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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The chaplain who's been told he won't be promoted


In Christian terms, it?s far better to be married than


cohabiting with somebody or living, as the Church would put, in sin.


On the anniversary of World War One, the play remembering eight brothers


I am live in Sleaford where preparations are being made to turn


out the lights to remember those killed in World War I.


The Ukrainian woman being sent back to her war`torn homeland despite her


Singing in the rain ` thousands attend a music festival


A Lincolnshire Chaplain has accused the Church of England


of being "behind the curve" by blocking his job promotion


Earlier this year, Canon Jeremy Pemberton became the first Church


of England clergyman to take part in a gay marriage ceremony.


He's now called on church leaders to urgently examine the decision


by the acting Bishop for Southwell and Nottingham to refuse him


England's greatest controversies. Gay marriage became legal in England


and Wales earlier this year. And Canon Jeremy Pemberton, who


works in Lincolnshire, was the first Church of England clergyman to marry


a man, his long`term partner Laurence Cunningham. But now it


But now it seems the marriage has cost him a job.


He was offered the role of chaplain and bereavement manager at the


Trust in Nottinham, but the offer was withdrawn after the Bishop


refused to grant him a licence in the area. Speaking from abroad,


Canon Pemberton gave me his reaction.


I think the Church of England is clearly behind the curve in relation


to where society is, because I think for most people ` not everybody,


some people don't like the idea of same`sex marriage ` but most people


regard it as a completely uncontroversial thing now, I think.


In a statement, the Right Reverend Richard Inwood, the acting Bishop


Pemberton currently works as a hospital chaplain, we asked if


people minded having a gay man in the clergy.


Just personally, I don't particularly like it. No. Why should


anyone? It's 2014. And some within the church are


calling for a change in attitude. It's really important lesbian and


gay couples, priests within the church should marry, should commit


themselves to each other, should legalise their relationship, and of


course in Christian terms, it's far better to be married than to be


cohabiting with someone or to be living, as the church would put it,


It's really important lesbian and gay couples, priests within the


encouraging gay people to do. Canon Pemberton says he will


continue with his role in Lincolnshire, but wants church


better to be married than to be cohabiting with someone or to be


in Lincolnshire, but wants church leaders to look again


Earlier I spoke with Andrew Marsh from the group Christian Concern,


which campaigns to see Britain return to the Christian faith. I


asked him whether Jeremy Pemberton was wrong to marry his partner if he


situation, but it is important to remember it is one entirely of Canon


Pemberton's making. God is clear, the Bible is clear, the church


teaching is clear and the House of Bishops in their statement this


February also very clear that being a minister in the Church of England


is not compatible with entering into a same`sex marriage.


says the church is behind the curve on this one. Is he right? On the


contrary. I think on this, society is behind the curve. What we've seen


in this country in recent decades is the steady but deliberate


dismantling of different aspects of marriage, and this has been a


regressive rather than a progressive step. We are in 2014 now, and views


are very different. Even the bishops can't agree on this one, can they?


There is a great division. The critical thing to recognise is it is


not the role of the church to follow up every trend in society. The


church belongs to God and its first responsibility is to listen to him


society, and the good news of rescue from death and judgement and broken


relationships to society. Part of that good pattern God gives because


The church belongs to God and its first responsibility is to


he loves us is that marriage is between a man and woman.


So if you are a gay or lesbian working as a Church of


England chaplain at the moment in the health service and you try


moving, is the same thing going to happen? Well, I think the Bishop of


Southwell and Nottingham is to be commended for taking a sad decision,


but one that is entirely right in the circumstances. Canon Pemberton


was clearly aware of the situation of the position of the House of


Bishops. Provocatively, sad to say, deliberately, he has gone ahead with


that. As I say, one bishop said that and then the Bishop of Lincoln


Well, I think the Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham is to


The Bishop of Southwell and Nottingham is to be commended on


taking this decision, sad as it is. It does raise the question of what


Canon Pemberton was clearly aware of the situation of the position


will happen and whether the Bishop of


Lincoln will take the action that is necessary to ensure clarity and


Let us know what you think of this story. Is the church right to deny


Jeremy Pemberton a job in Nottinghamshire when he's doing the


People across East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire are preparing to


mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War.


In the Lincolnshire village of Freesthorpe, a special play has been


Eight brothers from the Beechey family went to war,


Our arts correspondent Anne`Marie Tasker watched the performance.


Right, then, lads! How about those uniforms, eh?


Imagining the moment when the eight Beechey brothers signed up for a war


In their home village of Friesthorpe,


a play has been performed, telling the story of their sacrifice.


Their father Thomas Beechey was the rector here.


His granddaughter's photos show him with his 14 children


Five were killed in horrific circumstances.


I think one died on the wire, was on the wire all night.


But now their story's being told once more and watched by villagers


The audience literally follow the Beechey family on their journey


through the village from the realisation that the brothers


would go to war, to the horror of becoming one of only a handful


After watching the Beechey brothers march away to


I have got two sons who, had I been around during the war,


they would have gone to war on probably not come back, as well.


You can relate to that mother just so easily.


And to mark the event, the bells of the tiny parish church


were repaired to ring out for the first time in 100 years.


It is lovely to have the bells ringing.


Of course, bells fall silent during wartime.


I suppose it's particularly fitting that they should be ringing


In the shadow of a World War I plane, just three brothers returned.


A story of loss and grief felt by thousands of families,


And you can hear the play serialised from tomorrow


Leaving Home is on the Melvyn Prior show from tomorrow until Friday.


The show starts at nine o'clock in the morning.


Tonight, lights will go out at churches, war memorials,


public buildings and even Skegness illuminations, with just a single


light or candle left to commemorate those who died in battle.


Among the places joining the commemorations is Sleaford,


How will they be remembering those lost in the First World War?


Well, Peter, here, they will be turning out the lights at ten


o'clock was just a single candle burning, the gesture at the Royal


British Legion hope will be repeated in a million homes across the


country. Lincoln Cathedral will join them. In Beverley, there will be a


special service. In Skegness, the illuminations will be switched off.


The clock will be frozen at ten o'clock, to encourage people to take


time to remember those who died in World War I. The surface here will


be led by the Reverend Philip Johnson, who is the vicar of


Sleaford. Very much mixed emotions, you are expecting.


At the beginning of the war, a huge range of emotions. Young men full of


adventure and excitement, anticipation of going off to war,


expecting to be home by Christmas. Parents left behind wondering


whether they would see their sons again. We want to reflect that range


of emotions. That loss was felt very keenly in


Sleaford. It was. Homes and families were


touched across the time. Thank you very much. There will be


music tonight, poetry readings and this marker here. It is the marker


from an unknown soldier who died in World War I. The service will


commemorate all 750,000 lives that were lost during World War I.


Police are continuing to question a 27`year`old man in connection with


A 46`year`old man remains in hospital with life threatening


injuries, after the incident on Saturday at the Rutland Arms.


Police want anyone who saw the incident around six o'clock


A million`pound scheme to protect homes in Louth


Anglian Water says it's installing larger sewers in parts


of the town to give more protection to homes and businesses.


The work should be completed next year.


It's understood that talks have begun with


Lincolnshire County Council over the future of local libraries. There's


been a long campaign to save the service.


Last month, a High Court Judge ruled that the


council unlawfully decided to hand the libraries over to volunteers.


Greenwich Leisure, a not`for`profit company,


is believed to have met with representatives from the authority


A Ukrainian woman married to a British man from Lincolnshire has


been told by the Government that she must return to her war`torn


homeland. Halyna Ward married her husband Michael a year ago. She


currently lives with him in Binbrook on a tourist visa, but after appeals


to remain were declined, the Home Office says she'll be removed if she


doesn't leave voluntarily. Phillip Norton reports.


Halyna and Michael met three years ago and married in May last year.


She last entered the UK on a tourist visa but now faces a return home,


to a war torn separatist held area of the Ukraine, after appeals to


She can apply for a sparse Visa but it has to be applied for from her


home country. My house, ten miles,


there is shooting everywhere. Go out from that area with


children and families. The separatists view people


from outside, even from the Kiev My wife's lived


in that town all her life. Everyone knows her,


they know about me. They know that I am her husband,


so it will be extremely dangerous Much of this is about the timing of


the unrest in the Ukraine. The Home Office told them she could return to


a part of the country away from the conflict.


At the situation in the Ukraine not being what it is now, they would


have considered going back and making a further application. What


they were saying in this case was the situation is such that we need


you to consider this case here, because we can't go back to our home


town. The couple have the support of the MP and a 200 signature


petition. In a statement, The Home Office said these applications are


considered on their individual merits, including compelling and


compassionate circumstances and in line with immigration rules. No date


has been given for Halyna to leave the country. The couple are hoping


for a further review by the government.


This is another story we'd like your thoughts on.


Is the Home Office right to insist that


Mrs Ward be sent back to the Ukraine or, from a humanitarian point


of view, should she be allowed to stay with her husband in Binbrook?


Hull Kingston Rovers lose their captain and possibly their chance


Thousands dodge the rain showers for a music festival in Hull.


Healing Station at Dusk taken by Steve McLoughlin.


Another picture tomorrow. Another picture Monday night at the same


time. I mean Tuesday night. Do you need to lie down?


I have not forgiven you for calling me a Jaffa cake.


I do not know what you mean. I meant they are tasty and nice.


I will let you off. And rather orange. I hope you made


the most of the sunshine today to top up your time, Peter. There will


be a bit more cloud developing tomorrow through the afternoon. Into


Wednesday, is very deep area of low pressure will push up from the South


West and bring some heavy rain. They could be the odd light shower about


now. You would be unlikely to catch one. Most places enjoying a fine and


to the deck. And plenty of sunshine. It looks like a fine night, dry with


long clear spells. Temperatures may slip back to around ten or 11


degrees. Tomorrow morning, a bit of a chilly start, especially compared


with recent days, but are largely dry morning with sunny spells. A bit


more cloud developing from the West. Most places will stay dry. Warm is


the theme through the rest of the week. Temperatures tomorrow getting


up to 22 or 23. 22 is 72 Fahrenheit. An unsettled day on Wednesday. An


area of low pressure pushing up from the south`west, with heavy rain at


times. It looks like says they will be a pleasant day with a light


breeze and sunshine. There may be more persistent rain on Friday.


I understand his Lordship is on holiday and we have you for a stint.


Three weeks. Three weeks?


I will be nicer to you. Normally, he takes six.


Hull Kingston Rovers skipper Josh Hodgson has accepted


Hodgson, who began his career at Hull FC,


Here's our sports reporter Simon Clark with more.


This is what Josh Hodgson has been doing to catch the eye in Australia.


He joins a growing number of English players over there.


But yesterday, he could do nothing to stop Widnes in a game billed


Widnes outscored the Robins two tries to one in the first half, Kris


It failed to improve for Chris Chester's side


in the second half, Widnes scoring again before Jason Chan put the


On Friday, both Hull FC and and St Helen's paid tribute to


their former player Steve Prescott, who died last year aged 39.


Hull then set about eating the leaders


Richard Hall and Tom Lineham gave Hull a half`time lead,


and they held on to secure victory by 19 to 12, but still face a battle


Lincoln City have revealed their new kit ahead of the first


They're returning to the traditional red and white


They'll face Kidderminster Harriers at Sincil Bank on Saturday.


If we can steer clear of injuries, we think we've got a decent 14,


15 players, really, that can have a decent run at it this season.


The atmosphere in the changing room's really good.


Hopefully, there'll be a big buzz around the club this


The Butterfly Hospice in Boston is about to welcome


Thanks to everyone who's been in touch after we told you about


the work which has started to build a multi`million pound entertainment


Tourism bosses say the new attraction will bring extra


visitors and help it compete with other British resorts, we asked what


The Butterfly Hospice in Boston is about to welcome


its first patients after standing empty for more than three years.The


six`bed unit was formally opened by the Princess Royal back


in 2011 after more than a decade of public fund`raising.


It will provide end of life and respite care for adults with


A special visitor from Canada has been preparing


for a once`in`a`lifetime flight this afternoon.


Here it is on the runway at Hamilton, Ontario,


It's one of only two remaining Lancaster bombers.


It's normally on display at the Canadian Heritage Warplane


Musem, but this weekend will fly in to meet the Lancaster of the


This is a once`in`a`lifetime opportunity. There are only two


flying Lancaster is in the wild. We are fortunate enough to have one of


them, and the other one is the one coming over from Canada. It really


will be something that is very unlikely to be repeated.


We will be following that. Around 30,000 people filled


Hull's Fruit Market at the weekend It's the third time


the festival has taken place. More than 150 different acts


performed over 11 stages ` many in pouring rain `


as Jill Archbold reports. The true test of a British


music festival, This year's Humber Street Sesh


passed as 30,000 people were not I have come


as a designated washer`upper. It's the third time


the Fruit Market has played It's hard to believe these were


the scenes last year when Despite charging a small entry


fee for the first time, many were I mean, you don't have to pay


big bands big money like they do Everyone in Hull goes to Leeds


Festival or different cities for a similar experience `


and why go to a different city when It's the success of events like


this one which helped Hull secure This time around proved


the crowds will support the city's festivals,


whatever the weather. Let's get a recap of the


national and regional headlines. A day


of commemoration is held across the UK to mark 100 years since Britain


entered the First World War. A Lincolnshire chaplain accuses


the Church of England of being "behind the curve"


by blocking his job promotion What are we expecting this evening


in Lincolnshire? At ten o'clock, the lights will be


turned out here in Sleaford. A single candle will be left burning.


It is part of the gesture that will be repeated across the country to


remember those that died in World War I. There will be music, poetry


and remembrance of the 132 men who lost their lives from Sleaford. It


will be a service that is reflected on many parts of East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire tonight. Thank you.


A big response on the story of Chaplin Jeromy Pemberton.


I wonder if a good lawyer could prosecute the church? If anybody


else used such discrimination, they would become law. Somebody else


said, it is not normal. Sarah said, I am sick of religion being used to


explain away and excuse closed minded bigotry. Gena says, the


church needs to change its new on gay marriage, the Bible was written


2000 years ago when gay marriage was not the norm, how can society today


be expected to follow an outdated text and no longer relevant? Thank


you for those and for watching. Join me later. Goodbye.


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