16/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel, we are back


A nature reserve in North Lincolnshire has opened


for the first time today after it was flooded


The Far Ings reserve, on the banks of the Humber, suffered


damage to its visitor centre and had to be closed for months of repairs.


The Environment Agency has also rebuilt parts of the river bank.


But some wildlife has actually benefited from the flooding.


were inundated with sea water last December.


But now young wildlife watchers like Megan can enjoy them once more.


The reserve opened to visitors for the first time today


The force of the tidal surge took chunks out of the river bank.


The water swept over the top and into the visitor centre through


Even though we had the building cleaned and dried and the water out


within 36 hours, the damage had been done. We had to have the plaster


stripped and dried. The ponds did less damage than first feared and


levels are timed to normal in the first few months. Some wildlife has


benefited because of the high water levels. Some boards usually nest in


the reeds. This year, the predators can get to them because of the high


water. For months, work has been done to repair the building. No


visitors can return and enjoy the area. It's just good to come and see


the wildlife and the flowers. Beautiful sunshine and many


animals. A great day out. Far Ings attracts thousands of visitors every


year and volunteers are glad to get it open again.


Flights have resumed at Robin Hood Airport near Doncaster


after a plane developed problems with its undercarriage


Around 1800 passengers were affected as flights were redirected. An


investigation is under way. Surveillance planes based


near Lincoln have been sent to Northern Iraq as fighting continues


in the region. The Rivet Joint arrived at


RAF Waddington last November. The Ministry of Defence says it is


helping to build understanding of the humanitarian situation in Iraq


and give a more accurate picture The Highways Agency says it's


confident a second phase of roadworks on the M180 won't cause


the disruption seen last week. There were long delays after the


eastbound carriageway was completely The highways agency says


the next section of work between the M18 exit at junction 5


and junction 3 will be carried out All the work should be complete


before the August bank holiday. Hull City made a strong start to


their Premier League Campaign today. A header just after half time


from James Chester gave the Tigers the win ahead against


Queens Park Rangers. Meanwhile,


Scunthorpe United's first home match The Iron lost by four goals to nil


against Preston in league one. A late goal


in the conference premier meant Grimsby Town had to settle for


a 1`all draw with Dover Athletic. Better news though for Lincoln City


who beat Barnet 2`1. Hull FC face the Bradford Bulls


in the Super League tomorrow. The black


and whites are currently in 12, just one place above Bradford,


who have already been relegated. But head coach Lee Radford says he's


still expecting We want to put a performance on,


not only for us but It's important that we finish


on a high and push everyone else as possibly hard as we can


for them to make the eight. At the moment, there are other teams


in a better position, but we want to Here's Kawser Quamer with


the forecast. The winds are really picking up


as we head through the night and we will start to see a band


of rain push north or southwards overnight and, with it,


some very strong winds. There is a Met Office yellow


warning in place for tomorrow as we By the early hours,


the rain band generally pushes southbound, temperatures


around 13 Celsius tonight. Sunshine and scattered showers,


feeling cool, though, That's the latest from


BBC Look North. Hope you can join us then. Bye for


now. The start of the football season


reminds us autumn is around the corner and the an autumnal flavour


for the next few


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