06/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Grimsby Ice Hockey Club says the uncertain future for the town's ice


The rink's been closed for a month due to


The council says it remains committed to having


an ice facility in the town, but with a deadline approaching to


register players for the new season, the hockey club says it's in limbo.


month, and still a question mark hangs over the future of


Grimsby Ice Rink. North East Lincolnshire Council will hold a


special meeting at the end of the month to discuss options, but


players need to be registered for the new season within wdeks


the new season within weeks. We was told two weeks. Now we've been


informed it's going to be the end of the month. People ard not


happy. We just don't know which way to go. We've got a season coming


up, we've got training that we've got to book, and we'rd just


We've got a season coming up, we've got training that we've got to book,


the gas used to freeze the ice can no longer be bought under EU


regulations. The council says as well as repairs, it's not


got enough stocks left to refreeze the ice rink. One option is


to lay new pipes and a new freezing system, but that whll come


at a cost ` some ?200,000. But campaigners remain concerned


over long`term plans. The council's to build a new leisure


facility on the site, controversially closing Grimsby


Swimming Pool a few miles away in favour of a new pool in Cromwell


Road. Rink users are worried the future development of the site would


eventually see it demolished, but the council says it


hopes to build a new ice skating facility in the area before


that happens. It will be a bigger ice rink. They'll be able to


play on a proper, full size rink. That's the new plan for the


would eventually see it demolished, but the council says it hopes to


will mean that it'll be abld to be used. What we're doing is


bringing a new pad in, and that pad will be there until the new rink


opens. OK, so that's a cast`iron guarantee? Cast`iron guarantee that


if we go for the option to repair the rink and put a roof pad down,


there will be an ice rink in North East Lincolnshire. But the affects


of the closure have already been felt. Thomas has a trial for the


England Ice Hockey Team in a few weeks' time. If I haven't got the


training, I'm at a disadvantage so I won't really stand a chance. It's


a great opportunity for Tholas, and it'd be a shame if he missed out due


to fitness or anything else, due to not having a rink to be abld to


practise on. Councillors will debate the best way forward for the ice


rink in a few weeks' time, but warn repair costs are likely to be passed


A tidal power generator in the Humber estuary is to be removed next


Neptune was built to providd power to The Deep, but was scrapped last


year when the company behind it went into liquidation


People living on Hull's Victoria Dock had fought to have it removed,


It's estimated around 2.5 million people lhned the


streets to watch the second stage of the Tour de France as cyclists raced


say hosting the first two stages of the event this weekend has helped


TV pictures from the race have been shown in 190 different countries.


More than 70,000 people are heading home tonight at the end


of what could be the final Waddington Air Show.


Organisers have already announced there'll be no show next ye`r


because of work to rebuild the runw`y.


Today, the crowds watched more than seven hours of flying displays


at the RAF base near Lincoln, but one Red Arrows jet is h`ving to


The aircraft was badly damaged by a bird strike


When you look at a bird, you don't think it can do that much


damage, so it's made a nice little hole in the front of the aeroplane,


which our guys are going to get really busy repairing now.


Superleague and the chairm`n of Hull Kingstone Rovers Neil Hudgell


has told the BBC that sacking coach Craig Sandercock was


a difficult decision, but it was the right time to make a change.


Chris Chester took over the post after Sandercock's


He was rewarded with a 40`10 win over league leaders


And you'll be able to see the highlights from the game on the


Superleague show tomorrow nhght It's on at 11.35 on BBC 1.


There is an element of disappointment. We thought the time


was right to make a change. Through this evening,


showers continuing, Overnight, we are looking


at it being a largely dry nhght Temperatures will dip


down to probably around ten degrees, although in rural spots, it


will get a little cooler than that. A fresh feel tomorrow morning,


then dry and bright. But as we head through the day, we


start to see cloud bubbling up and some showers start to triggdr off,


particularly across southern spots. Outside of the showers,


plenty of sunshine. It should feel quite pleasant with


a breeze. Highs of around 20 degrees `


68 Fahrenheit. Tuesday and Wednesday,


again looking like a good deal It's Thursday where we see the


risk of some heavy spells of rain. That's all from Look North for now `


I'm back with your late bulletin at 10.45 tonight,


straight after the national news. Hello again. Today's big event was


certainly blessed by fine weather, but there has been some rain around


here and there. Those


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