31/07/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The man revealed today as the head of Hull's UK City


of Culture programme says the events in 2017 will remove a lot


Martin Green masterminded the Olympic torch relays


and world class opening ceremonies for the London 2012 Olympics


The jaw`dropping opening to London 2012, a show that captured


the hearts and minds of not only the country, but the world.


Today, the man behind all that is in Hull.


His new job, overseeing the City of Culture events.


We're going to stage 365 days of transformed culture in Hull that


will continue to put the city on the map and leave lots behind in


terms of physical infrastructure, skills and memories.


I think you come with the same ambition `


to create something unique, tap into the soul of Hull, and turn Hull into


a honey pot, if you like, that makes people go 'I want to go there'.


It's being seen as a major coup for the city.


As well as the opening ceremonies, he's been head of events


A few years ago, a key figure in the opening


Also the opening ceremony of the Tour de France in Leeds.


And he's no stranger to Hull ` with friends in the city,


he's looking forward to bringing the place to life.


Every time I talk to him, we get so excited about what


the year is going to bring and change the perception of Hull.


Mr Green will take up his role in October.


Detailed planning for events is set to begin early next year.


Earlier I asked Martin Green why he took the job.


I've had a connection with Hull for many years.


It was part of the decision when they started talking to me.


With respect, it's way harder to sell Hull than


Once you've done the biggest event in the world,


This is another challenge, and one I'm relishing.


Will we have an opening ceremony here?


Will I see Her Majesty and James Bond parachuting down?


I think throwing people from the Royal Family out of


Yes, we'll start in a great way and end in a great way.


A lot of the concentration is what happens between those two days.


We've got two years to the first event,


What's interesting is, you think about the Tour de France,


Glasgow 2014, there's an appetite for these things?


There is, and the Olympic Games took away a lot of that cynicism.


Fire crews will work through the night at a huge fire


They were called out just before 2pm, with plumes


About 15 fire crews have been at the site,


National Grid says the power station was on summer shutdown.


Travellers have left playing fields in Kirkella near Hull ahead


East Riding Council is expected to start a clean`up tomorrow after


The East Midlands Ambulance Service ` which serves Lincolnshire ` has


significantly improved in the past year ` according to NHS inspectors.


It follows critical reports and fines for missing targets.


Unions and business experts are supporting a move by one of Hull's


biggest employers to move up to 140 to China.


Smith and Nephew is a global healthcare company but says


Here's our our business correspondent Sarah Corker.


City landmark, and a global company with a long history in Hull.


Smith's factory makes products used by doctors.


It's management division opened in 1998.


Now up to 140 of its manufacturing jobs will move to the far east.


We have two major manufacturing sites ` Hull and China.


We have to utilise those as best as we can.


The company's history stretches back to 1856.


Today it has annual sales of more than ?2.5 billion


For years, British companies have been shifting


Smith has already moved some production jobs to the east


It sees a bright future, to remain in the UK.


In this instance, it makes sense to move some


The move will see jobs go here by 2016.


Unions hope compulsory redundancies can be avoided.


Its products are used in hospitals across the globe, from hip and


Increasingly, they'll be made in China while in Hull there will be a


Hull City failed to score in their first European game.


The game with Trenshun in Slovakia ended in a draw.


This was the moment of truth for Hull City.


Football matches are often defined by a moment of brilliance,


but this one will be remembered for a spectacular miss.


You'd put your house on Tom scoring, but he didn't.


So the talking point from the fans, like the manager, was the miss.


How can you kick it over the bar from there?


All to play for in the second leg, and as fans leave they'll be talking


about how wonderful this European excursion has been, but also how


One or two thundery showers to come in the short term, then dry,


but after a bright start tomorrow the showers redevelop.


The rest of the night is fairly mild.


Showers in western and northern parts.


In between, a good deal of fine weather.


Heavy downpours on Saturday but hopefully sunny spells in between.


Rain for Saturday. Now to John who will take you through the national


forecast across the UK. Hello there. You may have to find


ways of occupying the children. A lot of rain for some, not so much


for others. That was the way in July but overall whelmingly warm. Not as


warm as last year but it continues the run of months with higher than


average temperatures. The eighth now in a row. On to August, a few


showers around. That is across the north and the west. Lots of dry


weather between. A mild night at dawn, the temperatures about the


mid-teens. You may wake up to sunshine but the general trend


through the day is for things to deteriorate across the northern and


western parts of England and Wales where the showers will begin to


merge into longer spells of rain. Brightness on either side, some


places avoiding the showers but a fair few across Scotland and


Northern Ireland. Some sunshine between. Then we run into the zone


of damp weather across parts of the north of England, to Wales and to


the south-west. Some persistent rain. To the south and the east,


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