06/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That's all the sport for now. Back to you.


That's it from us. Grimsby Ice Hockey Club says the


uncertain future for the town's ice The rink's been closed


for a month due to The council says it remains


committed to having But with a deadline approaching to


register players for the new season, The sign's been on the door


for a month, and still a question mark h`ngs over


the future of Grimsby Ice Rink. North East Lincolnshire Council will


hold a special meeting at the end of the month to discuss options,


but Grimsby Ice Hockey Club says players need to be registerdd


for the new season within weeks. Now we've been informed it's


going to be the end of the month. We've got a season coming up, we've


got training that we've got to book, The ice rink here has had what's


been described A complicating factor is


the fact that the gas used to freeze the ice can no longer be botght


under EU regulations. The council says as well as repairs,


it's not got enough stocks left to One option is to lay new pipes and a


new freezing system, but th`t will But campaigners remain


concerned over long`term plans. The council's to build


a new leisure facility on the site, controversially closing


Grimsby Swimming Pool a few miles away in favour


of a new pool in Cromwell Road. Rink users are worried


the future development of the site would eventually see it demolished,


but the council says it hopds to build a new ice skating fachlity


in the area before that happens. They'll be able to play on ` proper,


full size rink. That's the new plan for the new


rink, and the repairs to thhs rink, if we agree that option, will mean


that it'll be able to be usdd. What we're doing is bringing


a new pad in, and that pad will be Cast`iron guarantee that


if we go for the option to repair the rink and put a roof pad down,


there will be an ice rink in But the affects of


the closure have already bedn felt. Thomas has a trial for the


England Ice Hockey Team If I haven't got the training,


I'm at a disadvantage, It's a great opportunity for Thomas,


and it'd be a shame if he missed out due to fitness or


anything else, due to not h`ving Councillors will debate the best way


forward for the ice rink in a few weeks' time, but warn repair costs


are likely to be passed on to users. A tidal power generator in the


Humber estuary is to be removed next Neptune was built to provide power


to The Deep, but was scrappdd last year when the company


behind it went into liquidation Plane spotters


at RAF Waddington got more than they bargained for when this Turkish F16


came in to land after taking part in a flying display as part


of the International Air Show. Spectators outside


the base told us the plane's landing Superleague and Hull Kingston Rovers


have made a strong start under new Rovers beat Super League leaders


St Helens at Craven Park by 40 points to 10, staying ninth


place in the table just outside Chris Chester took over the coaching


role at Rovers after Craig The chairman Neil Hudgell says it


was a difficult decision to make. I've been here ten years,


it's our third coach and there's an element of disappointment


when it ends up as it has. But we just thought that thd


time was right to make a change. And you'll be able to see


the highlights from the gamd on the Well, overnight,


it's going to be mostly dry. Temperatures drop down to


about ten degrees. In more rural spots, it will get


a little bit cooler than that. We start to have cloud bubbling up


as we head through the day, then the risk of some isolated showers,


particularly across Lincolnshire. In the sunshine tomorrow,


highs of around 20 degrees. That's all from the late te`m. Look


North is back at 6.25 tomorrow ` hope you can join us then. Bye for


now. Hello. We are going to carry the


weekend weather into the first part of the working week. A mix of sunny


spells and showers, essentially. spells and showers, essentially


Overnight, a mix of clear spells and showers. Not that many showers


around, but when they turn up they could be on the heavy side. The


Bristol Channel, perhaps across western Scotland. Temperatures in


most towns and cities no lower than 11 or 12 degrees. In Easton parted


could be a chilly micro start. The cloud will start to develop as


temperatures rise and we can see some showers breaking up. Pretty hit


and miss, you are more likely to stay dry than to catch more than the


odd shower through the day. Pretty well scudded across Scotland and


Northern Ireland, lengthy dry spells in between. Temperatures much the


same as we have seen over the weekend. Widely up to the high


teens, even the low 20s. We will see a line of showers across the


Midlands, perhaps a south Wales


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