23/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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between a band of heavy and thundery showers and it will be notably


fresher with temperatures not Good evening and welcome to


BBC Look North. Shortening the school summer


holiday, to improve education I'm hoping we will see an


improvement in the engagement of their children.


Police say a man wanted in connection with a Bridlington


murder is also a suspect in a sexual assault case.


There's a big rise in the number of people waiting longer to be


He's never been on a train, tube or bus.


The Lincolnshire farmer taking his first trip to London.


Over time, people coming and going, it is very different.


More sunshine to come over the next few days, the details follow


shortly. A Lincolnshire school has become one


of the first in the country to break away


from traditional summer term times. White's Wood Academy in Gainsborough


says it will help improve learning but also mean that parents can take


children on cheaper holidays away The Government's welcomed the change


saying it wants every school to have Parents face being fined if they


take children out of lessons. The last day of school at White's


Wood Academy in Gainsborough. But next year the term will end


a week earlier to allow families to It is helpful. Cheaper holidays mean


more money to spend on the kids. I am happy with it. It is normally so


expensive. It'll be so much cheaper and better for. The trust that runs


the school has changed next year's term dates so holidays are shorter


and they fall outside the standard holiday period which means that


parents will be able to buy a family holiday without the inflated prices.


Should be a school's concern to get it cheaper holiday? We started off


with looking at a different model, then we consulted parents to see


what changes they want. We are always asking parents. This is their


school, what would they like? It was also about the children being tired


near Christmas and about as not having a long summer break and the


lack of learning because the children drop quite a lot of


learning during that time. And the difference between


school holiday and non`school The cost of taking a family of three


to Mallorca in August is ?1680 whereas in May the same holiday is


?670, a thousand pounds less. But one travel agent warns that


starting the summer holiday early to In theory, it is a great idea.


Whether it comes off in practice, I am not sure. Airlines are clever.


Generally speaking, if a date starts to become popular, even if there is


no particular reason for it, prices can go up.


This school says changing the term times isn't just about holiday


The thought of saving money is bringing a smile to parents' faces


here. Julie Davies is a representative


of the National Union of Teachers Do you think other schools


should follow this example? If it's a win`win situation? I'm not


sure they are all quite true. I have three children. At various times,


they have been at different schools. If all schools set their own


holidays, you can have three schools were different holidays and that


could turn into a nightmare. I take out when this came up that thinks it


is wrong to lose the six`week long summer holiday as teachers like it?


Yes, they do. As teachers that worked 50 to 60 hours a week, that


is on average, they are exhausted at the end of term. And children need a


holiday, too. You think you need that six weeks? I think children do,


too. Credit to leave `` could lead to better attendance?


It can't be proven, this is a new situation. I agree if it does, it is


a good thing. I am not sure that shortening school holidays will do


that. In favour or not in favour? I know that six weeks sounds like a


long holiday and perhaps it is. But I think everybody should have longer


holidays. Teachers are in a different world. Yellow if you


compare `` If you compare it to other countries, teachers don't have


long holidays. People say we always have to compete, why don't we have


more holidays like they do abroad? Are you happy that the price of


getting away to the sun is beginning to dictate school times? No. ?1000


for a price hike because kids are a holiday, it is disgraceful. And


people are saying it is good for education. Which is it? Thank you


very much for coming in. Can changing term times


help children learn? What else should be done to ease


the pressure on parents The local athletes who are at


the Commonwealth Games in Glasgow. The hunt for a man wanted


in connection with the murder of a Bridlington guesthouse owner is


now in its fifth day and police believe John Heald is


still in South Yorkshire. Detectives say they are


following up a number of new potential sightings of the 53


year old following an appeal last Bei Carter was stabbed to death


in Bridlington on Friday night. Sarah Walton has been


following this story. Sarah, what have officers been


saying today about the search for Police say the search is now focused


on an area of land near Barnsley. There have been 200 reported


sightings of him, but police say many have been discounted. We are


told he is wanted in connection with a targeted serious sexual assault


that took place about a week before the murder of Bei Carter. Police are


trying to do get a set of keys that are missing from the guesthouse.


They are room keys that look similar to this,


It's thought John Heald took them with him, but could have thrown them


away somewhere in Bridlington or over in the South Yorkshire area.


Crimestoppers has put forward a ?5,000 reward for information


But a warning from the police is still in place ` this man is


potentially very dangerous, he shouldn't be approached and if you


Thank you very much indeed and we will follow that story.


50p school meals are to be introduced for all primary


The City Council's approved plans to halve the price from one pound to


It's hoped it will come into effect in September.


He admitted arson at Lincoln Crown Court. Had been flashed by the


camera and said he feared being banned.


In a little over two hours, the Queen will open


the Commonwealth Games at a ceremony in Glasgow tonight.


Ten athletes from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire will join thousands


of people competing from across the world.


Our sports reporter Simon Clark is there.


What medal hopes do we have over the next 11 days?


It is hard to put an exact figure on it as there are many intangibles,


but ten athletes I hear from our area and I would be surprised if we


come away with fewer than three. `` are here.


All packed and ready for action. He has more to look forward to them


most. Thanks to his grandfather, he is playing hockey for Scotland and


proud to be wearing a kilt. We have been working hard for the last three


or four months, training in Scotland. We have trained on that


pitch. This is the best squad Scotland have had. And mixing with


the home crowd and support, we hope for our best ever finish. This is


Glasgow Green, home of the hockey. Our first competitor will be in


action here when Georgie plays for England tomorrow. We would love to


metal. `` medal. I would love to be in the medal matches and I want to


put in a good performance. This is the village where the competitors


will stay for the next two weeks. Alex Smith from Hull, a hammer


thrower, is here. You want to do your best that the major events. We


do a lot of training. The England use the 2012 Olympic pool in London


for their preparation. `` used. Her best friend are hoping for medals. I


am happier now what I see on paper each week. It is a great position to


be in. You don't want to go in thinking it is not quite for you. It


has been great. Ten athletes from East Yorkshire are aiding the glory.


Many could win coveted medals. How does the atmosphere compare


today to that surrounding the It has been fantastic. The weather


has helped. We were driving on a main routes here and passed to


cyclists. I would like to take you to the Clyde and show you the


polythene bags, but they are actually part of the pyrotechnics


that you will see soon. If you see an explosion by the SECC, you know


what it is. Still ahead, a final decision is


made on what will happen to the site of Louth's former capital markets.


And he has never been on a train, tube or bus, the Lincolnshire farmer


enjoying a day out in London. A green weather forecaster and an


orange newsreader, I thought it was cruel.


I will show you how hot it has been. Kings Lynn, 27 Celsius. Other places


struggling with low cloud, 16 Celsius. Here is tomorrow's


headline. A great start, warm sunshine breaking through. Generally


speaking, the coastal low cloud should be a a lot thinner. High


pressure in charge. You can see the low cloud and missed that actually


anywhere on the satellite picture, it has been shrinking, but for many


it is beautiful with lots of sunshine around. Cloud and missed


will extend inland. South Lincolnshire may well stay clear.


Temperatures coming in of 13 or 14 Celsius. The sun will rise at two


minutes past five. A great start in many places. Low cloud will break up


pretty quickly and the Lincolnshire coast should have a better time of


it. Much of the East Yorkshire coast should clear, so most will become


sunny. Like all moderate east would wind. `` eastward. We're looking at


top temperatures of 25 Celsius. Another beautiful day to come.


Friday is similar with a great start. Sunday, fresh air on the way


from the North with more cloud and a risk of showers.


No matter how desperate you are, you can't be as bad as Alex Deakin who


has treated in. Don't forget to...


I'm not green, but you are still orange.


The number of patients waiting for hospital treatment in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has gone up by almost 10,000 people


According to Government targets, all patients should be seen within


18 weeks after being referred by their GP, but waits


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson has been looking


After being referred by a doctor, the Government says you should be


But the number of people waiting longer than this


has more than doubled at some of our hospital trusts over the past year.


Last May, there were 1866 people who'd been waiting too long at


At the same point this year that number had almost doubled to 3660.


That means out of a total waiting list of almost 38,000 people,


Sheila Hall was first diagnosed with anaemia last August.


Her GP referred her to the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals for tests


She then spent more than six months waiting for another appointment to


You think you have got lost in the system


and you do constantly worry that there may be some serious problem


Sheila's experience is far from unique.


Thousands are kept waiting longer than the Government 's target


of 18 weeks from referral to treatment time.


Hospital managers say part of the reason for this is


They say they are working hard to reduce the backlog.


They have also told us that they are now liaising closely with


their colleagues in the community to try to change the process by which


Ruth Marsden is the vice`chair of the National patient group,


Nationally, the Department of Health see waiting


For the individual patient, it is an element of their own well`being


It is hugely important that if they are told they are having


an appointment and it will be within X weeks,


Last night, the issue was raised in the House of Commons.


4000 patients in East Yorkshire are forced to wait more than 18 weeks to


Hospital managers insist they are working hard to improve


This isn't a problem particular to our area.


Other hospitals across the country are seeing the same increases.


It seems to be a combination of rising patient demand, combined with


But some of our trusts have now agreed to


invest more money on increasing both the number of outpatient clinics


Have you been affected by the longer waits for treatment?


Perhaps you've been left waiting for results longer than you should have?


What do you think should be done about this?


It's one of Lincolnshire's longest running planning disputes, but the


future of the cattle market site in Louth will become clearer tonight.


Councillors are meeting right now to decide whether to sell the land to


It's a move that's split the town with some people saying


a supermarket is needed for Louth to progress.


Others say it could drive out independent shops.


Our business correspondent Sarah Corker is outside East


Sarah, why has it taken so long to get to this point?


It is because over the last five years, there has been fierce debate


about how the site should be developed. At the start of the


meeting, there was a 4000 strong edition against the supermarkets.


Today, it was decision day and about 30 minutes ago councillors voted to


approve that sale to Asda. It was described as a momentous but


difficult decision made for the benefit of Louth.


Louth cherishes its uniqueness. It is largely `` has largely resisted


the march of the chain stores. At this green grocers, there is concern


that character could disappear if a supermarket giant moves in. I was


scared we will lose our identity. We don't want it to stop moving


forward, but how many supermarkets does a small town need? The cattle


market is only use one morning a week. The district council is


purposing to relocate it and sell this land to developers for a


supermarket. There were 15 bidders and this afternoon councillors


approved the sale to Asda. There were a lot of views amongst members,


but there was a vote in favour of the sale. We will go back to Asda


and it will be up to them to bring forward a planning application.


There are already smaller high`street supermarkets here. The


council has an alternative plan and says it will appeal the decision.


Keep the cattle market on the current site. People of Louth get


the shops that they have not currently got... But some want a big


supermarkets or they can get a weekly shop. Yell back they think


they're going to get some megastore,. `` they think they are


going to get some megastore, but they won't. Due on the supermarkets


here? I don't see why not. `` do you. It will bring jobs, I suppose.


I am very much against it. I love the little town. The sale is worth


up to ?12 million to the council, money says will be spent to improve


public services. It is predicted the town will grow


by 2000 houses in the next 15 years. The council says it needs a bigger


supermarkets. Those in the against camp says it is in and out of town


location that will take customers away from the centre. It is not a


done deal, what happens next? Asda will have to put in a planning


application and only then will we know the size and layout of the


store. The council is looking at ways of putting an appeal against


the decision so the story is far from over.


Thank you. Thousands of people have turned


out in Cleethorpes to welcome It's the first time in 28 years that


the 2nd Battalion Royal Anglian Regiment have exercised their right


to the freedom of the town. Hull City Council has apologised


after paddling pools were closed in the hot weather. They will be back


in use tomorrow. The council says they were shut for maintenance work.


One has been shut for a year after an infection outbreak last year.


A Lincolnshire farmer who's barely left his home county has spent the


Farmer Wink, who speaks in Lincolnshire dialect, has farmed


Today, he boarded a train for the first time to have


Our reporter Simon Spark was with him.


For most people, getting on a train wouldn't be a big deal. But Pharma


Wink is not the most people. He is a traditional farmer. He talks in


Lincolnshire dialect. He has rarely ventured further than his


birthplace. Today, he is going to London. `` but Farmer Wink is not


most people. It starts in first class. We have a special guests with


us. Farmer Wink from Lincoln. I like looking after the chickens and pigs.


It is in your blood. I have been on the farmer and it has been good.


Getting used to the number of people was the first hurdle. I never


thought there would be so many people, touring and fro`ing.


Unbelievable really. `` coming and froing.


He then scaled the Shard. Before long, he had quite a


following. Then the following didn't just grow, it went national.


We have done the train and the underground, now we are on BBC Radio


2. This is one of the best days. It is great to have our friend here. I


don't know where to start, because this city is crazy. Trying to work


out what Farmer Wink makes of it, I do not know. I'm excited to meet


him. Then a tour and a bit of whether presenting. Note the name.


If that was not enough, Downing Street. This was not just a day, it


was a moment in history. How would you sum it all up? Marvellous. What


an end to the day. There we are, Farmer Wink's big day


out. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines: The first bodies from the Malaysian


airline crash in Ukraine arrive A school in Lincolnshire shortens


the traditional summer holiday to improve education


and allow cheaper breaks. A grey start first thing tomorrow,


but most areas soon turning sunny Response on the subject of school


holidays. It will just make travel companies up their price and make it


more expensive. Even says that schools shortening summer holidays


is a waste of time. Karen says it is a great idea, hope other schools


follow suit. Teachers do live in a world of 50 to 60 hours a week,


facilitating school clubs in holidays and need a decent break to


start again. Finally, Louise says I am a teacher and have not had a day


off work yet. I wanted to go abroad, but cannot afford it. Holiday


companies don't think of staff. We have to pay ridiculous prices too.


It is not fair. We are later because of the opening


ceremony in Glasgow. DRUMBEATS CONTINUE




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