25/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Police have arrested a man on suspicion of the murder


of Bridlington guesthouse owner Bei Carter.


150 officers from Humberside and South Yorkshire police have


been searching for 53`year`old John Heald since last Fridax.


He was found this afternoon and is now in custody in Rotherham,


from where our correspondent Sarah Corker sent this report.


It was just after two o'clock this afternoon


when John Heald was arrested at a retail Park here in Rotherham.


150 officers have been lookhng for him for the past week.


It was just this morning, his image was put on a giant display


screen and the reward to find him was doubled to ?10,000.


Tonight he is in custody, he is being questioned about the lurder


of Bei Carter in Bridlington and a serious sexual assault in Sheffield.


It was last Friday night when Bei Carter's body was found


She died from a single stab wound to the chest.


Flowers and tributes have been laid at Marshall Avenue.


John Heald had been staying at the guesthouse that weekdnd


and police have been searching for him ever since.


We do not yet know if he handed himself in,


A man has been jailed for lhfe for the murder of a man in Hull.


51`year`old Keith Opray was found dead at his home


Duncan Keith Heaton from Hull pleaded guilty to murder


The judge said he must servd a minimum of 21`and`a`half years


An investigation has begun following the death of a butler


Arthur Mellar died after suffering serious head injuries


during an incident at Burghley House near Stamford on July the 12th.


The Health and Safety Executive and police are looking into the death.


Not enough doctors are being recruited in East Yorkshire


and Lincolnshire to make up for those leaving practices.


Figures released by Health Dducation England show that there's been a


remarkable drop off in recrtitment, particularly in the area covering


Lincolnshire where more than a third of vacancies remain unfilled.


Now they say offering "incentives" should be considered


The traditional family doctor is still the first port of call


for many people when they're feeling unwell.


But the number of medical students training to be GPs is falling.


And the problem is particularly bad in our area.


There is an imbalance at the moment that is developing


very rapidly between the number of GPs leaving and the drop`off in


That's going to result in quite a severe shortage


Statistics show that in 2012 all the GP posts in our area were filled.


Two years later and in Yorkshire and the Humber less than 78%


In the East Midlands it has gone down even further to 62.5%.


The falling numbers are a concern for patients.


The older we get, allegedly, we need more people to look after us.


So, from a selfish point of view, it's not going to be good.


A lot of people have said something about


Kathryn left the Hull`York Medical School two years ago.


After trying lots of different specialties, she's


What do you think is putting medical students off wanting to be GPs?


I think they are probably looking up to older doctors in general practice


roles and watching them and thinking they are pretty swamped.


They want to have a good work`life balance and they're


concerned they won't get th`t, especially with the out of hours


The Department of Health says it knows GPs are


under pressure and that is why it has reduced some of their t`rgets.


It also says it has increased the number of trainees so that GP


numbers can keep up with the growing population.


There is debate now about bringing in financial incentives to attract


trainees to so`called under doctored areas.


We need to see it as the crisis that it is now.


Incentives might provide solution for some areas but they need to


tackle the workload pressures, as well, of general practice.


He hopes when he's moved on, more doctors will have been


persuaded to become GPs so that patient care doesn't suffer.


Big investment in Hull means the city is moving up to another


level according to those who promote business around the Humber.


Yesterday worldwide drugs and household chemicals company


Reckitts said it's spending ?100 million to create a Centre of


It follows the recent announcement that wind turbine manufacturer


Siemens is to build its new site in the region.


Anti`fracking protestors who've built a barricade at the entrance


to an East Yorkshire gas and oil drilling site have been acctsed


of recklessly causing disruption by the company behind the oper`tion.


Rathlin Energy is now seeking an injunction to remove thel


The company, which is not c`rrying out any fracking, has also revealed


that it is applying to extend its operating licence for a further two


From where our Environment Correspondent Paul Murphy reports.


As each week passes, the atlosphere at the Crawberry Hill protest camp


Campaigners have blocked the entrance to the drilling site


They also say they're going to resist every effort to remove them.


Given that this is an area of high value that is, to quote


the council, warrants protection, the only people that are protecting


this area at the moment are the people that put that tower up.


The camp at Crawberry Hill was set up in early May alongside


a sister protest site at West Newton, to the East of Hull.


At the beginning of July, more than 150 people took part


in an anti`fracking protest march through the streets of Beverley.


This week, Rathlin Energy s`id it was going to


apply for an extension of its licence on the Crawberry Hill site.


That means, for the first thme, the full implications


of what Rathlin propose to do here will be before the local residents.


I am sure they will want to be fully consulted.


More importantly, the elected members will make


a decision this time with the full information available.


The company is not fracking at any of its sites and says it has


If they want to protest, and it's a peaceful protest,


But Rathlin Energy, I believe, have been quite honest with


That's the worry for long`term effects.


They have been problems in America, haven't they?


I am unconvinced about the arguments against frackhng.


What's clear is that these campaigners are planning to be here,


not just for months, but perhaps for years.


In a strongly worded statement tonight, a spokesman


for Rathlin Energy condemned the protesters for recklessly


causing worry, disruption and upset to local people.


He said the company was determined to seek an injunction


At the Commonwealth Games, it's been a good night for Lincoln


She won her heat in the Women's 100 metre seli`finals


She will now go on to compete for a possible gold


My aim was to go under a minute tonight


so I'm really, really chuffed with that.


Hopefully, you know, I have a little bit more to give later in the week.


It was definitely a solid swim and I'm moving in the right dirdction.


Is the first time I've been under 60 since the Olympics.


It's definitely a step in the right direction for me.


Hello there, good evening, another largely fine day to come tolorrow.


It will be warm with spells of sunshine.


The greater risk tomorrow of a little coastal mist in places.


As we go through the next few hours, we will see that coastal mist


spreading inland, patchy mist and fog out there and another


Temperatures, in some spots, dropping no lower


That mist will tend to lift but because we still have that


It might well be that the coast is plagued at timds


Dry and bright, sunny spells, a little bit more cloud developing


through the course of the d`y and temperatures


The odd shower about on Sunday, fresher temperatures but at least


That's all from us tonight, Look North is back


tomorrow evening at half five. Until then, have a good night.


What about the outlook? A cooling trepd - showers -- trend. Showers


breaking out on Monday. We have seen temperatures


approaching 30 Celsius. The heat will ebb away this weekend. Cooler


and fresher conditions from the north-west. There'll be sunshine,




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