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The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


150 jobs set to move to China from one of Hull's biggest employers.


We are committed to operations in Hull.


We need Hull and we need Suzhou, both vital to the future


of this business. The man behind London 2012's opening


ceremony will lead Hull City fans gather in Slovakia


as the team kick off Thousands wait to see


if family heirlooms are actually An unsettled weather on the way in


the next few days. Join me for the very latest.


One of Hull's biggest employers is transferring


Smith and Nephew had told BBC Look North it is still committed


to the city but needs to expand it's business in the far East.


The global healthcare company employs a thousand people in Hull.


More from our business correspondent, Sarah Corker.


A city landmark and a global company with a 150`year history in Hull.


Smith and Nephew's Tadman Street factory makes products


Its wound managemant divison opened in 1998.


But up to 140 of its skilled manufacturing jobs


We have two major sites, here in Hull and also in China. We have to


utilise them as best we can. We are committed to operations in Hull. We


need Hull and we need the location in China.


The history of Smith and Nephew stretches back to 1856,


when Thomas James Smith first opened a small pharmacy in the city.


Today it employs 1000 people in Hull and has annual sales


For years, companies have been shifting manufacturing to China


Smith and Nephew have already moved some production jobs abroad to


its factory here in Suzhou in Eastern China.


Unions hope compulsory redundancies in Hull can be avoided.


We have a highly skilled workforce and the company will invest in


that, they will look to bring in new products to the site over the same


period that we are talking about moves to China.


And there will be a focus here on development and innovation.


Sarah is at Smith and Nephew this evening.


They will go by July 2016 and the redundancy process has started, but


the company is keen to stress that it is investing in Hull. It's site


was badly damaged by December's tidal surge, this whole area was


under water, but it is spending ?3 million on building up flood


defences here. In the future there will be a focus on development and


launch of new products, a ?6 million investment, which is likely to bring


more work to the plant in the coming years.


Mike Campbell has for more than a decade helped companies in the UK


As well as job losses, is this an achievement for the city? This is a


company that is globalising. It has markets around the world and it


clearly sees a very bright future to remain in the UK for product


development and innovation. In this case it makes sense to move some of


its manufacturing to China. We have seen this in a number of cases over


the last few years with companies that are beginning to globalise


operations and select areas for specific product development as well


as countries and regions that are best suited for manufacture. So in


the long`term it will strengthen Smith and Nephew's position? It will


strengthen their position, exploit the advantages of manufacturing its


products in China but also maintaining the intellectual product


development capability of its staff in the UK. Will we see more firms


doing this now, with China expanding in manufacture, where there is a


split between here and there? We are beginning to see that, we have seen


that over the last ten years, businesses see that there are


regions of the world that offer certain advantages for manufacture,


offering low`cost manufacturing or and infrastructure capability that


is not widespread in the UK. One thing I would stress is that the UK


has a very strong intellectual product development capability, it


is strong in branding, distribution and selling of products, and this is


another situation where a company has strategically selected a country


in the region which best suits its strategic objectives. Thank you very


much for speaking to us. We will follow this story of course.


The robotic patients heading to the US after being used to train


The man who masterminded the opening and closing ceremonies


at the London 2012 Olympics has been appointed as Chief Executive


Martin Green will be in charge of delivering a programme


of arts and culture in 2017, and hopes to bring some of the magic


In a moment I'll be talking to Mr Green, but first Phillip Norton


The jaw`dropping opening to London 2012, a show that captured the


hearts of minds of not only the country but the world. Today the man


behind all that is in Hull. His new job is to oversee the City of


Culture event. We will stage a year of transformative culture that will


put Hull on the map and leave behind memories. It is about creating


something unique, tapping into the soul of Hull and turning it into a


honeypot that makes people want to go there. It is being seen as a


major coup for the city. Martin Green has an impressive CV. As well


as the Olympics he has been head of events for the mayor of London's


office and he was a key figure in the opening of the ?500 million O2


venue in London. He was the master Hynde `` mastermind behind the grand


depart of the Tour de France in Leeds. Every time I talked to him we


get so excited about what the year is going to bring and how it is


really going to change the perception of Hull nationally and


change it for the people living there now. Martin has a track


record, people thought the Olympics might be a disaster but they were


superb and we can only expect something better from him this time.


Mr Green will take up his position in October with detailed planning of


events set to begin early next year. Mr Green, does the fact that you


have been appointed, modestly aside, mean that the city has bought


the best? What a tough question. I am very glad to be here. Clearly I


am proud of my track record and I want to bring some of that expertise


here mixed with the great arts and cultural scene that is here already.


You said you wanted to be here because it is Hull. Why did you


accept the job? I have a lot of good friends in Hull I have `` and I have


links with the city. It is way harder to sell Hull than the


previous jobs you have done. That is why I am here, once you have done


Beeb guest event in the world you look another challenge. `` I'm the


biggest event. This is `` the Olympics was a worldwide event, did


you have any sleepless nights? I did, but I was working with the most


amazing team. We got some great people in and we will here as well.


Will we have an opening ceremony... We are not going to see her Majesty


parachuting into Hessel Road? We will start in a great way and we


will end in a great way like any event but a lot of the concentration


is on what happens between the two dates. You want to do something


every single day, don't you? I have an open mind. Day one, let's meet


everybody, look at everything. We have over three years until the last


event, two years until the first. There seems to be an appetite for


big events. Yes, the Olympic Games took away a lot of the cynicism, we


did it in Yorkshire, the Commonwealth Games is doing it now,


and after that it is Hull's turn. If you want anybody to dress as a tea


cake on you know where I am. Brilliant, you are in.


Let us know what you think about this story.


What would you like to see in the opening ceremony for Hull 2017?


What elements which sum up the city should be included?


The East Midlands Ambulance Service has improved over the last year.


This report `` follows a number of fines for missed targets. The


authority says it will continue to support the service to make sure


that response times improve. The hot weather and a drop in oxygen


levels are being blamed for hundreds of fish dying in the half`tide basin


on Hull's Victoria Dock. The Environment Agency took water


samples after Fountains in the basin will now be


kept on overnight to keep oxygen levels higher and the City Council


will look at replacing the fish. The living Islam festival is being


set up at the Lincolnshire Showground.


Fire crews have been tackling a huge fire today at the Ferrybridge Power


They were called out just before two o'clock, with plumes


National Grid says the power station is on summer


shutdown, so there will be no loss of power as a result of the fire.


Do we know how this started? The police helicopter has been circling


and you can probably still see the smoke coming off the air bridge ``


Ferrybridge power station. This was the scene earlier, thick black


smoke. Scottish Southern Energy is to say this was a serious incident


and that emergency procedures were activated.


There was a lot of smoke and then flames. There were sirens as well,


really loud. It was a bit scary because it is all my neighbours. If


it did explode, it would be houses and cars, people risking their lives


for us. They told us to stay in the house and keep windows and doors


shut while it is going on. No actual word on what started


this, although local people have told us this is a plant to remove


sulphur. At its height 15 fire at `` fire engines were in attendance. The


National Grid have been in touch and they say the power station was on a


summer shut town 's electricity supplies were not affected but it is


understood that the fire could go on until the morning.


Ferrybridge power station between Hull and Leeds.


Good evening, young man. The Antiques road show is still to come


before the end of the programme, any more BBC productions you want to


plug? The local weather show, I could plug


that. I said top reductions.


The weather is increasingly unsettled but there will be a good


deal of fine weather, particularly across Lincolnshire and north`west


Norfolk. Low pressure beginning to be established and this feature will


bring showers later on Friday and wet weather on Friday night and for


a time on Saturday. It looks like Sunday will be the best day of the


weekend. Some lively showers in the past few hours coming into South


Lincolnshire and north`west Lincoln. To the north it is fine with some


sunshine and the night should be dry with some clear spells with a light


south`westerly. We do not expect temperatures to drop between 13


degrees. The sun rises at 5:15am, your next high water time in


Skegness at 9:57am. Most of us off to a fine, bright start, some


sunshine around. It should stay dry through the morning but cloud will


thicken and we will see showers pushing the Western Northern `` and


northern parts of east Yorkshire. Top afternoon temperatures across


East Yorkshire, 20, 20 1 degrees, Lincolnshire, 21 in Grimsby, 22 in


Skegness. `` 20, 21 degrees. As for Saturday, some heavy downpours, but


some warn sunshine as well. Sunday looks a nice day.


You made some derogatory comments earlier in the week, hard to believe


we know about Spalding. This man says, Paul should do his


forecast live from Spalding, I am sure his fans would be happy, both


of them. They come in different shapes and


sizes and they're playing a vital role


training doctors in Hull. Lifesize, automated dummies are


being used so successfully at the city's main hospital that


they've been invited to show off their skills at an international


conference in Chicago next week. With more, here's our health


correspondent Vicky Johnson. Peter the mannequin is breathing


well but in a moment he is going to deteriorate fast. The simulation


centre at Hull Royal is set up like a real ward. Behind`the`scenes,


technicians are making sure the situation is as lifelike as


possible. We are pioneering some technology and learning methods here


and that has been reflected in being invited to Chicago to give a keynote


address. Every exercise is filmed then analysed. It went well in the


medical aspects, the simulators can vomit, have seizures, stimulate


pulses. With the people around you in that environment it is pretty


much real`life. What sets the simulation centre a way from other


hospitals is the number and variety of mannequins, from premature


babies, children, a woman giving birth, to a full scale adult.


Doctors and nurses who have used these techniques have been found to


be much more confident. We found that they continue to use those


skills that they have learned in the simulated environment so they are


better health care professionals. The manufacturers of this equipment


are so Inc `` impressed by the way the teams have used them, they have


asked them to share their expertise with teams around the world.


Thanks to everyone who got in touch with us about plans to


The leader of East Riding Council has warned the city to "back off",


saying it looks like a potential hostile takeover.


But Hull City Council says it needs to expand into places like Hedon,


Cottingham and Hessle because tight boundaries


Hull City's European adventure has begun.


Their Europa League match with AS Trencin is under way in Slovakia


and in a few moments we'll find out how they're doing.


All day, City fans have been arriving in the city of Zilina


and our sports reporter Simon Clark has been with them.


They have been arriving by any means possible. This was a group of Tigers


fans coming in on the Rattus lather express. Slovakia is turning Amber


and black. We could have ended up in Motherwell


and we have is a leaner so we are delighted. `` Zilina. When I am


older I can say I have been to the first European game, it is


fantastic. The team arrived earlier to


familiarise themselves with the stadium. We will learn in different


ways to wind against different opposition and that will stand us in


good stead for back home. The aim for the club as always is to try and


improve and that is my job, to make sure we do not stand still. We have


had a couple of wonderful years and the icing on the cake would be


having a run in Europe. This is it, Hull City in Europe, and as one fan


said, it is surreal. Yes, but it is reality. 110 years in the making, it


is a night to remember for those in Amber and black.


It is half`time in Zilina, how are City getting on?


The best chance was slain long, `` Shane Long, ahead over the bar. As


we go into the break it is 0`0. Hundreds of people turned out in


Grantham to be part of the Antiques road show today.


Belton House, a fitting background for the programme. The experts were


here, getting snapped, playing guitar and generally getting


animated. The people were here as well, in their hundreds. I arrived


this morning and there were loads of cars. It is a nice part of the world


here and quite a lot of First World War stuff is coming through. There


was quite a big garrison town in the grounds of Belton House in the First


World War so we may find things from that. You know how it works, that


thing you have been polishing and cleaning in the corner of your room


is brought here to be analysed by the experts and hopefully they will


tell you it is worth a packet, because that is what we all really


care about. Like these people bid on a classic moment from the series. It


is worth a mere ?25,000. It inspired me to get out and randomly ask


people what they had brought. First World War necklace from the Baltic.


Some RAF memorabilia from 83 Squadron. Some coffee spoons, the


top one I know is a moat spoon. We have one night of value and the rest


is food! The item is not the central issue, it is your ticket to come and


talk to us. Next time just grab anything old and


become part of the occasion, and don't forget you're surprised face


unless it is worth a packet. If you want to see the episode from


Grantham it will be shown late in the autumn or early next year.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


Israel says it won't stop its attacks on Gaza until all


the tunnels built by Palestinian militants are destroyed.


140 jobs are to go at Smith and Nephew and transfer to China.


A dry bright start, clouding over with scattered showers


spreading to most areas, becoming locally heavy in places.


It is 0`0 at Hull FC against AES trenching. `` AS Trencin.


One letter says, can we see that the lady at the opening.


Matt says, opening music, we need to see plenty of local music.


John in Skegness says, can we have Peter and Paul parachuting in for


the opening ceremony? It will be well worth coming from Skegness to


see that. John, you can stay in Skegness.


Don't forget we are back at 10:25pm for the late bulletin.


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