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Hello. A Lincoln hospital chaplain who's gay is demanding the Church


Churches and cathedrals across this area are holding services to


mark the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the first World War


Anne`Marie Tasker is in Sle`ford tonight.


200 people shared a poignant moment at 10pm when the lights herd were


turned out. At the moment, we can hear a reading. It is part of a


special service being held here at St Denys' Church tonight to mark 100


years to the our since Brit`in went years to the our since Brit`in went


to war with Germany. As the lights were turned out,


candles burnt in St Denys' Church in Sleaford, a gesture repeated across


the country to mark the outbreak of war 100 years ago. As news spread


that Britain was at war with Germany, the Foreign Secret`ry


that Britain was at war with Germany, the Foreign Secretary said,


Germany, the Foreign Secret`ry said, the lamps are going out over Europe,


we shall not see them at a game in our lifetime. Those words,


inspiration for tonight's commemoration.


Young men joined up with their friends, they were excited, it was


an adventure. They are expected to be home by Christmas. In the


an adventure. They are expected to be home by Christmas. In thd midst


of that excitement, there were be home by Christmas. In the midst


of that excitement, there were those left behind wondering if thdir


children would come home. We will play music that was popular


at the time, for people back home. I hope that people in the audience


join in and commemorate that. Tonight's service includes music,


poetry and this marker of an unknown soldier, one of 132 men frol


soldier, one of 132 men from Sleaford killed in the war. The


lights have also been turned out on Skegness seafront. There is just a


single light on the clock face with a hand struck at ten p.m., to


encourage people to stop and remember. In Lincoln, a single light


has been left on in the cathedral. In Beverley, a special ceremony has


been held. In Sleaford, this service continues until 11 p.m., whdn


been held. In Sleaford, this service continues until 11 p.m., when the


last of these candles will be extinguished. A moment to rdflect


extinguished. A moment to reflect one of the darkest period in


Europe's history. A Lincoln hospital chaplain


who's gay is demanding the Church of England urgently examines why he


was blocked from a job In April, Canon Jeremy Pembdrton


was the first Church of England He was then banned from holding


services by his Bishop. Now a hospital trust says the same


Bishop has refused to Licence England's greatest controversies.


Gay marriage became legal in England and Wales earlier this year.


And Canon Jeremy Pemberton, seen first


Church of England clergyman to marry a man, his long`term partner


Laurence Cunningham. But now


the marriage has cost him a job. He was offered the role of chaplain


and bereavement manager at the Trust in Nottinham, but the offer


was withdrawn after the Bishop refused to grant him a licence in


the area. Speaking from abroad, Canon Pemberton gave me his


reaction. I think the Church of England is


clearly behind the curve in relation to where society is, becausd I think


for most people ` not everybody, some people don't like the hdea of


same`sex marriage ` but most people regard it as a completely


uncontroversial thing now, I think. In a statement, the Right Rdverend


Richard Inwood, the acting Bishop The Trust also declined an interview


but said: Pemberton currently works as a


hospital chaplain, we asked if people minded having a gay man in


the clergy. It doesn't bother me one bit. Each


to their own. Just personally, I don't


particularly like it. No. Why should


it bother anyone? It's 2014. And some within the church are


calling for a change in atthtude. gay couples, priests within the


church should marry, should commit themselves to each other, should


legalise their relationship, and of course in Christian terms, it's far


better to be married than to be cohabiting with someone or to be


living, as the church would put it, living in sin, which is what the


church is continue with his role in


Lincolnshire, but wants church leaders to look again


at their attitude to gay marriage. Tonight I spoke to Andrew Marsh from


a group which campaigns to see Britain return to the Christian


faith. I asked him whether Jeremy Pemberton was right to say the


church was "behind the curvd." On the


contrary. I think on this, society in this country in recent ddcades is


the steady but deliberate dismantling of different aspects of


marriage, and this has been a regressive rather than a progressive


step. are very different. Even the bishops


can't agree on this one, can they? The critical thing to recognise is


it is not the role of the church to follow


up every trend in society. The church belongs to God and its first


responsibility is to listen to him and to hold out the good


pattern he has, for society, and the


good news of rescue from de`th and judgement and broken


relationships to society. As I say, one bishop said that


and then the Bishop of Lincoln hasn't revoked Canon Pemberton's


licence, so it's very hard to know The Bishop of Southwell and


Nottingham is to be commenddd on taking this decision, sad as it is.


It does raise the question of what will happen and whether the Bishop


of Lincoln will take the action that is


necessary to ensure clarity and A million`pound scheme to protect


homes in Louth Anglian Water says it's installing


larger sewers in parts of the town to give more protection


to homes and businesses. The work should be


completed next year. It's understood that talks have


begun with Lincolnshire County Council over the


future of local libraries. There's been a long campaign to save


the service. Last month,


a High Court Judge ruled th`t the council unlawfully decided to hand


the libraries over to volunteers. Greenwich Leisure,


a not`for`profit company, is believed to have met with


representatives from the authority A Ukrainian woman who married


a man from Lincolnshire a year ago has been told by the


British Government that she must Haleena Ward is only in the UK on


a tourist visa and the Home Office says she'll eventually be removed


if she doesn't leave volunt`rily. But Mrs Ward told


our reporter Phillip Norton, that Halyna and Michael met three years


ago. In 2012, she was grantdd a tourist visa to stay with hhm. They


married in May last year. Now, her visa has expired and


appeals to stay been rejected. Halyna's home is in Luhansk, the


war`torn separatist`held arda of She can apply for a spousal visa,


but it has to be applied for from her homw country. The coupld say to


send her home would put Halyna in My house, ten miles,


there is shooting everywhere. Go out from that area with


children and families. The separatists view people


from outside, even from the Kiev My wife's lived


in that town all her life. Everyone knows her,


they know about me. They know that I am her husband


so it will be extremely dangerous Much of this is about the thming of


the unrest in Ukraine. The Home Office told them she could return to


a part of the country away from the been what it is now, they would


have considered going back and making a further application. What


they were saying in this case was the situation is such that we need


you to consider this case here, because we can't go back to our home


town, my home is under siege. the MP and a 200 signature


petition. In a statement, The Home Office said these applications are


considered on their individtal merits, including compelling and


compassionate circumstances and in No date has been given for Halyna to


leave the country. The couple are hoping for a further


review by the government. Now the weather. It is a finite out


there. Dry with clear spells. `` it is a fine night out there. Quite


cool in places. Single figures in the countryside. Tomorrow, a


cool in places. Single figures in the countryside. Tomorrow, ` fine


the countryside. Tomorrow, a fine start to the day. Broken cloud,


sunny spells and a bit more cloud in the afternoon. It should stay


largely dry and will feel w`rm again. Tomorrow doesn't look too bad


but it is unsettled with sole again. Tomorrow doesn't look too bad


but it is unsettled with some heavy rain on Wednesday.


That is it from others. Thank you for watching. We are back in the


morning as usual. Goodbye. Quite a fresh evening out there this




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