10/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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is all for now. I will be back with the late news here on


People in East Hull say their street was hit by what they


described as a mini tornado which has left one woman in hospital.


Trees were brought down and cars damaged


in a storm this afternoon c`used by the remnants of Hurricane Bertha.


A storm that torn down trees and damaged cars.


And while some streets were hit, others nearby were unaffectdd.


This taxi was damaged just as the driver had picked up a fare,


Just before she shut the door, the Tornado came through. I could hear


the ground shaking. A big branch went through the car window and one


through the side window. She's went through the car window and one


through the side window. Shd's lucky through the side window. She's lucky


to be alive. People on the street say a big black cloud came over and


in about 15 seconds, there was a mini tornado which Richter trees and


damaged cars. I've never seen anything like it before.


The resident of this house taken by surprise.


There was a big bang. I thotght it was chucking it down. The Met office


says a tornado is unlikely, but a funnel cloud could have caused


strong localised wins. In West Hull,


some homeowners are counting Humberside Fire and rescue service


say they are currently inundated Neighbourly spirit in Norland Avenue


` where anyone who could lift a bucket was called upon to clear


water away The same street which had flooded


on a lesser scale just weeks ago. It is not nice when you are a home


owner. We all read the weather. We must have had six, seven or eight


floats now. The worst one w`s 2 07. floats now. The worst one was 2007.


But this has been bad. This is a West when we have are in the last


few years. Yes. The trend are not kicking in, all the forms are not to


alleviate it. This street was made a priority by


Humberside Fire and Rescue ` whose generators and pumps helped to


reduce the water level in mhnutes. I was there first time to see the


volume of controls `` the volume of calls our control room was taking.


They were inundated. With more rain forecast through


the night, residents in Hull will be watching closely and hophng


the scenes won?t be repeated again. The Environment Agency has hssued


a flood warning for the north bank of the Humber


between Kilnsea and Skeffling. It's in force until


the high tide has passed at 8.3 . The remnants of ex`Hurricand Bertha


has brought some wild weather today. We will continue to see


further heavy rainfall. A yellow Met Office warning


is still in force. Some very strong gusts,


especially by the coast. Up over the hills,


up to 50`60 miles per hour. That rain will continue to shift


through further towards the east. There will be some drier spells


by the early hours and tempdratures Tomorrow, very blustery once more,


still with very strong winds, There will be some heavy showers


which could be thundery for a time, but also plenty in the way


of sunny spells inbetween. Temperatures generally reaching


the high teens at best, but staying windy for Tuesd`y


and Wednesday, too. Scunthorpe United Manager Rtss


Wilcox says his team came away very disappointed from the first game


of their return to league one. The serious and stern expressions


as the players left the bus suggested Scunthorpd meant


business at Swindon. A long,


successful season had earned them still struggling to get a foothold


in the game when Swindon scored an And they were still strugglhng to


get a foothold in the game when As halftime loomed, it was 3`1. Not


much happened after, save for an altercation which


saw Marcus Williams dismissdd. Gloom and began to assert themselves,


with Paddy Madden slotting home. But as halftime loomed, it was


unexpectedly 3`1 ? tough on Scunny. Not much happened after,


save for an altercation which saw It?s


a challenge we?re all waiting for. We?ve been striving for ten months


to achieve this, so we?re not going The next one is


a nice easy trip to Blackburn. It might well be that we?ve seen one


of the promotion candidates today. Swindon certainly moved


the ball around well. And Scunthorpe United learned


a valuable lesson today ? that League One football is going to be


far tougher than League Two. Hello there. With reports of


flooding and wind damage in some parts of the UK, hurricane Bertha


has certainly left her mark, in one form or another. The low that sperm




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