05/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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An estimated 70,000 people visited the RAF Waddington Airshow today.


It was a soggy start but spdctators came prepared. And after a slight


delay because of the weather, the show got underway. It is thd first


time I have been to it and H am very impressed. I enjoy the displays


Week come every year. The khds love it. It has been really exciting But


this could be the last area show here at RAF Waddington. Earlier this


week organisers announced there will be no show here next year bdcause of


work to rebuild the runway. It is disappointing news for the traders.


It is sad because people love it. We have to replace this show whth


something equal to it. I understand they have to do the work on the


runway. It is such a shame ht won't be on next year. The show is already


a sell`out this year. We expected around 70,000. That seems to be the


case. We have been tremendotsly well supported. Today's highlights


included the Red Arrows and the patroller Asper. It is diffdrent


because it is with five helhcopters. It is very dynamic. Tomorrow,


visitors can expect similar sites. Around 150 anti`fracking protestors


marched through Beverley today. Campaigners claim


the controversial gas extraction method will pollute water stpplies.


It comes as protestors have set up camp outside oil drilling shtes


in Walkington and West Newton. The site owner, Rathlin Energy,


says it has no plans to frack in the area.


Many of those marching todax were residents from Beverley


and nearby villages like Walkington, Cherry Burton,


North Newbald and South Cavd. People that don't know about


fracking need to know. Some people are more focused on the fact they


will not be able to get homd insurance. The environmental risks


are huge. Water contaminated. Air pollution, noise pollution.


North Newbald and South Cavd. Residents


in Cherry Burton held a meeting last night to discuss fracking.


We have the most fantastic water in Cherry Burton and Yorkshire. The


threat to the water, I have nightmares.


night to discuss fracking. Rathlin Energy own the sites


at Crawberry Hill near Walkhngton and West Newton,


where protestors are camping. The company has repeatedly said it


has no plans to frack and h`s been leafleting villagers near the sites.


But these residents say they?re not reassured.


The start of the Tour De Fr`nce which began got underway thhs


morning, has been one of thd biggest days in Yorkshire's history,


according to the event organisers. Lincolnshire's Red Arrows flew over


the official start of the r`ce, and thousands


of spectators lined the route. Race organisers say a Yorkshire wide


cycling race through the cotnty could become an annual event.


Super League now, and Hull FC coach Lee Radford says


he's still optimistic of re`ching the playoffs in site of a 24`18


defeat by Warrington last nhght Callum Lancaster scored


a hat trick of tries in the match, but it wasn't enough for


the home side to take the points. The defeat means the black


and whites stay 10th in the Super League.


Hull Keira will play their first match under Chris Chester tomorrow.


`` Hull Kingston Rovers. Let's get a look


at the weather now ` here's Kay Crewdson with the forec`st.


Good evening. As we head through this evening plenty of sunshine


Some clothes spilling in two southern spots. The risk of some


isolated showers. Across East Yorkshire, mostly dry. Tempdratures


down to 11 degrees. For linking sure it will be a cloudy start. @ few


isolated showers. It will ttrn brighter. More in a way of sharers


in the evening. Kay Crewdson with the forec`st.


That?s it for now. Bye`bye.


Good evening. It looks like for most of us the weather will be fairly


similar to what we saw today. The broad themes throughout this


weekend, sunny spells and scattering of showers, but not much evening


sunshine round, I have to say s across south-east England,


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