09/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Canada's historic Lancaster Bomber has been on display to the public


After spending 20 hours in the air flying thousands


of miles engineers say therd are a few minor problems to fix,


but hope she will be ready to fly alongside the only other airworthy


Jill Archbold reports from RAF Coningsby.


Many pieces of this historic Lancaster bomber's


skin will be taken off to check her condition after flying thousands


We will take those off and then we will start lookhng


for little leaks, things th`t may have come loose and such.


It is not that we are too worried about any big probldms.


We had a couple of issues on the flight


Vera's aluminium skin and rhvets are all original features, as are


But when it comes to communhcation and navigation, modern technology


has had to be added to make these flights possible.


Canadian documentary makers have been recording every moment


There is no creature comforts, it is a military machine.


It is bumpy, it is loud, it is cold, it is noisy, it is dirty,


It is what it is, it is a fantastic bit of engineering.


The chance to actually see her over here is out of this world.


Engineers at RAF Coningsby will work hard to make sure that Vera is ready


to fly alongside the only other aircraft airworthy Lancaster at


It's cost ?2.5 million, but Sewerby Hall near Bridlington has


finally re`openened to the public after months of refurbishment.


The 18th century home has bden restored to how it would have looked


a hundred years ago, with hopes it'll encourage more visitors.


So I am stepping from the housekeeper's sitting room


This is just how it would have looked in 1910.


We have installed a kitchen range which is fully functioning and these


Servants quarters, now as they used to be.


Visitors to Sewerby Hall ` the first to see a ?2.5 million refurbishment.


Paid for by the Heritage Lottery Fund and the


East Riding Council, it's bden six years of planning, structural


The whole really is divided into two halves.


We have these are decorated state apartments but we also have these


interactive rooms where people are invited to come in,


touch things and look at things and sort of really make fred with


It's great interaction for the children.


I think it is much better than it was, much more interesting.


and some borrowed ` in a de`l with London's Victoria Albert Museum.


40 pieces of furniture from the national collection


So Sewerby Hall and Gardens back in action.


With the hope that this refurbishment


will ultimately help improvd Bridlington's tourist offering.


Scunthorpe United have been defeated on their return to league one.


Grimsby town were held to a goalless draw at Bristol Rovers and there


were no goals for Lincoln who drew with with Kidderminster Harriers.


People in parts of Lincolnshire are cleaning up after flash flooding,


and there are reports of more heavy rain on the w`y.


This was Louth yesterday, which was one of the worst affected areas


Some places received a month's rain in 24 hours.


It's expected parts of Britain will be hit by the remnants


Now the weather forecast with Lisa Gallagher.


As we go through the night cloud is going to be increasing.


But it is going to be a fine evening for most of ts, the


Many of us avoiding them and staying dry.


And then as we go through the night cloud


Patchy rain will push northwards and temperatures will drop


down to around 14 degrees or 15 degrees Celsius.


But for tomorrow a Met office morning.


It is going to turn wet and also very windy too.


We will also see the rain pushing up from the south


during the first part of the morning and that rain is set to become heavy


Large rainfall totals by thd end of the day and by the end


of the day the wind will have strengthened and it could touch


gale`force in places by Sunday evening and overnight into Monday.


Also feeling quite cold too, with temperatures round


Good evening. Conditions in the next 24 hours may not match those of the


big storms of autumn and winter but they will make for an unpleasant


summer staples of already some unpleasant conditions here, wet and


very windy, but it is this low tide on to what once was hurricane


Bertha, which has now set its track for the UK as we go through Sunday.


Arriving to some southern and western areas as we start the day,


but let's concentrate on the southern half of the country for


tomorrow, this is where the wettest and windiest conditions will be to


begin with. Rain spreading across some parts, some of which will be


heavy. Strong winds across the South coast and then another surge which


could cause some damage pushing in from the west later. The most


persistent rain will be in Wales and the Midlands, many will turn dry and


brighter through the


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