27/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now it's time for the news where you are.


A gas drilling company in East Yorkshire is taking legal


advice after protesters built a barricade across


Anti`fracking campaigners claim the controversial gas extraction


But the firm which runs the site near Walkington isn't frackhng there


Here's our Environment Correspondent Paul Murphy.


Even though no fracking is taking place here,


protesters who suspect it whll have barricaded the site entrance


The protest is now in its seventh week.


Oil and gas exploration is an inherently risky business,


and hydraulic fracturing is that taken to a desperate extremd.


This is the process they're worried about.


Fracking involves drilling down and creating tiny explosions to


shatter and crack hard shald rocks to release the gas inside.


Water, sand and chemicals are injected into the rock at hhgh


pressure, which allows the gas to flow out to the head of the well.


But there are concerns that harmful chemicals can sometimes esc`pe


and find their way into drinking water sources.


At the heart of the debate about what's really going on here is


a small paragraph in the drhlling company's licence to operatd.


It's got permission for somdthing called a mini fall`off test.


Essentially, this is a way of establishing whether


the rock beneath my feet is capable of being hydraulically fractured.


The company insists that test is only to gather information,


We are an exploration company. Explorers explore.


We have spent a great deal of time, resource and intellectual thought


to design these wells and take them to the depths that we


think will give us the maxilum possible amount of informathon.


That site is about the one site in East Yorkshire you can


absolutely guarantee will ndver have fracking from it, because it's


They might as well protest outside the pylons down the road,


because they've got about as much to do with fracking as that site does.


But Walkington resident Peter Rollinson, who's


a former oil industry enginder, says he needs more reassurance.


Rathlin have put themselves on the line.


They've stated categoricallx many times that they will not fr`ck


at Crawberry Hill, but we have to ask, why havd they


I believe they are laying the ground for somebody elsd to come


in and possibly frack this site at some point in the future.


As Rathlin Energy seeks legal advice, the protesters


say they are more determined than ever not to be moved.


There has been a serious cr`sh this evening in Louth in Lincolnshire.


East Midlands Ambulance Service says six people sustained injurids


in the accident on Crowtree Lane, with two taken to


Police are asking for the public's help to trace


a missing 12`year`old boy from Lincoln.


Niks Patmalnieks was last sden between around 6 and 7


Police say they're concerned for his welfare and have asked


anyone with information to contact them or his family.


Yorkshire ambulance staff h`ve voted for further strike action


in their long running dispute over changes to shift patterns.


Members of Unite union are opposing longer shifts and, in some cases,


some staff having to work more than ten hours without a meal brdak.


They're also against greater responsibilhties


The strikes will take place next weekend.


A road in Scunthorpe has bedn reopened, three days after ` broken


One man was trapped and had to be rescued when it happened on Tuesday.


Ashby Road has now reopened, but temporary traffic lights are


A driver from Lincolnshire says he c`n prove


he was wrongly given a parkhng ticket using his own CCTV footage.


Ron Best received the ticket for leaving his car on a street


in Horncastle for more than two hours, in a one`hour bay.


But he says he moved his car during that time and has


Well, this is vehicle CCTV footage from my car.


The footage that Ron says proves he doesn't deserve a parking thcket.


He told me this was filmed in his car on the morning


But at the same time, officials claim it had been parked


up here in Horncastle for more than two hours in a one`hour space.


I'm just annoyed really, because it is just unnecess`ry.


I can't see why I got it, and obviously, I've got some proof that


I wasn't there, and a lot of people probably wouldn't have that proof.


Ron runs this CCTV shop in the town, and that's why he's got a c`mera


like this in his car, and the footage


On that morning, Ron claims he parked up near his


When he returned, just before 1 , he left his car further up


North Street in a one`hour space, facing the opposite direction.


But Ron's received a letter from Lincolnshire County Cotncil,


which claims a parking warddn measured his tyre valves


and they didn't move between 8:53 and 11:03,


and that's why he got a parking ticket.


Why don't you just show the council your CCTV footage?


It's slightly difficult, because you've actually got to have


I have actually suggested that they come round and have a look `t it.


It's not really that easy to view without the softward.


In a statement, Lincolnshire County Council says:


The procedure before the trhbunal is simple and straightforward.


Every time my wife gets a p`rking ticket, I send one of my yotng


Back in Horncastle, Ron says he's prepared to go to


Time for the weather now with Kay Crewdson.


As we go through tomorrow, ht is going to be a cloudy and in places


damp start to the day, but ht should gradually brighten from the north.


You can see on the pressure chart, this weather system that brought us


all the rain today eventually clears, and actually, Sundax,


certainly further towards the west you are, a mostly fine day.


So, an improving picture through the weekend.


Overnight tonight, though, we start to see that rain bdcoming


a little more fragmented, a little bit lighter and patchier.


Temperatures will be down to around 11 degrees, 52 Fahrenheit.


Tomorrow, it looks like we're going to have


Outbreaks of rain continue, but they will start to sink to the south


Skies start to brighten from the North with some sunny


Top temperatures tomorrow of around 16 degrees, 61 Fahrenheit.


Look North is back tomorrow evening after 7 o'clock. Goodnight.


move towards Sunday. The top temperature again 20. Fewer showers.


Most out towards the east. That's the way it is looking.


Good evening. For some the weather put on a show today - lightning and


hail. For others more of a no-show. Showers at Wimbledon stayed away.


They were further west. Torrential downpours with the lightning flashes


over East Anglia. Local flooding in for folk. Showers through


Glastonbury. Thunder storms over Mid Wales


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