27/06/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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so it's goodbye from me - and so it's goodbye from me - and


Good evening. The headlines tonight `


An East Yorkshire MP tells protestors who have barricaded


Stop making out that there hs a fracking side where there isn't any.


Move on and get off our verge. Also on tonight's Look North `


The Lincolnshire motorist who says CCTV proves he was wrongly given


a parking ticket. It is just annoying. I have proof


that I was not there. We find out why this historhc


aircraft has been in the skhes over And the lollipop lady celebrating


a record breaking milestone. And a fair amount of rain. But it


will be dry and brighter tolorrow. Join me later on in the programme


for all the details. Good evening. And MP has told fracking protesters


to go home. A barricade has been built across the entrance. They say


that the controversial method would pollute water supplies. Our


environment correspondent h`s this report. This site has been


barricaded. We offer straight because we cannot get on to the


site. And without fencing, this site is open to anybody, the protesters


and their children and local people and their pets and animals to wander


onto it. The protest is now in its seventh week. Or it and gas


extraction is inherently rich `` risky and hydraulic fracturhng is


that taken to an extreme. What we are doing year is about protecting


the water, air and land for everyone.


release gas inside. Water, sand and chemicals are intended `` are


injected into the rock at hhgh pressure. There is concern that


harmful chemicals can escapd and find their way into drinking water


sources. At the heart of thd debate about what is really going on is a


small paragraph in the drilling company's licence to operatd. It has


got permission for something called a mini falloff test. This is a way


of establishing whether the wok believe my feet is capable of being


hydraulic leak fractured. advice, the protesters say they are


more determined than ever not to be moved.


Earlier I spoke to the Beverley and Holderness MP Graham Sttart


and asked him ` if there was future fracking


on the site ` would he welcome it or would he join the protestors?


Well, what I said to the protesters, the one date `` the one plaxed in


East Yorkshire that we can guarantee there will not be any frackhng is


the paddock outside which they are having their protest. That was not


the answer, with respect, to the question. Would you welcome it if a


company wanted to frack? Wotld you be saying that is all due to the


party line along with David Cameron and Owen Paterson, saying bring it


on? The point is to look at any proposal when it comes forw`rd. I


would take a lot of convinchng that the impact on the local comlunity


was sufficiently reduced to support fracking in this area. But we need


for a proposal `` we need to wait for a proposal to come. If something


is found there, this inform`tion will be sold on. Fracking whll then


start. We'd eventually protdsters? I would like to understand wh`t your


line would be then? We would need to see a proposal come forward. If


somebody came forward with ` proposal that was beneficial to the


area and not inconvenience local residents in an unacceptabld way, it


is technically possible that I would support it. You would not `` they


would not be spending money doing these tests unless they thotght


there was something under the ground. Indie rock. They ard doing


tests to find conventional oil and gas. Anything they do will tell them


about the geology of the arda and that might inform someone who might


come along with a proposal hn due course. Final question, your message


to the protesters who are there Stop making out that there hs a


fracking side where there isn't any and I think move on, get off our


verge and go home. When a proposal does come, N`Gage. They feel very


passionate. They can feel as passionate as they like. Whdn I met


then the other day, I said, don t tell them that this fence fdll down


in the wind. It was vandalised. If you want to build trust and


understanding with local people don't go around committing criminal


acts and then pretending th`t they did not happen. That fans dhd not


fall down by itself, people vandalised it. Doing that jtst


undermines the view of the local community on the protesters'


behaviour. They have to obex the law and tell the truth about thd fact


that that site is the one shte in East Yorkshire that you can


guarantee one never have fr`cking on it because it is a conventional oil


and gas side. `` convention`l Ellen gas site. Thank you for comhng. Let


me know what you think, Chile protesters go home as suggested or


other rights to barricade the entrance to the site and continue


with their campaign. Give us your thoughts. We were her son bdfore we


finish. And a panel of regional MPs will


be debating the issue of fr`cking with the environmental pressure


group Friends of the Earth. That?s on the Sunday Politics


from 11 o'clock on BBC One. In a moment, I am live in Qteen


Victoria Square where they `re gearing up for a huge thank you


party. Police are asking for help for tracing a 12`year`old boy who


has despaired. They are askhng anyone with information to contact


them or his family. Police say they are growing


increasingly concerned for ` woman 60`year`old Diane Tytheridgd


from Bicker near Boston hasn't been Officers are appealing


for anyone with information Yorkshire ambulance staff h`ve voted


for strike action. Some shift personnel are having to work for ten


hours without a shift break. Unite`macro also against grdater


responsibilities for junior shift workers.


A Lincolnshire motorist has told Look North he's willing to go to


court, rather than pay a parking thcket.


Ron Best received the ticket for leaving his car on North Street


in Horncastle for more than two hours, in a one`hour bay.


But he claims to have moved his car during that time and says he


This is vehicle CCTV footagd from my car.


The CCTV footage that Ron s`ys proves he doesn't deserve


He says this was taken from his car ` on the morning of the 16th of May.


But at the same time ` officials claim his car was parked`up


in Horncastle for more than two hours, in a one`hour space.


I'm just annoyed. I can't sde why I got it. And busy I have proof that I


was not there. A lot of people would not have proof. He runs the shop


that sells CCTV and that is why he has proved.


But on that morning he says he initially parked up near his shop


When he returned, just before 1 , he left his car further up North Street


But Ron's received a letter from Lincolnshire County Cotncil,


which claims a parking warddn measured his tyre valves


. Why don't you just show the council you will CCTV footage? I


have actually is suggested that they come and have a look. I can't just


send it to them, it is not that easy to view without the softward.


In a statement, Lincolnshire County Council says:


"We've not been shown this footage before but take allegations


like this very seriously and we've instructed our contractor


If anyone feels that a ticket has been issued in error we


People can do it themselves. The procedure is simple and


straightforward. Every time my wife gets a parking ticket, I sent one of


my trainees to sort it out. And is prepared to go to cotrt,


if necessary, to fight this case. If you have anything similar, give


us the details. A huge thank you party is bding


thrown in Hull this weekend to celebrate the community's stpport in


winning the 2017 City of Culture. A huge social media campaign


received overwhelming backing Tomorrow they'll be thanked with


a whole day of free music, It is moments like this that


inspired the people of Hull to put their weight behind the 20 07th city


of culture bid. This is a chty that likes to immerse itself in lusic and


theatrics. That is how this moment became possible. The UK citx of


culture 2017 is Hull. The bhd was one with the city as one. `` the bid


was won with the city as ond. Now they're setting up a thank xou. The


people of the city paid a htge part in this. We have 100 people


performing tomorrow. That is all people from Hull. That show the


amount of talent and interest we have in culture in the city. Some of


those acts were rehearsing darlier today. There are a lot of hops and


cakes. And you have to jump really hide and plant your toes. It's our


job to get this city sparklhng for 2017. There are disgusting types


don't deadline to clean up! It will certainly be an eclectic programme


which organisers hope everybody will come out to enjoy. Imagine xou


wisely minifestival for the afternoon. There will be different


things going on. Your attention will go from music to a dance pidce to a


film to a reading or a piecd of drama again. The fun starts with the


Lord Mayors Parade at 11 o'clock. Amanda is in Queen Victoria Square.


Although the road closures? Yes there will be. Well worth b`ttling


through. This man will be shnging in the sun tomorrow. The main road to


worry about wilful 's Drive, Guildhall strike and parrot ``


Guildhall Street and paragon Street. You can get more information on the


council website or by listening to BBC radio Humberside. Get yourself


parked and go with the flow. Enjoy entertainment in the sunshine. We


will be going with the flow tomorrow afternoon.


The historic aircraft that's been in the skies over East Yorkshire


And the lollipop lady celebrating a record breaking milestone.


It I feel guilty about taking the hamper and flowers. Here ard your


pictures. Another page on Monday night at the same time. A lot of


events, let's get the full cost Lots of fun tomorrow. It should be


brightening from the north. This evening, we still


brightening from the north. This evening, we still have a yellow


warning from The Met office. This is the North East Lincolnshire has the


rain continues. The rain is likely to continue to be quite heavy.


Tomorrow will be a cloudy start but it should brighten up later. Through


this evening, the rain will continue. There are likely to be


some heavy burst. They may will become more fragmented. It will


become lighter and more patchy in nature and some parts will become


more dry. We hold on to the cloud establishes will be not that low.


The breeze remains from the north. Tomorrow morning, these are the


sunrise times. Also your high water tides. We hold onto the clotd and


some outbreaks of rain overnight which will mean it'll be a cloudy,


damp start, particularly across Lincolnshire. Cloud should break


from the North with bright `nd sunny spells developing. We can't rule out


the odd isolated shower. But an improving picture as we had through


the day. Ten bridges averagd for the time of year but a degree also


warmer than today. `` temperatures average for the of year. Along the


coast, a little bit cooler. On Sunday, clearer skies overnhght so a


chilly start. Along the coast, we will hold onto the cloud. Showers


will continue. Further west in the sunshine, it should be mostly dry.


The start of next week is not looking too bad.


One of Europe's most famous aircraft has been in the skies over Dast


The Dakota DC3 was the first successful commercial


aircraft and served as a troop carrier in the Second World War


Today it?s been flying from Humberside Airport with VIPs


It's an aircraft that's widdly regarded to have revolutionhsed air


Today, this historic DC3 Dakota ` which took part in D`Day `


This year is a 95th anniversary and we want to celebrate the fact that


we have a great partnership. This was acquired by our Prince who uses


as a private aircraft. Later, became the official government aircraft.


Until the 1960s, it was `` when it was decommissioned. This ond makes


music, other aircraft make noise. Dropping supplies just behind the


front line. The Douglas DC 3 played


a vital role in the war ` btt its range and speed was crucial for


the airline industry to takd off. This aircraft joined the war


aircraft `` the war effort hn 1 44. It served as a troop carrier into


the end of the war. It has ` different layout but you get a feel


of what it must have been lhke then. While invited guests enjoyed


a throwback to the golden age Its a far cry


from Captain van Hoorn's ustal day job as one of KLM's globetrotting


Boeing triple 7 pilots. There is about 50 years' of


technology in between. It is a privilege flying both. It is all


manual flying. No hydraulics for steering, just cables betwedn us and


the rudder and the other flhght controls. It is a very basic manual


aircraft. We are delighted. Having this aircraft here it is a big event


for us. They have chosen us in just a couple of other airports to bring


the aircraft in. Back onboard,


there were plenty of smiles. I have seen Concord, but thhs is


different again. The it really take you back, it is great. To think that


this was part of D`Day, amazing Shame about the weather.


A piece of history from the pioneering age


of aviation ` celebrating the area's close link with the continent.


Some great pictures there as well from our cameraman.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch after our story about


renewed calls to improve thd rail service between Lincoln and London.


Thank you for all your e`mahls and communications.


Driffield boxer Curtis Woodhouse will fight for the


Commonwealth Light Welterwehght title in Glasgow tonight.


The former Hull City and Grimsby Town footballer will also be


hoping to defend his British title which he won in February ` `nd can


become a double champion if he beats his opponent Willy Limmond.


Youngsters at primary schools in Hull have been given lessons in


Rugby League today, by the professionals.


Hull FC have been leading taking lessons and joining hn


and answer sessions at schools across the City.


They even went into areas normally reserved for rivals Hull Kingston


There are two colours you would not expect to see together in an east


Hull primary school. Which leaves and little mystery over which


sporting stars paid a visit to the school. Jamie Shaw and Chris Green


give a young fans a chance to ask the toughest questions. Do xou have


a rivalry with an individual Hull KR player? A chance to practicd basic


skills with a player who st`rted his career aged seven. Anything that


encourages kids to stay acthve. Rugby is a great sport for that It


is not just about playing, ht is about socialising. And being an idol


to children is a big change from bricklaying. Rugby has given me a


lot of confidence. When I w`s back at work, being able to stand up in


front of kids and talk and `nswer questions. When it comes to


inspiring future careers, J`mie seems to have the knack. I have got


on my shelves because my dad said I had was a little Jamie Shaw. I liked


Jamie Shaw. He is faster th`n I am. I am fast as well. Every tile I play


rugby, I pretend I'm Jane Shaw. Such a big sport going on across the city


with both Hull KR and Hull FC. The more children get involved the


better, because it is grassroots. If Hull KR offered a player... We would


get the main! And we would do a red`and`white day. It bit of history


was made today. This is the longest serving lollipop lady in thd hold of


the UK. She has served for 05 years. This is barrel. Out as alwaxs in


every kind of weather. She doesn't mind because she has a job she has


always loved. Do Fridays go better than usual? Not really. Thex are


boring, weekends! Hello. Congratulations, by the way. Thank


you. She loves being a lollhpop lady so much, she has done it for 50


years. According to her loc`l council, that makes Beryl the


longest serving lollipop lady anywhere in the UK. Thank you. It


doesn't feel like 50 years, anyway. No. She does a great job. Khds love


her. Thank you, darling. Yot see somebody different every dax. It is


not the same thing. Haven't seen you for a while? I have moved. We are


going to bingo again next wdek. Oh, right. Of course, an achievdment


like this does not go unrew`rded. A special ceremony to mark a 40 years


was held this afternoon. I went on the crossing with her and now all


the great grandchildren will as well. I think she will carrx on


until she sees great`grandchildren through! Bevel has no intention of


stopping, not for the foresdeable future. She will be back on Monday


morning, so don't be late! And believing to Beryl. She is


boundary watching. Let's get a recap of


the national and regional hdadlines Jean Claude Juncker is nominated as


president of the European Commission ` that's in spite of opposition


from Prime Minister David C`meron. An East Yorkshire MP tells


protestors who have barricaded A fairly cloudy start


with outbreaks of rain. Drier and brighter


from the north later, Tottenham shirt just 16 Celsius


E`mails on the subject of fracking. We were talking at two Grah`m


Stuart. I do not believe anything any


politician says. If the are` is suitable, there will be fracking.


I believe that the protesters should just go home, they have been told


that fracking will not be c`rried out. There is massive opposhtion to


fracking, people voted to oppose it. Those anti`fracking guys nedd to


move aside and make way for the future.


And Janet says, anti`fracking protesters are fighting for a clean,


safe environment for us all. And Belinda, with reference to


Graham Stuart, said greater see a politician talk out for oncd and not


sit on the fence. Thank you for those and thank you


for watching. Have a good wdekend. Goodbye.


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