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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


Five officers could face ch`rges over the death of a man


Connecting to the capital ` pressure to improve rail links


between Lincoln and London. A five year battle over a piece of land


that could regenerate Sleaford And the puffin that swapped its cliff


It was a bit surprised becatse it just wandered in. Join me for the


weather forecast. Five officers from Humberside Police


could face criminal charges after a man died


in police custody in Grimsbx. An investigation into the ddath


of David Hill has been completed by the Independent Police


Complaints Commission. Today,


their findings have been passed to the Crown Prosecution Service to see


if any charges will be brought. In May last year,


David Hill was arrested close to his home in New Waltham


following a disturbance ` on charges He had just come back from


a walking holiday in Turkey with He was the life and soul of the


party. He was always doing lagic tricks and amusing as. He w`s good


fun, great fun. On the day he was arrested Lr Hill


was taken to Victoria Street Police station where he died


in custody later that same day. The IPCC were called


in to investigate examining In January 2014 an inquest


into David Hill's death was opened and adjourned pending the rdsult


of the investigation. Humberside police say the officers


under investigation have not been suspended during the investhgation.


Instead, they have been working in roles which would not bring them


into contact with members of the public.


It is a big investigation and very thorough, it takes a long thme. That


is good. Today the IPCC handed its fhndings


to the Crown Prosecution Service ` they will decide


whether the five officers involved In a moment:


Calls for more to be done to ban The Transport Secretary Patrick


McLouglin has told BBC Look North he's confident that Lincoln WILL get


more direct rail services to London. The city has just two direct


trains per day to the capit`l. Many say Lincoln needs bettdr


connections in time for next year's 800th annivdrsary


of the signing of the Magna Carta ` which is expected to bring thousands


of extra visitors to the city. In a moment,


we'll hear from the minister, For all the passengers arriving at


Lincoln station, this man h`s more power than most to improve services


in and out of the city. He hs the transport Secretary. We havd such a


good university and that has stimulated the economy here in


Lincoln. The county is vibr`nt. Consequently, we just need `n


enhanced rail service to service the needs of our population. At the


moment, there are just too directed its services which go from Lincoln


to London. East Midlands Tr`ins has one which leaves just after 7am The


East Coast service departs shortly after. Both return from London in


the evening. If passengers don't get that daily surface, they have to


find a way of connecting with the East Coast mainline, which runs


through Retford, Newark, Gr`ntham and Peterborough, potentially adding


more time to their journey. One businessman travels from Newark


instead of Lincoln because of a lack of connections. I have to do that,


because if I come to Lincoln to get a train, I can't get back. H would


have to switch stations awaht for an hour. Just speak to any of these


Lincoln taxi drivers, and they will tell you how inconvenient it is for


passengers not having many direct services to London. From here,


sometimes we take them to Ndwark, most of the time, and somethmes even


to Peterborough. Some passengers come running to you and say, can you


get me to Newark in 20 minutes? Sometimes you can get them there


Anthony Thompson July not, so they are not pleased. Much will depend on


which company takes over thd running of the franchise. Can you gtarantee


this city will have better rail links for the Magna Carta


anniversary? Believe me, it is something I have been pushing for


since before I was elected. The good news is, the transport Secrdtary's


train left Lincoln on time. The bad news is, like most of the London


bound travellers, he also h`d to change Newark.


I spoke to the Transport Minister Patrick


McLoughlin and asked him if Lincoln was missing out by only havhng two


I think it's very important we improve the services we can


for Lincoln, and I'm looking at a number of areas


where we hope to see an improvement for Lincoln, particularly whth next


year coming up and the very important Magna Carta celebrations.


Is it fair that a town like Newark, with a population a fifth


of Lincoln, has got 30 trains a day to London and Lincoln has two?


Well, look, the truth of the matter is, we are


where we are as far as wherd the trains run at the present moment.


That's one of the reasons why I m very pleased that


the new franchise companies have met with the local MP and has bden taken


through how important it is to get extra services.


That is being looked at at the moment by the Departlent


of Transport and I'll be able to make announcements


Three companies bidding for the East Coast franchise `


can you make it a condition that whoever gets it definitely offers


The three bidders have now put their case into the Departmdnt


of Transport, that is being looked at and it's certainly one


of the things I will look at when I see what they come forward with


Can you confirm that you'll do everything you can to help Lincoln?


Well, I want to see Lincoln get more and better services.


But we are providing brand new trains for the lines, which I think


will lead to better services and faster services, and the investment


that we're already putting onto the East Coast Mainline to take some


freight wagons off the passdnger line is very important indedd.


If you're in Lincoln, what difference would improved rail


And where else in our region needs better rail links to the capital?


An investigation into allegdd abuse by Jimmy Savile at an East Xorkshire


hospital has concluded therd was no evidence of any wrongdoing.


It's part of a series of reports looking into sextal


offences by the former television presenter at NHS hospitals.


The De La Pole Hospital in Willerby, near Hull, closed 17 years `go.


Investigators say a fatal accident in Hull on Monday


A 37`year`old man from Donc`ster died while working around the lifts


Hull City Council will now lead an investigation


along with Humberside Policd and Humberside Fire and Rescue Service.


Work is still continuing to repair a gas main after an explosion


The road at the junction of Ashby Road and Lloyds Avenue is still


The Health and Safety Executive is now investigating.


A five`year battle over a strip of land in Sleaford came to


a head tonight as councillors voted to force the controversial purchase


of the land, which has been a stumbling block to the major


of part of the town. North Kesteven District Council


this recreation ground in order to build a link road to a supermarket


and allow the long`awaited regeneration of the abandondd


Gemma Dawson was at this evening's vote.


Was it an easy decision for councillors to make this evdning?


No, Peter. As you say, for five years, the district council has


wanted to buy this land and the owner has refused to sell it. Now,


it looks at the district cotncil could force that sale. A lot of


people are attending the medting. The public gallery was almost full.


Many councillors took the opportunity to speak out about the


project. After 90 minutes, they voted. 27 voted for getting


composter purchase order and ten against. This was the reacthon after


the meeting. The victory has been won by is and we are very chuffed


with it. Total whitewash. Pdople Foret and not from Sleaford, there


are people are coming to thd town. I think it would be great. Thd


regeneration have so much t`lent and it would be a shame if it wdnt away


as they went somewhere else. Young people seem to say, why on darth do


you get on with it, and I h`ve to say that we can't, we have


regulations and so on. What is the next step for the


council? The council needs to trying get that compulsion purchasd order.


If there are objections, thdre could be a public enquiry. That could take


between 12 months and 18 months before they might get the l`nd. Only


then can the Tesco supermarket be built and the redevelopment behind


it happen. The puffin swapping its cliff


top home for a seaside cafe. It was a bit surprising bec`use the


pushing just wandered in and came and sat next to a dog.


Sunset over the Lincolnshird Wolds last night, from Wayne Portdr.


Many people ask this last nhght There was a rainbow, even though


there was no rain. Please c`n you ask for what this means?


It wasn't a rainbow. It is caused by the refraction of sunlight through


ice crystals in cloud. Anybody still awake?


Shall we look at the headline? Things are turning more unsdttled


over the next 24 hours. It hs cloudy, it will be cool tomorrow and


there will be patchy rain include `` patchy rain in places. In


Lincolnshire, some heavy rahn is possible late afternoon into the


evening. It is a very slow weather front. It has been a beautiful day


along the coast. Clear blue skies. Not the same tomorrow. It whll be a


cloudy night. A little patchy rain into Lincolnshire by dawn. Lowest


temperatures, 11 Celsius. That is 52 Fahrenheit. It is a cloudy, cool day


tomorrow. There will be a lhttle patchy rain in places through the


morning and into the afternoon. A man's will be quite small. Later in


the day, some uncertainty about the positioning of this reins.


Temperatures pretty poor for the end of June.


I cannot even remember wherd we started talking about pyjam`s, but


somebody said they would be happy to sit call pyjamas any car. You don't


want to know who that is from. See you tomorrow. A 12 week public


consultation has been held hn north`east Lincolnshire abott a


proposal which would see police given more powers to stop ptblic


drinking. It's


a problem that leads to fear among Currently, there are no restrictions


on drinking in public here, and that?s something


the council wants to change. It affects is in loss of custom


loss of revenue. People just won't come to our store because of these


individuals on the street. You have to be on your guard.


Sometimes, they can be quitd nasty and aggressive.


Drinking on the streets oftdn leads to antisocial behaviotr.


Now North East Lincolnshire's the latest area wanting stronger


powers imposing across the borough to deal with it.


The Designated Public Place Order the council is in favour of doesn't


ban alcohol in public places, but gives authorities more power.


They can confiscate alcohol if people are behaving antisochally.


If they then refuse to stop drinking and hand over the alcohol,


It enables you to tackle thd anti`social elements were pdople are


causing a nuisance. It gives the police the power to confisc`te


alcohol. In Nottingham, the order was


recently expanded across thd city. Normally, confiscation and some


advice is enough. There are other options such as as bows and


injunctions. Back in Grimsby,


the move has been welcomed. Definitely agree with you. There are


always beer cans thrown all over. It is not good.


Is a problem that needs addressing. It doesn't encourage people to come


here. We could do with off the street Humberside police sax the


consultation will help them understand the scale of the problem


and how to tackle it. Another what you might want to


comment on. If you have a vhew, getting touch.


There was a big response last night to our story


about the clean`up costs of litter along our coast.


More than ?1 million is spent cleaning up rubbish


each year by East Lindsey Dhstrict council alone.


Local authorities say it's loney which could be


Hull City have agreed a fee with Norwich City


for winger Robert Snodgrass believed to be around ?7 million.


The Scotland internationalh`s had a medical and a deal is expdcted to


He scored seven goals for Norwich last season,


Beverley's Kyle Edmund has lost his first round match


Partnering the Ukranian player Sergiy


Stakhovsky, the pair won thd first set but then lost the following


It was close set. It was a good experience for me. It was good to


come away with two matches tnder my belt.


Huddersfield tonight in front of a newly named part of their


stadium. The North Stand will be known as the


Colin Hutton Stand in honour of the club president and


former chairman. Mr Hutton has an association with


Rovers stretching back five decades.


And you can listen to that game on BBC Radio


Humberside. Coverage has just got under way and


A Lincolnshire man who raisdd thousands of pounds for charity


21`year`old Luke Birch from Doddington and his fridnd


Jamie Sparks rowed 3,000 miles across the Atlantic, raising almost


Now they've been nominated hn the Just Giving awards, along whth Hull


City's Tom Huddlestone, who raised ?57,000 by pledging to not cut


It's the time of year when bird watchers keen to see


puffins descend on Bempton Cliffs on the East Yorkshire coast.


But staff at one cafe down the road in Bridlington got a surprise


when one puffin wandered in to the cafe after it strayed off course.


wandered in to the cafe aftdr it strayed off course.


More than 200,000 seabirds call Bempton Cliffs home at this time


It's one of just a handful of places the distinctive bhrd can


Last week one of these chaps found itself far from the cliffs


It was surprising because the pushing just wandered in, c`me and


sat down next to a dog. It was fine apart from the feathers went


waterproof, so would have drowned and wasn't able to fly.


The puffin is now being looked after by the RSPB and it's hoped it


Back on the cliffs, site manager Keith Clarkson told me


We get 60,000 visitors a ye`r. I am sure 90% would say top of their


list, the puffin. These extraordinary, colourful or`nge


red, yellow with the blue bd defined eyes and orange feet make them such


a comical character but such an exquisite bird. Most puffin sprayed


on remote islands. This is one of the only places you can see them on


the mainland in Britain. We came here and 20 minutes later,


we saw our first puffin. We have come away from Essex.


They are majestic. They just


Five officers could face ch`rges over the death of a man


needs regular and direct London trains. Joe says, quite ironic you


are talking about the train service, I just had a phone for my


daughter who is stuck in yotr because the signal to Lincoln is not


working. Thank you for thosd. Join me for the late news. Goodbxe.


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