26/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel.


Police are continuing to question murder suspect John Heald


He was arrested yesterday in South Yorkshire over the death


She was found stabbed to death just over a week ago in her guesthouse


John Heald is also being questioned about a sex attack in Sheffield.


A Grimsby naval officer who became the first female commander


of a major British warship is understood to have left her vessel


after allegations of an affair with one of her fellow officers.


Commander Sarah West, who's 42, was coming to the end


of a seven`month deployment on board the frigate, HMS Portland.


The Ministry of Defence would not confirm the claims but say


Commander West is currently on annual leave and they are aware of a


complaint of a breach of the Code of Social Conduct on board the ship.


Thousands of people have turned out in Hull to recognise and celebrate


The tenth annual Veteran's Weekend is being held at East Park


in the city, and our reporter Phillip Norton has


In such an important commemorative year, Hull's veteran weekend wasn't


relying on the sun to bring out the crowds but it helped.


More than 50,000 are expected to visit over the two days, to the


These two days are the icing on the cake.


From climbing into a Hurricane to watching battle re`enactments,


there's a huge emphasis on education, mixed with lots of fun.


It teaches them about culture, learning about the past and present.


The Normandy Veterans' Association are only too happy to share


We've got a message to tell the world.


Not only remembrance, but what it cost in 1944 for freedom.


A reminder to the younger generations to come, that


when they enjoy a free life, they enjoy it because we helped them.


A decade ago just 2,000 people turned up to this popular,


A professional boxer from Hull has opened


Tommy Coyle is the current IBF International Lightweight Champion.


The academy will be used as a base for the Hull Children's


University Box Clever sessions as well as youth justice programmes.


Owning this gym is about giving something back to a community that


During my last fight I was almost down and out.


But the crowd made so much noise as the count got bigger.


They pulled me through, and it's my way of saying thank you.


In today's Rugby League, Hull Kingston Rovers were easy


At the Commonwealth Games, Lincoln swimmer Lizzie Simmonds is going


She won her heat in the women's 100 metre backstroke


semi`finals, and was the fourth fastest qualifier for the final.


She will now go on to compete for a possible gold later this


And Goole's Geri Buckley is currently taking part


in the 25 metre pistol shooting semi`final, so good luck to her.


`` She was knocked out in the semifinal stage.


Finally this evening, some travel news.


?8 million worth of refurbishment work starts tonight


It means trains will not run between the town and Hull


from tomorrow morning, until the beginning of September.


A bus replacement service will be in place whilst repairs to


Let's get the weather forecast now, with Kawser Quamer.


It's been another warm day today, with sunshine around as well.


As we head through the evening, more cloud from the west


By the coast, the return of mist and low cloud.


Tomorrow, scattered showers, variable amounts of cloud and the


A bit of a change on the way, in fact it has already started in the


north and west of the UK. It will be cooler, temperatures slipping back


to where they cooler, temperatures slipping back


to where they should be for this time of the year. Some sunshine, but


also some outbreaks of rain. Ahead of this crowd, some sunshine and


heat, 29 in Southampton but only 16 in the Western Isles. Heavy rain for


a time overnight working its way deep words -- eastwards. Elsewhere,


largely dry, particularly in southern counties. Warmer in the


south-east, 18 or 19 degrees. Any rain on the eastern side of England


doesn't last too


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