27/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The group behind plans for a purpose`built mosque in Lhncoln


say they still need to raisd half a million pounds to get it built.


Planning approval was given for the mosque in 2012 and the


Islamic Association of Lincoln says a project team is now in place.


This has been the place of worship for Muslims in Lincoln since 1981.


The former Baptist Church holds 60 people, but the community in Lincoln


and surrounding areas has grown to around 2,000.


Every week, a larger building has to be rented to accommodate people


Planning approval was given for a new mosque in the Bootam area


of the city in 2012, but only half of what's needed to build it has


We still need to raise quite a lot, half a million, at least.


A large number of donors are giving something


like ?20,000`?30,000, and some people are giving ?1,000 a lonth, so


The Islamic Association has spent years trying to get a new mosque


In August 2008, the Association was given approval to turn a disused


church into one, but just two weeks later it was destroyed by fire.


Then in October the following year, plans for a mosque


on the same site were turned down because of traffic issues.


Not everyone has supported the idea. This protest by the East Anglian


Patriots in January was met by a counter demonstration.


Zoobare is one of those who has donated money towards the mosque.


When I grew up, there was no purpose`built mosque. We were lucky


we had this place, but now, having a big purpose`built mosque for our


children as they grow up, that is really agreeable for us.


The hope now is that people will continue to donate so that the first


bricks can be laid for what's been described as a vital building


The Labour party has chosen a union organiser for its next parliamentary


candidate for Great Grimsby. Melanie Onn was selected to replace Austin


Mitchell, who is retiring at the next election.


Villagers in East Yorkshire say they're delighted that flood


defences are to be strengthened following December's tidal surge.


The river walls in Reedness near Goole will be increased in height to


bring them in line with other defences in the area, as Sarah


During December's tidal surge, the road through Reedness became a river


` the flooding blamed on defences that were too low in places.


Now seven months on, there are still clear signs of the dalage


Geoff's home was flooded to waist`height and he still


You look at what's been done in the house and we sit


in the caravan and think, wd're just going to get all this done, I hope


These are the flood defences that are going to be improvdd.


In some places, they'll be tp to a metre higher than they are now.


Some of the work will be telporary to shore up the bank for winter.


That'll be made permanent when work starts again in 2015.


And it's brought comfort to residents here.


Even after this terrible evdnt and all that's been said, I think


we were a little sceptical as to whether the money was going to make


its way from Eton and such`like and make its way up north, and it has.


On the edge of the village, signs work is beginning,


It's hoped the first phase of the project will be competed by October.


At the Commonwealth Games, Lincoln's Lizzie Simmonds mhssed out


on a medal in the final of the 100 metre backstroke.


The 23`year`old finished in fifth position, and was back in the pool


She was the second fastest qualifier for


And Sophie Allen from Lincoln is also swimming in a final tonight.


She was the seventh fastest qualifier for the 200 metre medley.


Time now for the weather with Kawser Quamer.


Good evening. We've had a mixture of sunshine and scattered, heavy


showers today. As we head through the evening, we'll see thosd showers


easing for a time, though there is some more in the way coming later in


the night, perhaps in the northern part of our area. We are looking at


clearer skies, too. Less hulid than it has been. Temperatures still 14,


15 degrees but we lose some of that humidity. Tomorrow, we are looking


at some sunshine around. Thd risk of a few isolated showers, most likely


over higher ground, but still feeling warm. Temperatures reaching


the low 20s, especially further inland.


I will be back at 10:25pm. Have a good evening.


Topped temperatures down 5 degrees on yesterday and much lower humidity


so the second part of the weekend has been much more comfortable. The


coming few days, if we get sunshine it will be pleasantly warm. It's not


a completely dried story because they will be showers dotted around


and it should be that bit cooler at night. The satellite sequence from


today shows some thunderstorms across the southeastern corner and a


lot of fine weather that into the West of Scotland this cloud has been


producing some fairly heavy bursts of rain and will continue to do so.


A bit of a breeze associated with that. It will sit south through this


evening and into the overnight period getting down into northern


and central parts of Wales by the end of the night by which stage we


will see showers cropping up in the southeastern corner. Overnight


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