24/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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in Glasgow. You can watch


A Lincolnshire school has become one of the first


in the country to break away from traditional summer terl times.


White's Wood Academy in Gainsborough says it won't only improve learning,


but will also mean that pardnts can take children on cheaper holidays


The last day of term at White's Wood Academy in Gainsborough, but next


year term times will change, which will allow children to have


more breaks but also enable families to go on holiday more cheaply.


It is helpful because obviously cheaper holidays means more


Now the summers are shorter and they are adding holidays on, it will be


The Academy Trust which runs the school has changed next year's term


dates so that holidays are shorter and they fall outside the standard


school holiday period, which means that parents will be able to buy a


family holiday without the hnflated prices. We started off with looking


at a maximum learning model, so that is how we started off.


Then we consulted parents to see what changes they want,


because we are always asking parents ` this is their children's school `


It was about the children being ill and tired near Christmas and about


us not having that long sumler break and the lack of learning, because


children actually drop quite a lot of learning in those six wedks.


But you can't underestimate the difference between school holiday


The cost of taking a family of three to Majorca


Whereas out of school holidays, the same break is ?670.


The school says changing term times is not just about holiday prices,


But the thought of saving money is certainly bringing


Tonight I spoke to Julie Davies from the National Union of Teachers,


and asked whether this was a win`win situation for schools,


I'm not sure that all of those things are quite true.


For example, I've got three children and at


various times in their school lives they've been at different schools.


If all schools set their own holidays, ostensibly you


can have three schools with three different holidays ` that could turn


Are you one of these teachers who spoke out, that thinks it is wrong


to lose the six`week long school holiday, because teachers


Teachers who commonly work 56`60 hours a week


on average over the 52`week year, are exhausted at the end of term.


The headmistress said this would lead to better attendance.


Anything that means fewer children taken out of school,


Clearly the situation regarding attendance can't be proven


because this is a new situation and we don't know about that.


I agree that anything that improves attendance


I am just not sure that shortening school holidays will do that.


You don't think this is a good idea, do you?


Julie Davies from the National Union of Teachers, talking earlier.


The hunt for John Heald ` who police want to speak to


in connection with the murder of a Bridlington guest housd owner `


Today, police revealed that he's also


wanted in connection with a serious sexual assault, which took place


in South Yorkshire about a week before the murder of Bei Carter


The number of patients waiting for hospital treatment in


East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire has gone up by almost 10,000 people


Our health correspondent Vicky Johnson has been looking


After being referred by a doctor, the government says you shotld be


But the number of people waiting longer th`n this


has more than doubled at sole of our hospital trusts over the past year.


Last May, there were 1866 people who had been waiting too long at


At the same point this year, that number had almost doubled to 3669.


That means out of a total waiting list of almost 38,000 peopld,


Sheila Hall was first diagnosed with severe anaemia last August


Her GP referred her to the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospitals


for tests, which were eventually completed in January.


She then spent more than six months waiting for another appointment to


You just think you've got lost in the system and you do constantly


worry that there may be some serious problem, and that in the tile you


Sheila's experience is far from unique.


There are now thousands of patients across East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire who are kept waiting longer than


the government's target of 18 week referral to treatment times.


Although nationally the Department of Health sees waiting times


as a performance measure, for the individual patient it's an element


of their own well`being, their own future, their own peace of lind so


it is hugely important that if they are told they are having


follow`up appointments and it will be within X weeks,


Hospital managers insist they are working hard to improve


This isn't a problem particular to our area.


Other hospitals across the country are seeing the same increases.


It seems to be a combination of rising patient demand combined with


But some of our trusts have now agredd to


invest more money on increasing both the number of outpatient clhnics


The Commonwealth Games have just opened with a spectacular cdremony


in Glasgow ` with ten athletes from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire


Our sports reporter Simon Clark is there.


What has the reaction been to the ceremony there?


It was long, but it had plenty in it and here we have seen a combination


of concert and noise and excitement, and even briefly the Queen's bat on


and think of those athletes from East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who


have taken part in the biggdst East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire who


have taken part in the biggest party that Scotland has laid on.


Smart as smart could be, that was Glasgow this summer's evening.


Many of Scotland's top acts performed, in a fine show,


Then the athletes, a proud day for Anglo`Scot Dan Coultas,


I was lucky enough to be selected for a trial for Scotland


I never thought I would play for the senior team.


Hull's Alex Smith hopes Glasgow can inspire him to gold in the hammer.


You want to do your best in these events.


Hopefully I'm in peak physical form in time for Glasgow.


In the pool, look out for the Lincoln duo of Sophie Allen and her


I am happy with what I see on paper, which is a great position to be in.


You don't want to be thinking that is not quite me.


Competition starts tomorrow with hockey, but the Games are under


Let me tell you about the hockey. It involves Georgy Twigg, from Lincoln.


England's women come into this competition after a very poor World


Cup, so they need to put a marker in Cup, so they need to put a larker in


the sand against Wales tomorrow. If the sand against Wales tomorrow. If


they do well they could win a medal. Sorry that we are so late, but let


better late than never. Now the weather forecast.


It looks like tomorrow should be another lovely day, although there


could still be some low clotd and mist persisting in some areas.


That low cloud and mist pulling inland tonight,


with the exception perhaps of the far south of Lincolnshire.


Thursday, a grey start in places but the low


A little bit of sea mist left across parts of the Yorkshire coast


but in general visibility is better along the coast in the afternoon.


Little to change things Friday and Saturday.


Thank you for watching. We `re back in the morning. It is the morning!


At 6:25am. Please join us then. I will see you at the same tile


tomorrow night, goodbye. from the north. The national picture


comes from Philip Avery. Unusually, I can say good morning.


Wednesday has been noticeable for a number of reasons. From a


meteorological point of view, it was the warmest day of the year for


Wales and Northern Ireland. Nothing like it across the East of Scotland,


where the temperature was locked firmly into the mid-teens thanks to


the presence of the low cloud and fog. It is there again as it has


been, making inroads through the Clyde Valley is, to the Tyne Valley


and areas east of the Pennines. Another very close night, 17, 18 or


19, something of that order. It will take some time on Thursday morning


but we will see some of this low cloud creeping towards the eastern


shores and into the north-east of England. Around the eastern shores


of Scotland and the Northern Isles, it will stick. At the opposite end


of the country, things may come together. Some moisture, breezes


coming together and some heat, it could produce some violent and


thundery showers. The risk of thunderstorms comes as far east as


the Hampshire border. For many of


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