17/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel and I will


be back with the Major roadworks are due be carried


on one of the main routes into Hull It's just seven months since Spring


Bank West fully reopened after From tomorrow, there'll be new


closures as the road is resurfaced. Thousands


of vehicles travel this route to But for those that work here,


roadworks are also unwelcome. It was closed a few months ago. It


is such a busy road on a normal day. It quick lock 's. `` it


gridlock. And local residents say they're


preparing to cope with delays. Getting up earlier, setting off


earlier, getting home later. From Monday, Spring Bank West will


be partially closed between Pulman Street and Woodgate Road,


with traffic lights to control A week later the road will closed


completely overnight from seven pm until 5.30am, with


only local residents given access. But this area has seen plenty


of delays. The council has apologised


for the disruption saying: Last summer, work began to replace


this railway bridge. The project ended up lasting until winter.


The council has apologised for the disruption saying:


It's thought the work will last for two weeks, with the road reopening


A woman's been arrested on suspicion of arson after a fire in a block


Six people had to be rescued by the fire service from the flats


A 24`year`old woman remains in police custody.


Part of the A15 in Lincoln was closed today after a water main


burst flooding the road. Water was seen bubbling up through the road


surface and over both carriageways. Anglian Water say engingeers have


been at the site all day and are working to solve the problem.


Lincolnshire police have warned drivers to take extra care because


of the amount of standing water in the area.


It was the best possible start for Hull City's premier League campaign


` a 1`0 win away against Queens Park Rangers.


But in league one disappointment for Iron fans as Scunthorpe United


It took time, but this was the goal that gave Hull City the win


in their first Premier League game this season ` James Chester finding


It was the home who had more shots on target


A penalty against Chester in the final ten minutes


of the game gave QPR the chance of a draw, but once again the


visitors held on ` the final score, Hull City 1, Queens Park Rangers 0.


The first goal is vitally important. It got hectic towards the end.


It was a different story for Scunthorpe United.


The Iron had shots on target but it was Preston who took


And goal followed goal for the visitors ` the match ending Preston


Big learning curve. We have to get streetwise.


A disappointing result which the Iron have to put behind them before


And in the Superleague Hull FC lost a tight game against Bradford Bulls.


The Black and Whites were just ahead at the break but were eventually


beaten 28`34 with three of the tries for Bradford coming from Hull's loan


And you can see highlights of the game on the Superleague show.


That's on tomorrow on BBC one at 11.35.


A Lincolnshire man says running seven marathons in seven days was


Ben Gibbons from Cherry Willingham near Lincoln completed his final


He took on the challenge in his brother's memory.


Since then, his family have been raising money


It has been a very windy day and we keep the strength of that overnight.


A few showers around as well. Eventually, the showers becoming


confined to more coastal areas. Tomorrow morning, the showers skip


away. In the afternoon, still further showers expected to crop up.


A high of 17 Celsius. A little disappointing for August. Further


showers through the week. The wind will start to ease.


I'm back at 10.15pm tonight with a round up of the day's news.


Good evening. It was a slow start for England and Wales. We got there


in the end today. A cloudy morning, with some outbreaks of rain. As that


weather front sank south, breaks in the cloud developed. Different


further north - it stayed windy and wet, with showers and longer spells


of rain at times. That low area of pressure drifts off to the east. A


few showers drifting further south, inWales and northern England.


The strongest of the winds first thing tomorrow morning across the


far north-east of Scotland. Rough seas. Hopefully fewer showers than


we have seen today. A cloudy start and we run the risk of a few showers


through Wales, the Midlands, into the south-east corner. By the end of


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