25/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Thousands of patients are bding forced to wait to see a doctor


because GPs don't want to work in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.


which says hundreds of training positions for GPs remain unfilled.


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson reports.


GPs are, they say, busier than ever. But fewer new doctors are whlling to


train in general practice. Francesca is a junior doctor and doing a GP


placement. She says that others are being put off by the governlent s


Thomist extend opening hours. We have been given the impresshon that


there will be more on`call shifts, night shifts, certainly out of our


shifts and also weekends. And so I think that a lot of the attraction


for some people is now perh`ps not there any more. Two senior GPs have


been able to `` unable to rdtire at this practice because they cannot


recruit pained them. To senhor dock is wanted to retire but bec`use we


cannot replace them, they h`ve stayed on. Doctors haven't given


more responsibility for health care in their own areas. The govdrnment


insists that the recent reforms should have strengthened services.


In a statement, they said... Just as some surgeries are struggling to


cope with demand, NHS England has confirmed today that they are


considering closing this pr`ctice in Lincoln, meaning almost 3000


patients could have to find a new GP. But doctors are warning that


this increasing shortage cotld mean that the situation will detdriorate


further. Millions of pounds


of taxpayers? money is being wasted on cleaning up rubbish in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Local councils say that mondy could


be better spent elsewhere if people took responsibility


and picked up their litter. A sunny day at the beach, btt you do


not have to look far to find litter. Described as anti`social, unsightly,


and a blight on our countryside one council is now cracking down on the


costly problem. There has bden an increase, we have no idea why. One


lane pens is an awful lot of money to us. I am not going to tell you


what my favourite things ard to spend the money on, but it could be


spent a lot more wisely than on picking up litter. Some councils


spend around ?1 million. Thd cost in the UK is ?1 billion every xear But


it is not just lazy or careless seaside visitors that are c`using


the problem here, the Kendall's new campaign `` the council's ndw


campaign is aimed at local residents as well. There are bins so H do not


know why people do not use them I do not walk not walk a few letres to


obtain. People are walking on broken bottles and things. Those who query


up the mess can only watch `s people drop rubbish. We see lots of people


going round, enjoying themsdlves, ice cream, chips, that sort of


thing. And we do see people drop litter and it is very frustrating


because our powers are somewhat limited as to what we can do. It is


hoped that the campaign will reach the conscience of those responsible.


Samantha Harding is from thd Campaign to Protect Rural England.


Tonight I asked her what shd thinks of people who drop litter,


including those who throw it from vehicles, like lorry drivers.


There is some research into Borrie drivers,


having a lovely time, this hs beautiful, and then they le`ve


behind this disgusting mess that either does not get cleared up, or


someone else has two clear tp, or gets washed out to sea and times


well play. What would you s`y to those people? Just


38`year`old Kerry Abel denids the manslaughter


He was found floating face`down in a bath at his home in Hull


Work is continuing to fix a gas main after an explosion in Scunthorpe.


It happened yesterday morning, seriously injuring a man


Police have confirmed its investigation has now been passed to


Traders in Grimsby are callhng for drinking to be banned in the


North East Lincolnshire Council recently held a consultation


about giving the police powdrs to ask people to stop drinking alcohol


Some sunshine, but outbreaks of rain spreading north`east roads `cross


most parts of our region. V`riable amounts of close, temperatures


coming in at around ten or 01 Celsius. Thursday will be a fine day


with variable amounts of cloud, but they will be some good sunnx breaks,


all parts looks set to be dry. With the breeze it should feel f`irly


pleasant. Much more unsettldd on Friday as eight Greeks of r`in


spread to most parts. That hs the forecast. `` outbreaks of r`in.


As usual we will be back at 6:2 am. Take care, good night.


afternoon. It does turn more unsettled and there would be heavy


and thundery downpours around. Good evening. A little bit later than


usual. The weather over the next couple of days will change. Let me


show you the satellite picture. You can see the cloud streaming across


the Atlantic. This weather front Weller upset the weather across --


will upset the weather in the


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