08/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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for the patients of the future. That's all from us. Now on BBC One


?25 million is to be spent giving Hull the biggest facelift


People living in the city are promised street


Our Culture Correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker reports.


It's not had a facelift for decades


but within three years this is what Hull City centre could look like.


Street level fountains in Queen Victoria Square,


architecture lit at night and pedestrianising the Fruit Market,


Hull City Council's paying the first half of the ?25 million bill


because it believes the changes will bring in new business.


If we can attract those big companies, and get


more jobs, higher quality jobs, more income into the city, then that, in


turn, will provide more revenue to restore some of the funding that


central government has cut from our day`to`day services.


Hull City Council says that it feels that the


city is looking tired. But do people living here feel that that will be


They need to make it look more attractive, so


that it looks like people actually care about the place.


The council are going to spend 12 within pounds. To do this? We need


to do so much to bring tourism in. And I think this will.


Hull City Council has made no secret of the fact it needs to save ?48


And starting this transformation will cost it more than ?12 million.


But it's estimated it will bring an extra ?70 million


And that it will support more than 500 new jobs over ten years.


But one group that analyses our city's economies,


We hear a lot of big numbers associated with big cultural events


and sports events but the evidence suggests that the benefits are


smaller and more local than the announcements suggests.


But business aside, these plans will help highlight Hull's history `


possibly moving the William Wilberforce statue and giving more


It will enable people to get closer to our wonderful stock of heritage


buildings in the city and these lands, like a gold frame and a


beautiful picture, will bring out the beauty of the painting which is


our city. But with work not due to start


until Autumn, there's not much time to make all


these plans a reality by 2017. Tonight I spoke to Steven Bayes from


Hull City Council, and asked him where the hoped for 500 jobs would


come from. What we're trying to do is ensure


that we have The calculations in terms


of bringing in more footfall so that more people spend money


and we can fund it that way. What is more important,


keeping a library or museum opened, or pavement fountains or


mood lighting on the City Hall. We have to work with revenue funding


which pays people's wages We want to do both


but we are limited by the amount of money that is given to us by central


government in terms of revenue. We have this capital to invest


in the city centre to try Torrential rain caused flash


flooding in areas of


East Yorkshire this afternoon. Parts of Cottingham were under


a foot of water before the fire


service was able to pump it away. Here's our correspondent,


Paul Murphy. Badgers Wood in Cottingham


is no stranger to flooding. Residents were told that that was


a one in 200 years event, a prediction that was proved wrong


this afternoon. By the time I got wellingtons


and things on the water had covered my air bricks and I was looking


for them under water. The water just came up to the top


of my step We are probably flooded for


the second time within seven years. Within 30 minutes


of the downpour water was running through the doors of at least four


homes in this neighbourhood. In a matter


of minutes it was swamped. We managed to keep it


in check to stop any other houses flooding but up until now


about four or five have flooded. Elsewhere, a town centre cafe owner


recorded the moment that The local school was also flooded,


as were parts of the Hull University halls of residence where


some students could not get out. The waters began to rise


and we got trapped. This was a small`scale event,


devastating for a few, This neighbourhood is going to spend


this evening having It is hard to believe that all


of this damage, thousands of pounds worth,


was caused in just a few minutes. Plans for an eastern bypass


for Lincoln have been rejected It's been turned down because


of a safety issue regarding one of the bridges that was due to be


built between Lincolnshire County Council will


now have to submit new plans. A legal hearing into the future


of Lincolnshire's library service The campaign group,


Save Lincolnshire Libraries, want a judge to review the


County Council's decision to hand An undertaker from Scunthorpe has


taken a petition to Downing Street today calling for the Government to


pay for funerals of ex`servicemen


who die without family. Sue Maclean wants to stop ex`service


personnel having a


so`called paupers' burial. The Government says it's up to local


councils to provide a basic funeral. Time now for your local weather


forecast. Good evening. It will be a largely


fine night that come with broken cloud for most and some mist and fog


patches developing. Temperatures down to around 12 Celsius. Tomorrow


is not going to be a bad day for most of us. Dry and bright with hazy


sunshine. As we head through the afternoon, cloud in the far East and


on the coast will begin enough to give some patchy rain or drizzle.


Very windy on the coast. By then the breeze waft pression elsewhere with


three Inland reaching 20 Celsius, and some heavy rain to come on


Thursday. We would be back with the first bulletin of the day tomorrow


at 6:25am. See then. weekend. Hot on Saturday with


thundery showers. Good evening, the rain in Rio is


matching the mood, I suspect, this evening. Here, we will take a day


off from the rain tomorrow, at least most of us. There will be sunshine


around. The showers will be back for the end of the week. Dry over night


virtually everywhere. Winds easing down in many places except towards


the North Sea coasts. The south-west will keep a breeze going. Not a cold


night, temperatures holding 12-14 degrees typically. A dry day


virtually everywhere tomorrow. Cloud breaking up to allow good spells of




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