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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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from Brazil. That's all from the BBC News


Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The multi`million pound transformation of the centrd of Hull


that could bring more money to the city.


Flash flooding hits homes and businesses as parts of


East Yorkshire suffer torrential rain Plans to crackdown on


motorbikes that have been d`maging a Lincolnshire beauty spot.


The girl who's been recognised for never missing a day of classes


It's being described as the biggest transformation ever


?25 million will be spent ilproving streets and public places ahead


of the City of Culture celebrations in 2017


People living in the city are being promised street


level fountains, mood lighthng and a less cluttered environment.


It's claimed it could bring tens of millions of pounds into the local


economy although those figures are already being questioned tonight.


We'll hear from the City Cotncil in a moment but first our arts


and culture correspondent Anne Marie Tasker is in Hull.


It is about getting the citx ready. It is a once`in`a`lifetime


opportunity for the city. It is important that the city looks its


best. But of a story that whll come at a price as I have been fhnding


out today. And not everyone thinks it is worth it.


It's not had a facelift for decades `


but within three years this is what Hull City centre could look like.


Street level fountains in Queen Victoria Square,


architecture lit at night and the Fruit Market pedestrianised, with a


Hull City Council's paying the first half of the ?25 mhllion


bill because it believes it will bring in new businesses.


If we can attract big busindss and get more income into the city


through high`quality jobs that will provide more revenue to restore some


of the funding central government has cut from our day`to`day


services. Hull City Council has made no secret


of the fact it needs to save ?48


million over the next two And starting this transform`tion


will cost it more than ?12 lillion. Is it worth that much? No. H think


we need to do what we can to bring tourism in this world.


``and this will.


But it's estimated it will bring an extra ?70 millioninto the chty every


year And that it will support more than 500 new jobs over ten xears But


one group, that analyses our city's economies, offers a note of caution.


The events are often smaller or morphological than the plans may


suggest. They enable people to get closer to our stalker wonderful


heritage buildings in the chty and it is like a gold frame for a


bootable picture that will bring out the beauty of the painting which is


our city. But with pedestrianising


King Edward Street and building performance stages in Queen's


Gardens, too, there's not mtch time before City of Culture year to make


all these plans a reality. Earlier I spoke to Steven B`yes from


Hull City Council and asked him which other cities they'd looked at


to get some ideas. If you look at many northern cities


in Yorkshire and beyond such as Bradford and Leeds. We think it is


quite important we improve the offer that we are giving. Should xou not


be spending the money on jobs and keeping essential services such as


museums open, rather than h`ving a floating stage and some figtre lies?


We helping this proportionately affected by cuts that this hs not


money that we would spend on those things, this is capital invdstment


and we're trying to invest hn the infrastructure to encourage more


private`sector jobs. But however lovely the Fountains maybe, you need


shops here. Unless you're looking for something for the pound you are


trying to borrow money. We're trying to encourage more people. Btt that


is jargon. It is not. You only get shops if you get people. People want


to come and experience life here and that is what we're trying ghve them.


They you think people understand this? I hope so. As a city, we are


trying to betray our best aspect and trying to encourage more retail into


the city. We are in competition with places like Batley and Leeds and


Sheffield. We have to have ` better offer. Are you saying you whll get


retailers are you saying yot will get retailers? It is a way of


reducing the cost for the council. It has spent to save initiative It


is much cheaper. You see 500 jobs will be created. Where are those


jobs? That is in the privatd sector. We are very clear from the


calculation is what they ard about in terms of people spending more


money, so we create employmdnt that way. Is it more important to keep a


library or museum open or Fountains are mood lighting on the City Hall?


That comes back to the issud of revenue and capital funding. Forget


the jargon. It is not jargon. It is not the same sort of funding. It is


always a different sort of funding story. We have revenue fundhng which


pays peoples wages capital funding. We want to do both but we are


limited of what we can do bx the amount of money that is givdn by


central government in terms of revenue. We have is capital to


invest in the city centre. Let us know what you think


of this story. Is this what Hull needs to bring


more visitors and money You will be charged at your standard


message rate for each message. Torrential rain has caused flash


flooding in East Yorkshire this afternoon. The fire service dealt


with around 40 callouts and four homes in Cottingham were flooded.


Parts of the village were under a foot of water before the fire


service was able to pump thd water could only happen one in 200 years.


That prediction has proven to be wrong. There were large hailstones


and the water just came up to the top of my steps so I think we have


been flooded again for the second time in seven years. Within half an


hour of the downpour what w`s running through the doors of at


least four homes in this arda. We have managed to keep it in check. I


believe Upton though there have been 45 homes that have been flooded The


local school was also flooddd as one part of the local hall of rdsidence


at Hull University where sole students could not get out. We have


been trapped in a room for five hours. This was a small scale event.


But it is a reminder of how vulnerable our communities `re


becoming far heavy rainfall. This family are trying to recover what


they can from the garage. Cottingham high school say that this flood


damage has been so severe that they are shut completely to their pupils


tomorrow. Back to you. The Government has been warned that


many lives could be lost in the next big flood to hit


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire Humber MPs met the Prime Minister


at Downing Street today. David Cameron was told


the Government needs to spend almost ?900 million to protect homds


and businesses from flooding on the scale of last Decembdr's


tidal surge. Our Political Editor Tim Irddale


reports from Westminster. It's the ?880 million questhon. Is


the Government willing to spend this amount of money over the next ten


years to protect East Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire from flooding?


Dave Mouncey is till picking up the pieces at his home in the flood`hit


village of South Ferriby, following December's tidal surge.


He fears it could happen ag`in They see it as an event that happens


one in 200 years. It came over there in 1954 and this is 2014. Come on,


let us do something. Today Humber MPs met the Prhme


Minister to set out their c`se for We were lucky it was that it was not


more catastrophic and nobodx died this time. On there are hundreds of


millions of pounds going into road defences, we need more. ``flood


defences. We have been looking at the docks,


looking at Immingham and thd facilities there and making sure


that our structure is resilhent The Government this week colmitted


an extra ?48 million towards flood defences on the Humber. But some MPs


believe almost double that `mount should be spent on an annual basis,


if householders and businesses are to be fully protected from ` flood


event most of us hope we'll never Tim is live at Downing Stredt this


evening. Is the Government likely to commit to this extra money for flood


defences? I would love to say that thd Prime


Minister has persuaded the Chancellor of its checker to a


cheque for ?880 million. In the meantime, we hope we do not have


another one in 200 year flood catastrophes, otherwise we will not


be talking about whether we can afford to spend that money but why


we cannot afford not to spend that money.


Plans for an Eastern Bypass for Lincoln have been rejected by the


Transport Secretary. They'vd been turned down because of a safety


issue regarding one of the bridges that was due to be built between


Cherry Willingham and Reefh`m. Lincolnshire County Council will now


An undertaker has gone to Westminster to ensure that


ex`servicemen are given a ddcent funeral. The amount of ex`sdrvice


people that die with no farl is this minute but each one deserves a


dignified final journey and we will not go away until we get th`t. Still


ahead, the damage being dond to a nature reserve in Lincolnshhre and


the schoolgirl who has never missed a day of classes. It is not just


been east Yorkshire and Lincolnshire that has seen heavy downpours, we


have had very heavy rain for the Great Yorkshire Show this afternoon.


There are still heavy downpours to come. As we head whose evenhng, they


will fizzle out and overnight it looks to set into a try spell. We


will see the lowest temperatures down to around 12 Celsius which is


50 45 height. It will be cooler than that in countryside idiots.


The wind from the North may well reach eight gale force by tomorrow


night which means there will be quite unsettled weather to come so


on Thursday there will be r`in around from the morning but we hope


that will tend to clear on Thursday afternoon and on Friday and Saturday


there will be warm air coming in from the near continent but some


stable ear as well which me`ns that there is likely to be a scattering


of heavy showers with the stnshine. But not a bad day tomorrow.


More than 300 families in Htll have had their blue recycling bins


confiscated by the council, for putting the wrong sort of rtbbish in


them. The City Council says it gave people plenty of warning before


seizing the bins and needs to stop the contamination of recycl`ble


waste. However critics say the council should be educating


offenders, not punishing thdm. Jake Zuckerman reports.


On Compass Rd in Hull the bhn men are coming. And they're checking


every blue bin they empty. Since January more than 300 blue


bins have been confiscated due to repeated contamination.


The council says it does give plenty of warning.


We send letters and for intdrviews and do not just take these bins


away. With each household generathng


around one tonne of waste. If they take them away they will


just leave them in bags on the street.


Hull City Council says the vast majority of households do a good job


of recycling. And that the number of blue bins


confiscated represents less than 1% of the total in use in the city


This is another story we'd like your thoughts on. Is the City Cotncil


right to take these bins aw`y as a punishment for people who


persistently put non recycl`bles in them?


It's home to rare wildflowers and many species of songbirds and


butterflies but the Drift n`ture reserve in Lincolnshire is being


destroyed by off road vehicles. According to the Police and Natural


England the site is being ttrned into a muddy wasteland and now


offenders are being told if they're caught they WILL be prosecuted.


Simon Spark reports. This is how the drift on thd Viking


way near Grantham should look. A plethora of plants and wildlife


protected under its designation as a site of special scientific hnterest.


But a lot of it now looks lhke this, churned up and rutted because it's


This is being used for what is cold green leaning with bikes behng


written across the land and destroying it. This is protdcted


land and ignoring the signs is bad. We are trying to send a message that


we will catch you and if possible we will take your vehicles frol you.


This should be level and should be covered in grass and wild flowers


and has been restored beford in 2009 but as soon as it was opened, the


problem is returned. It was damaged again by frequent forward drive


access. We are reluctant to implement anything until we are able


to get rid of the vehicles that are destroying habitat here. We have


Dragon's TV. ``dragon's teeth here. The message is to find another sport


that is not such an important part of this and she countryside. ``of


the countryside. A girl from Hull has been honoured


for having never missed a d`y of school. Paris started at Stockwell


Primary in 2007 and has a 100% attendance record. It's belheved to


be the first time that's bedn achieved in the school's history.


Tolu Adeoye reports. pupils alike think its quitd frankly


miraculous. I would not be able to do that


because when I am Pooley, I am pulling. Quite outstanding `nd


shocking. It is like she cannot catch anything. I have been teaching


a long time and I have never come a long time and I have never come


across that for, it is a re`lly incredible achievement.


Try not to break any bones `nd if you have a problem speak to someone


who can sort it out for you. A special certificate arrived today in


honour of her achievement. Now everyone is looking to see hf she


can carry it on when she st`rts senior letters have a coupld of the


national two British men pldad guilty of fighting in Syria and it


is claim that a multi`million pound transformation of the centr`l file


could lead investment in thd city. It will become cloudy later on


tomorrow with top temperatures around 19 Celsius. We were talking


about the transformation of Hull at the beginning another correspondent


asks if the this one comes from John Lewis store in New York bec`use last


and decided they no longer wanted to shop there as it looked tirdd and


shoddy. In short, this was not Nikki says the plans for Hull citx centre


are fantastic and will give a much`needed boost to the city


centre. Mourners should This is the first example we know of


of infrared communication. Imagine if you could


talk to the animals. Zoologist Lucy Cooke


is going to show us how.


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