26/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The Transport Secretary has told Look North he's confiddnt


that Lincoln will get more direct rail services to London.


The city has just two direct trains per day to the capit`l.


Of all the passengers arrivhng at Lincoln station, this man h`s more


power than most to improve services in and out of the city. He hs the


Transport Secretary. I think it's important we ilprove


the services that we can for Lincoln, and I'm looking at a number


of areas where I hope to see an improvement for


Lincoln, particularly with next year coming up, the Magna Carta


celebrations. At the


moment, there are just two direct daily services which go frol Lincoln


to London. East Midlands Tr`ins has one which leaves just after 7am The


East Coast service departs shortly afterwards. Both return frol London


in the evening. If passengers don't get


that daily surface, they have to East Coast mainline, which runs


through Retford, Newark, Gr`ntham and Peterborough, potentially adding


more time to their journey. One businessman travels from Newark


instead of Lincoln because of a lack of connections. I have to do that,


because if I come to Lincoln to get We've got such a growing unhversity,


and that's stimulated the economy here in Lincoln. The city is growing


and the county is vibrant. Consequently, we need an enhanced


rail service to service the needs of The good


news is, the Transport Secrdtary's train left Lincoln on time. The bad


news is, like most other London bound travellers, he also h`d to


change at Newark. Tim is in Lincoln now. Why is the


timing of this visit so important? And there have been problems with


trains between Lincoln and Sheffield tonight. A signalling probldm at


Lincoln Central has meant ddlays of Police could get more power to


stop street drinking in North East Lincolnshire, as part of pl`ns to


reduce antisocial behaviour. A public consultation has bden held


into whether Grimsby, Cleethorpes and Immingham should


become "controlled drinking zones". It's


a problem that leads to fear among Currently, there are no restrictions


on drinking in public here, and that?s something


the council wants to change. It affects us in loss of custom


loss of revenue. People just won't come to our store because of these


individuals on the street. You have to be on your guard.


Sometimes, they can be quitd nasty Drinking on the streets oftdn


leads to antisocial behaviotr. Now North East Lincolnshire's


the latest area wanting stronger powers imposing


across the borough to deal with it. The designated public place order


the council is in favour of doesn't ban alcohol in public placsd, but


gives authorities more power. They can confiscate alcohol if


people are behaving anti`socially. If they then refuse to stop drinking


and hand over the alcohol, ht can It's causing a nuisance, annoyance.


This gives the police power to In Grimsby, the move has bedn


welcomed. Definitely agree with it. There are


always beer cans thrown all over. It is a problem that needs


addressing. It doesn't encourage people to come


here. Humberside Police say the


consultation will help them understand the scale of the problem


and how to tackle it. I spoke to Richard Antcliff from


Nottingham City Council, whhch has banned street drinking and now wants


to stop cheap alcohol being sold. I Five officers from Humberside Police


could face criminal charges after a man died in police custody


in Grimsby last year. The death of David Hill, who was 57,


has now been referred to thd An investigation into allegdd abuse


by Jimmy Savile at an East Xorkshire hospital has concluded therd's no


evidence of any wrongdoing. The De La Pole Hospital in Willerby


closed 17 years ago. the outlook, hopefully by Sunday


most of us will be dry. Alex has more detail now.


If you have a barometer wowily have seen the pre low pressure moving in.


There will be some sunny spells tomorrow but more downpours.


There is a greater risk of seeing thunder and lightening. Here is the


low pressure. Most of the showers have been on this wet weather


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