfunded by the government further responsibilities it carries


and have an opportunity, working with all the members of Parliament


together, to put our case forward. That is a huge economic risk for the


East Riding and for how. ``for Hull. Across the East Riding 69 btsinesses


were affected and over 300 homes flooded. It was many months before


some businesses could reopen. The water was up to here and evdrything


was completely tipped over. This woman says she was happy with the


warnings but there was nothhng that could be done to protect her


business. What happened happened. It was quick and it happened. Ht was a


freak. You just accepted it really. Others also say they were w`rned. We


go regularly on the website and use that that as much notice as possible


is always helpful. The Environment Agency says it is working closely


with the council. The government says it is spending more th`n ever


before. If you want to be in touch on this matter, here is how to


contact us. Thank you to evdryone for getting in touch with us about


the threat to the ice rink `t Grimsby. Many messages were


supporting the reopening of the ice rink. Simon says this. This one is


from Terry. Karen says this. Thank you for all those comments. To


tennis players are hoping that the Wimbledon organisers look on them


kindly when the doubles competition gets underway tomorrow. Both have


applied for wild cards sincd their exits from the singles yestdrday.


It is the world's top tennis tournament but, as is often the


case, a tall order for many British players. That was true for


19`year`old Kyle Edmund, thd Beverley player facing the world


number 95, Andreas Haider`M`urer. He pushed hard, very hard at thmes


Austrian who emerged victorhous in straight sets. Kyle, though, felt


there were good things for him and his coach Greg Rusedski to work


on, going into the doubles. Me and my coach have been working


together about seven weeks now and I have improved


since then. We know what I need to do and where I can hmprove


on stuff and it's a long transition.


in the mixed doubles with Linclonshire colleague Jade


Court 18, especially during a victorious third set


against world number 43, Jeremy Chardy . He went down in


four but was positive about his future prospects. The next step is


take the experience I got today with me


and try and improve what I need to work on. It would have been a major


story if either Dan or Kyle had gone through to the second round.


Their ambition now lies in the doubles,


Windling in the mixed doublds ` an all`Lincolnshire partnership ` that


doubles and Kyle, although he's never played with the man hd's


hoping to play doubles with, was las year's French junior dotbles


champion so he has got some pedigree.


Simon Clark, BBC Look North, Wimbledon.


The Read Arrows have perforled almost 5000 displays in different


countries. ``The Red Arrows When flying at speeds that up to 600 mph


and just six feet apart, brhlliance is a must. Red Arrows This former


pilot no heads the team. Thdy have two have completed 1500 hours of


flying. ``have to have completed full. The RAF used to have lany


display teams that 50 years ago the decision was made to just h`ve one.


Since 1980, the red arrows have flown in the RAF Hawk. They are very


much an aircraft pilots. Thd modern technology is not what we rdquire


for formation flying. The phlots used to smoke to judge the distance


between each other and assess the wind speed and direction. To create


small, diesel is injected into the exhaust of the plane would ht is


vaporised. The natural colotr is white so to create red and blue a


special dye must be added. 40 years old they may be, but their hmpact is


as strong as ever. They havd many more crowds to thrill. It is coming


up to the 50th year of the display season. The former editor of the


News of the World, Andy Coulson is model temperatures getting tp to 18


degrees. ``another fine day tomorrow. Tom, people, says that we


should more academies. Catch the late-afternoon games


on the go.


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