20/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Now, on BBC One, it's time for the news where you are.


A man from Grimsby, who has a potentially fatal heart condition,


says his life is being put at greater risk because his hospital


Phil Green, who's 65, has a chance of survival with surgery.


But he says every time his appointment is cancelled,


Grimsby business owner Phil Green knows any day could be his last


as he waits to find out if life`saving surgery is possible.


I really don't know what to do with life, whether to plan anything,


I've been told not to go out of the UK for a holiday.


Some nights I don't go to bed, or I don't go to sleep,


because I think if I go to sleep, that will be the end.


Phil has an aortic aneurysm, a bulge in the main artery in the body which


It's caused by a weakness in the blood vessel wall.


As blood passes through the weakened area, the pressure causes it to


If it bursts, death usually occurs within minutes.


But after being referred to hospital in June, he was given an


That was then cancelled and moved to the 24th.


That too was then cancelled and now it is on the 9th


of September, four weeks after the original appointment.


It is very, very important to me but it doesn't seem to be important


No`one from the Hull and East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust


was available for interview, but they did send a statement saying,


"We would like to acknowledge his concerns and apologise


"Every effort will be made to ensure upcoming appointments


But this health watchdog says this is a big problem for the trust.


The Care Quality Commission, when they came to visit


and inspect the trust service this year, they picked up on around 20%


So that is a lot of people being told quite late


in the day that their appointment wasn't going to be taking place.


Phil says he just wants the best possible chance


of survival, but says, so far, that's not what he's been given.


Street signs are being put up in part


of Lincoln to try to stop what local people say are "noisy students."


It's hoped they'll encourage students to be more considerate


Going out drinking is part of university life but here


in Lincoln some residents say they suffer from rowdy students making


This man lives in the West End area of the city and


says when the students move back into town he has to move back into


They are up till four o'clock in the morning, coming down the


street, shouting, and in some cases getting absolutely silly and kicking


over bins and there are instances of vandalism on car, but it's the


So signs have been put up to tell drinkers to shush.


Most are in the streets around Carholme Road where residents


and students literally live side by side.


A whole host of organisations are behind the signs, including the


It hasn't been done before and we're not sure if it will work.


I don't think there is an easy solution or an overnight solution.


The signs are fairly small and at least 6ft off the ground.


If they are fuelled with alcohol they will not be reading any signs.


I agree that a lot of students are too loud.


A similar poster scheme was tried around ten years ago.


This new campaign will also use branded wrstibands and


In an area which has seen a massive increase in student housing over


the last decade, residents hope it will make the minority of


Tonight, I spoke to David Mitchell who?s lived in Lincoln


for 40 years and is a member of the West End Residents' Association.


I asked him what how bad the problem is.


It is appalling. It really is. We have had it for ten years. We have a


wonderful residents Association, we have four local councillors who are


superb. We are not helped by the university authorities. We are


helped by the student union and it is the lack of police with this


noise, this appalling noise and bad behaviour, it is now until 5am. Do


you think this campaign will work and we'll sort the problem out? I


hope you can see me with a rise smile. I met a young mother from the


West End, she was on her way home from work, she was looking at one of


these notices and she said it was pathetic. It doesn't work at all.


What about those people saying if you live in an area three miles away


from the University, what do you expect? Are you telling me I have to


move out? We were there long before the university and the university


was put there without any planning or foresight from Lincolnshire


County Council turn at Lincoln City council, and we are not going to be


forced out seven nights a week we have this noise sometimes.


A consultation has begun into the future of library services in Hull.


People are being asked what they think of city council run libraries.


The authority says budget cuts mean it has difficult choices to make


about the future of libraries in the city.


A cool and cloudy day to come. The cloud has broken and there are clear


spells. Paul cloudy pushing down into parts of East Yorkshire with


some rain. The temperatures are lowest across Lincolnshire where the


skies remain here is. Tomorrow, more cloud, and it is breezy. There is a


risk of showery bursts of rain spreading down from the north. A


moderate breeze from the West, with temperatures lifting to 16 or 17, so


it will feel cool under the cloud cover. Friday and Saturday similar,


but it is not a bad weekend. Wet and windy on Monday.


We are back in the morning, first bulletin is at 6:25am. See you


tomorrow night. Same time, same place. Take care.


Good evening. For many of us a bank holiday looms large and so does a


change in the weather patterns. Is the that good or bad news? Only you


can decide that. For the time being we've got similar weather patterns.


Another chilly day tomorrow, with some sunshine but probably more


showers. Today's showers are fading from the east but we are seeing


outbreaks of rain in parts of Scotland, parts of Northern Ireland


and later in the night northern England. You won't be as cold here


tonight. Further south, is chilly. With clear skies in rural areas down


to just 4 or 5


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