25/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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high, 15-20. It's not all bad. Thank you very much. That's all from us so


it's goodbye On Look North at 6.30: Thousands of


patients are forced to wait for Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Thousands of patients face


delays to see a doctor becatse Two senior doctors have had to stay


on because we cannot get replacements.


The councils wasting millions picking up litter across East


The giant water pipe arriving at Bridlington from Norway to


We meet the family trying to turn the town of Market Weighton.


England's quite a rubbish tdam, and Thousands of patients are bding


forced to wait to see a doctor because GPs don't want to work


in East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire. The group that represents them says


hundreds of training positions the East Midlands ` which includes


Lincolnshire ` 38% are vacant. In Yorkshire


and the Humber the figure is 23 . Both are much higher that


the national average of 13%. The British Medical Association says


GP services are in crisis, ` claim denied by the Government whhch says


that nationally it's recruited ,000 GPs are, they say, busier than ever.


They're seeing an extra 40 lillion patients compared to five ydars ago.


But fewer new doctors are opting to train in general practice.


Francesca Wright is a junior doctor and doing a GP placement in


Immingham. She says others `re being put off by the Government's promise


to extend opening hours. We have been given the imprdssion


there will be more on calls and night shift, certainly out of hours


shift and weekends. I think a lot of the attraction for some people is


now perhaps not there any more. At Peter Melton's practice, two


senior GPs have been unable to retire because they can't rdcruit


behind them. Last year, doctors were givdn more


responsibility for healthcare in their own areas.


A spokesman for the Departmdnt of Health insists that the recdnt


reforms should have strengthened Services. I have done this before. I


have worked long hours. Why should I put myself through that agahn? They


haven't explained the real reasons behind this. Was it financi`l? We


don't know. Doctors leaders are warning with this increase hn


shortage of GPs, especially in our area, the situation is likely to


deteriorate further. Dr Chaand Nagpaul is the ch`ir


of the British Medical He joins me now


from the association's annu`l They


haven't explained the real reasons behind this. Was it financi`l? We


don't know. Doctors leaders are warning with this increase hn


shortage of GPs, especially in our overwhelmed with the demand on our


time. We do not have enough GPs enough practice necessaries, enough


points month `` enough practice nurses. We are overwhelmed with an


increasing number of patients who need our services. We just haven't


had an increase in capacity. We are dealing with four or five chronic


conditions. A lot of care is moving out of hospitals, so it is simply a


mismatch between demand and capacity. It is not just


recruitment. GPs are retiring early. In a BMA survey, quarter of GPs were


considering quitting altogether Is it scaremongering on your p`rt? I


can honestly say it would bd folly to write this offer scaremongering.


This is something the department must take seriously. We had a 1 %


reduction in the number of xoung doctors who chose to become GPs We


have 451 places unfilled. What other pressures GPs say they are tnder? I


doctors not as robust as thdy once were? Young doctors choose to work


at hospitals rather than surgeries, because I think what is not being


understood by the government is that the pressures on being a GP are


intolerable for many doctors. We are seeing 25 patients at ten mhnute


intervals. Each one requires an intense consultation. You h`ve huge


amounts of paperwork. The d`y is absolutely packed. But what about


some of the remaining GPs. We'll have to get rid of some of their


patients? `` will they have to get rid of some of their patients? We


need to make sure patients `re treated safely. If they are unable


to recruit a doctor in practice if they have unfilled vacancies,


clearly, they must make surd patients are served safely. In the


situations, these practices have had dialogue with NHS England on how to


resolve that. Very good to have you on the programme. Thank you for


joining us. Have you found it difficult to get


an appointment because of a GP Perhaps you are a GP `


what is the pressure like on you? What can be done to get mord doctors


to want to come and work in In a moment:


People in Lincolnshire are `sked to raise funds for a new helip`d which


could treat injured patients faster. Millions of pounds


of taxpayers money is being wasted on cleaning up rubbish across


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire On the Lincolnshire coast alone


the cost is ?1 million everx year. It's money that the local council


says would be better spent dlsewhere if people would take responsibility


and simply pick up their litter A sunny day at the beach, btt you


don't have to look far to fhnd litter.


I have no idea what makes pdople do it, it is a lack of personal


responsibility. ?1 million hs a lot of money. I will not tell you what


my favourite things will be spent the money but it could be spent more


And it's not just lazy seashde visitors that are causing


the problem, East Lindsey Dhstrict Council?s new campaign incltdes hard


hitting messages about dog fouling and fly tipping aimed at residents.


There has been an increase, what is causing it we have no idea. It is


down to the individual. The individual dog owner that allows the


dog to foul and leaves it. Ht is about responsibility and


responsibility are putting xour rubbish in the bin, do not leave it


We see people drop litter and it is frustrating. Our powers are limited.


We have to clean up the mess and hopefully something more


constructive can be done long`term. It is hoped the campaign will reach


the conscience of those responsible. Earlier,


I spoke to Samantha Harding from the I asked what she thinks


of people who drop litter. Earlier,


I spoke to Samantha Harding from the I asked what she thinks


of people who drop litter. I don't know why people can't think


for themselves when they get up from the beach or they get up from a


beautiful picnic in the loc`l park or the countryside that thex are


just going to take to their house or to a local bin all the pack`ging


they've created through the picnic. While there is no sanction,


while there is no fine, Essentially, littering is


a consequence`free crime. But the fact is, in law, it is


a crime to drop litter, and I think Would you like to see a big fine


for everyone who's caught? I think people who drop litter


should be fined the ?80 the law But the Government don't do


a thing about it. It's not the national government who


would do it, it's local councils, and I know some


of them do have problems resourcing I think those that can really


should try to do it properlx. I saw a lorry driver throw


a plastic Coke bottle out What do you think of somebody


like that? What's the psychology behind that,


that they think it's accept`ble to There's some research


into lorry drivers and haulhers in general, they don't want to stop


the truck, because they essdntially live in their truck,


they don't want to dirty it, so they throw a lot of littdr out,


even by their own admission. We think hauliers should have


almost like a code of conduct where they agree they won't throw


things out their windows at all On the film, we were talking about


the beach, people go to the beach, Because they're just not thhnking,


which I think is a disgrace. They're probably sat there thinking,


we're having a lovely time, then they leave behind this


disgusting mess that either doesn't get cleared up, that someond else


has to pick up, or it gets washed Your message to people who


still do this is what? For those of you who are sthll


dropping it, stop doing it. It's costing us ?1 billion to


pick it up, so stop doing it. How do we stop people


dropping litter? Do you think we need


stronger penalties? The mother of a toddler who drowned


in the bath had eight different drugs in her system at the time he


died, a court has been told. 38`year`old Kerry Abel denids the


manslaughter of two`year`old Riley Lewis. He was found floating


face`down in a bath at his home in Hull in January last year. Jake


Zuckerman was in Sheffield Crown Court


. The court heard Kerry Abel say she had been with Riley Lewis in the


bathroom and she passed out, and when she came to, he was passed out,


face down. Toxicology tests found the use of nine different drugs


including heroin, cocaine and cannabis. Toxicologist said it was a


night she was experiencing the effects of those drugs when her son


John. She focused on lesser known drugs temazepam and diazepal. They


are supposed to be prescription only, used as sedatives. Thd medical


expert described the effect is causing drowsiness and impahred


judgement. He said, I think the ability to properly care for any


child would be impaired. Thd case continues tomorrow.


Thank you. Work is continuing to repair a gas


main after an explosion in Scunthorpe.The junction of @shby


Road and Lloyds Avenue is still junction of Ashby Road and Lloyds


Avenue is still closed to traffic. now been passed to the Health and


Safety Executive. Traders in Grimsby are callhng


for drinking to be banned in the North East Lincolnshire Council


recently held a consultation about giving the police powdrs to


ask people to stop drinking alcohol We would like a concrete action to


stop drinking from open cans on the street. It affects us in loss


of custom, loss of revenue. It affects us in loss of custom


loss of revenue. People won't come to


our store because the giant water pipe arriving


from Norway that could make Bridlington's water cleaner.


Turning the town of Market Weighton orange ` the family urging


football fans to switch support Beverley Minster across a fheld of


poppies taken by Bob Bakewell. Good evening.


How are you? Will you be in your onesie at midnight?


If anybody has been affected by anything in this programme, everyday


health plan. Things will take a turn for the


worse. The change is coming, courtesy of this weather system


High pressure hanging on for tomorrow. Look what happens on


Friday. Still some uncertainty, but there will be rain in places. A lot


of cloud as there, some brightness in places. Overnight, the cloud will


come and go. All part will be dry. Lowest temperatures, nine or ten


Celsius. The public's being asked to help


raise millions of pounds for a new helipad to allow patients


from Lincolnshire to get to At the moment,


people being airlifted to Nottingham's Queens Medical Centre


have to land in nearby fields and So medical staff think a helipad


on site will help save lives. Karen is from Boston and knows what


difference getting airlifted to hospital can make. She was seriously


injured when she crashed into a ditch in Horncastle. The air


ambulance flew her to the ndarest specialist hospital, 60 milds away


in Nottingham. A gentleman said it would t`ke 0


minutes to get here. If we were driving, it would have taken two and


a half hours. It shows you the difference it makes. Around 250


patients a year need to be `irlifted to the Queens medical Centrd in


Nottingham. Plans to redevelop the hospital include helipad on the roof


of the new multistorey car park yards from the hospital entrance.


It will dramatically reduce transfer time. The helicopters that come into


the land on two sites, eithdr the University site or the airfheld


Both take at least 20 minutds from landing to get here. Similar plans a


reality, ?3.5 million will have to be found through fundraising.


Something Karen thinks will be worth every penny.


An ?18 million waste water outfall pipe has finally arrived on


have spent the day guiding the three`quarter`mile`long pipd into


place on Bridlington's south beach. It's part of a ten`year project to


improve water cleanliness This is plumbing on an industrial


scale. This enormous pipe is the final phase of a project to improve


the bathing water here in Bridlington. It has drawn qtite a


crowd. It fascinates me. I live here. It is good to see what


is arriving. You excited?


It will be nice to see it completed, yes.


It is been two years in the making. Looking forward to the work ending


up getting our seafront back. The piped was captured by John


Brompton from his aeroplane. Conditions had to be perfect for it


to be towed in one complete peace from the River Teise to its new


home. Today is a pinnacle of everything we have been working


towards for the last ten ye`rs, in terms of securing investment and


getting the government to b`ck it. The beaches are important to


Bridlington. First, this hugely complex job of


floats this type in on the tide before sinking it into placd.


This job is a very big pipe. We re getting there. This pipelind is just


part of ?40 million at is bden invested here. Water to wash out


untreated is now diverted through a massive network of undergrotnd


pipes. It will take a few ydars to show up in blue flag statusds, but


it will make this beach cle`ner from next week.


Midfielder Jake Livermore h`s become


Hull City's most expensive ever signing.


He has completed a transfer from Tottenham believed to be worth


He spent last season on loan at the KC Stadium and the Tigers were


For the first season, obviotsly just make a progression


on last season. I could've scored more goals myself


last season, but like I said, a newly promoted side.


Hopefully, now we're a bit lore established and we can all push on,


England may be out of the World Cup, but now a football mad family


in Market Weighton is trying to encourage the town to adopt


Ellen van der Kroon's late husband played with the Dutch international


Dennis Berkamp as a child, and now she's persuading nehghbours


to support the Netherlands, as Crispin Rolfe reports.


With England out, everywherd, the flags are down...except


here, in Market Weighton, where a family of Netherlands fans


Ellen is half Dutch, and her partner and their children


I've always spent my summer holidays in Holland, then in 2001,


I met a Dutchman and married him, so I have a lot of Dutch relatives.


Ellen's late husband also h`d his own connection ` playing with


Netherlands star Dennis Bergkamp when young, so it's no wonddr their


It is good because England's quite a rtbbish


Against Spain, they won 5`1, against Australia, they won 3`2


then the next one against Chile theu won 2`0.


All a far cry from England's performance.


But the question now for football fans in East Yorkshire is whll they


I was going to support an African country but I've lost interdst.


I think they've been one of the best teams.


I always like an underdog, so it depends on the match.


But in Market Weighton, the message is add blue to Dngland's


Because Ellen's is a family clearly crazy about the Netherlands,


and hoping to persuade others to support our continental cousins


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlhnes


The former editor of the News Of The World may face a retrial after


a jury failed to reach a verdict on two further charges against him.


Doctors surgeries across Lincolnshire say thex are


struggling to recruit enough GPs to fill vacant posts.


On the subject of GPs, Kate says, my surgery is good, I live in Beverley


which have a lot of elderly patients, but I was will always see


you if it is urgent. Steve says obviously people become ill outside


normal hours. Allen says, usual reply at reception


is three weeks, and what is wrong with you? They are not medically


qualified, so do they expect patients to self diagnose? Barry


says the staff at Gilberdykd a fantastic managing appointmdnts He


says, if your problem is urgent there will always see you on the


same day. Thank you for watching. I whll let


users at 1135. Five.


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