24/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Teachers have been giving evidence to MPs in Hull


on the effectiveness of academies to improve school standards.


The government wants more primary schools to become academies,


where heads are given greatdr control over staffing


and what is taught but crithcs say it is no guarantee of stccess.


More from our political editor, Tim Iredale.


Recent years have seen crumbling classrooms turned into shinx new


schools thanks in large part to the extra money that has been sdcured


Today members of the Educathon Select Committee left their usual


surroundings at Westminster to come here to Sirius Academy in Htll.


They are on a mission to find out whether the academies progr`mme


works as well for primary schools as it does secondary schools.


What Hull has shown with ne`rly half its primary schools becoming


academies is as long as thex work together in groups, then thdy can


create the kind of scale th`t makes sense of being an academy.


As an academy you are responsible for more things.


If the local authority takes care of those things for you.


Academies are free from local authority control.


They have the power to choose their own curriculum and the abilhty


Heads can also change the ldngths of terms and school days.


But one teacher told the Colmittee she had concerns about more


One of the things I teach, as a primary teacher,


is our maritime history and we do Amy Johnson and we


talk about, you know, the local characteristics of being in Hull.


The people in Hull that makd us proud. I don't want to be p`rt


of an academy which is buying a curriculum from America.


That's nothing to do with the children of Hull and nothing


The Committee's final report on academies will be published


Hazel Danson is from the National Union of Teachers.


I asked her if recent good results proved academies are working?


There are good local authority schools


There are also equal measurds of less successful schools


But they have been very effective, haven't they,


Michael Gove says they have driven up standards?


In fact, if you look at the city challenge,


which was far cheaper in terms of good sustainable school improvement,


that actually been more successful than the academies programmd.


What you have here are schools as islands and as the piece said


itself, you don't get good school improvement across an area


That's best done under the local authority.


In a word, were academies a step forward


It's an ideological programle without the evidence to back it up.


Hazel Danson from the National Union of Teachers


Fire officers have praised the work of the emergency services after


It happened as maintenance work was being carried out on a gas main


Nearby homes were evacuated and roads in the area are expected


to remain closed until after tomorrow's rush hour.


As you can see the amount of dust that was blown about.


The clear`up for residents after a gas mains explosion sent


It left one man working at the site injured and forced


This was round about 11:15 time and we've got in the house an hour ago.


Fortunately my daughter camd and picked us up but we had no news


Earlier workers had been dohng maintenance work


in a two`metre pit when an dxplosion caused a man to become trapped.


It meant a dangerous rescue operation from the Fire Service


Very reduced visibility for our crews to work in,


It's a very complex, confindd rescue that the crews had to deal with


The man was airlifted to hospital with a broken leg but


in a stable condition and, as a precaution, the initial


25`metre cordon was extended to 400 metres in the early aftdrnoon,


which meant a large evacuathon, including nearby schools.


I got the phone call as I was leaving work and then wd


It's best to be safe than sorry isn't it?


Others had to go to the Pods leisure centre.


Elsewhere, the traffic was brought to a standstill though, by 3:30pm,


the main had been made safe, bringing to a close an afternoon


Tonight, one man remains in hospital and overnight works will


continue here, resuming at 8am and affecting rush hour.


In the meantime, the police and the Health and Safety Executive


are trying to find out exactly what happened here.


Two people, arrested after the body of a newborn baby was found in Hull,


have been released on unconditional bail.


The baby girl was found on Saturday evening close to a cycle path.


A postmortem examination has confirmed there were


Councillors in East Yorkshire say the government must do lore


to protect the area from future flooding.


At a meeting today, East Riding of Yorkshire Council


said cutbacks at the Environment Agency prevented


it from doing its job properly and put the area at risk.


The Environment Agency is underfunded by government for the


There is a huge, huge econolic risk for the East Riding


and Hull, as well, if the protection is not put in place.


Lincoln's historic Magna Carta has been flown to America as part


of celebrations for its 800th anniversary.


The manuscript is seen as the basis for parts of the


While overseas it will be painstakingly protected frol heat,


daylight and humidity and even given an armed guard.


Here's Paul Hudson with the forecast.


It looks like tomorrow will be a mostly fine day with some stnshine.


There will be quite a lot of cloud at times.


By the end of the week, Friday into the weekend, we will see


quite a high risk of rain spreading from the south`west and a rhsk


of an isolated shower as we head through the overnight period.


Most of us will be dry and quite chilly, rurally.


Tomorrow an isolated shower is possible.


Most of us will be fine and dry variable amounts of cloud, but there


will be some decent, sunny breaks. A light north or north`east breeze.


We are looking at top temperatures around 17 degrdes.


Fine again on Thursday but ` risk of rain spreading


from the south`west, Friday. That's the forecast.


We are back at 6:25 tomorrow. Hope you can join us then.


with the summary. Turning more unsettled as we head towards the


Good evening. After what has been a glorious few weeks of summer


sunshine for many of us, things are about to change over the next 2


hours. We are seeing the change marked by the weather front on the


satellite image. To the south of that, 25 degrees, in Bournemouth for


instance, but in the north and east, cooler, fresher air. That sets the


scene for tomorrow. A cooler day. We will have hazy sunshine on offer,


although cloudier skies than we have been used it over the past week


Tonight we have thicker cloud bringing more two spots of drizzly


rain for some southern areas. Many parts dry, but we have the rain


heading in


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