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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North.


The man who says his life is being put at risk


Signs go up around Lincoln telling drunken students to be quiet.


I gauge the latest reaction to this attempt to get students to keep the


noise down. The roar


of a Lincolnshire jet engine that's And the 25`foot tall plant that's


broken through the roof I will be back later in the


programme with the weather. A man from Grimsby who has


a potentially fatal heart condition says his life is being put at


greater risk because his hospital Phil Green, who's 65,


has a heart defect which means he Grimsby business owner Phil Green


knows any day could be his last as he waits to find out


if life`saving surgery is possible. I really don't know what to do with


life, whether to plan anything, I've been told not to go out


of the UK for holiday. Some nights I don't go to bed, or I


don't go to sleep, because I think if I go to sleep, that will be the


end. Phil has an aortic aneurysm, a in the main artery in the body which


carries blood away from the heart. It is caused by a weakness


in the blood vessel wall. As blood passes through the weakened


area, the pressure causes it to If it bursts, death usually


occurs within minutes. If it ruptures,


that is a medical emergency. It is a significant event,


someone would certainly know there The symptoms vary, they might have


abdominal pain or chest pain. They might feel nauseated


or sweat. Their family would certainly know


something was wrong and there is But after being referred to


hospital in June, he was given an That too was then cancelled


and now it is on the 9th of September, four weeks


after the original appointment. It is very, very important to me


but it doesn't seem to be important To me, I want to keep living,


as we all do. No`one from the Hull and


East Yorkshire Hospital NHS Trust was available for interview, but


they did send a statement saying, "We would like to acknowledge his


concerns and apologise "Every effort will be made to ensure


upcoming appointments But this health watchdog says this


is a big problem for the trust. The Care Quality Commission,


when they came to visit and inspect the trust service this


year, they picked up on around 20% So that is a lot


of people being told quite late in the day that their appointment


wasn't going to be taking place. Phil says he just wants


the best possible chance of survival, but says, so far,


that is not what he's been given. We want to hear from you


on this story, have you had a similar experience to


Phil, maybe you are a doctor or a nurse and have experience of this


problem from the other side? Street signs are being put up in


Lincoln to try to stop what local The signs are being placed


in the West End of the city ahead of Freshers Week, as part


of a new campaign called Shush. It's hoped it will encourage


students to be more considerate What evidence is there that the


students are the problem? There are no specific figures that look at


student anti`social behaviour but the total number of anti`social


behaviour reported in the city centre was 78 last year but the


month before this shouldn't population arrived there were more


so that suggests it is not just the students that are the issue. People


here say that freshers week last year was the worst they have


suffered and in all these signs will be one way of giving students the


message to be quiet. Going out drinking is part of university life


better here in Lincoln some residents say they suffer from rowdy


students. This man lives in the West End area of the city and says when


the students move back into town he has to move back into his back


bedroom to get any sleep. They are up till four o'clock in the morning


shouting the street and in some cases getting absolutely silly and


kicking over bins and there are instances of vandalism that it is


the biggest problem with the noise. I don't think there is an easy or


overnight solution. Local residents want to go to sleep and it is that


kind of behaviour they are dealing with. Young people really need to


have respect for the neighbourhood and be part of the community. The


size of fairly small and at least six feet off the ground so will


anyone take notice? I don't think so. If they are fuelled with alcohol


they will not be reading any signs and just having a good time. I agree


that a lot of students are to load. I am very allowed. A similar post a


similar poster scheme was tried around ten years ago. In an area


which has seen a massive increase in student housing over the last


decade, residents hope it will make the minority of troublemakers drink


up and shut up. You might also have a view on this


story as well, do you have problems with noise? Maybe you are a student


and think you are being unfairly The Humber Bridge has reopened after


being closed in the afternoon. It is because of a police incident on the


bridge. The bridge. There are still long delays. A consultation has


begun to the future of library services in Holland. ``in Hull.


It's a sure sign that we are entering


the general election campaign as politicians from all sides try


The latest national opinion poll saw Labour overturn a narrow lead


for the Tories and now there's a new set of polls


They suggest the Conservatives could face


a tough battle to hang`on to seats like Lincoln at the next election.


The polls, which have been commissioned


by the Tory donor Lord Ashcroft, show Labour ahead in Lincoln


Our Political Editor Tim Iredale is here.


We know that voters in certain towns and cities can give us a big clue


as to the outcome of a general election.


Lincoln, for example, generally chooses an MP


from the party that goes on to form the government of the day.


In 2010 the seat was won by Conservative Karl McCartney.


Lincoln is what the opinion pollsters describe


In any general election parties want to win as many seats as possible


next year it looks as if it will be very close. What is interesting


about areas like Lincoln and Grimsby is that the party that a second has


to try to win that seat if it is to stand any chance.


The poll of constituencies, commissioned by the former


and Tory donor Lord Ashcroft ` Labour have established a small lead


Labour are on 37% ` four points ahead of the Tories.


These polls have around a 3% margin of error and are the only surveys of


Polling has also taken place in Great Grimsby `


where the current Labour MP Austin Mitchell will step down next year.


The figures show Labour ahead on 37%, but with UKIP in second place


Grimsby has only had two MPs since the 1970s. But now it is more of a


marginal and more of a target for the Conservatives and also as a


target for UKIP. Remember, opinion polls always


should be treated with caution. They are a snapshot of voters'


views at this moment in time. Any politician will tell you


the only poll that matters is I'm joined now by David Mitchell,


who's lived in Lincoln for 40 years and is a member of The West End


Resident's Association. What is it about living near a


university that is so hard? Is it students coming home late at night?


It is appalling. We have had it for ten years and we have a wonderful


residents Association and for local councillors who are absolutely


superb. We have not helped by the university authorities. We are


however helped by the students union and it is the lack of police with


this appalling noise and bad behaviour. It is now until around


five o'clock in the morning which is intolerable. Do you think this


campaign will work and sort the problem out? I hope you can see me


with a rice mail. ``a wry smile. We have had it before and it does not


work at all. What about people who are asking that if you live at an


alia 23 away from the University, what do you expect? ``live in an


area. I am sorry but we will not be forced out. We're having this seven


nights a week. The government estimates the university is worth


more than ?200 million to the local economy. You cannot demonise the


students of drive them away when you have that sort of figure. There are


some very nice young people doubt that when they go out like


wildebeest and heads of 30 at midnight they are already tanked


up. ``herds of 30. Still ahead tonight: The roar of a


Lincolnshire jet engine that's being used in the BBC Proms.


And the 25`foot tall plant that's broken through the roof of its


owners' greenhouse. Jackie Osgodby took this from the


top of the turret at Lincoln Tomorrow does not look like a


billion today. It will feel cool. `` a brilliant day.


billion today. It will feel cool. `` a brilliant day. The showers will


continue to use away over the next couple of hours and there will be


clear spells this evening. Cloud is spilling down from the north into


parts of east Yorkshire. In Lincolnshire temperatures will


remain the lowest. The sun will rise just before six o'clock in the


morning. High water will be just for 4am. Tomorrow morning Lincolnshire


will not be too bad and there will be more cloud across the North was


showery bursts of rain. The cloud and showery bursts of rain will ease


eventually but it will feel cool with that breeze and it will be


disappointing at 15 degrees or 16 degrees. On Friday, sunshine and a


few showers. It will be very cold indeed but largely dry and bright


for Saturday and Sunday. Monday will be rainy and windy.


People living in Winterton say they'll fight plans to sell off the


North Lincolnshire town's football ground. Winterton Rangers claims its


club is running at a loss, and wants to sell what's considered to be


community land to a housing developer. But the club's directors


insist the money would be used to relocate it to a new ground. Crispin


Rolfe has more. Outside the gates of Winterton Rangers. Campaigners


calling for the club to stay put and not to sell for housing what many


consider to be community land. The club's put its prime site up for


sale for ?2.5 million, to the dismay of neighbours.


This is a community club and has been here for over 70 years. The


thought of having houses here is very upsetting.


Junior teams play here alongside the club's first team, but Winterton


Rangers insists sports facilities won't be lost, just relocated.


We should be able to relocate and provide a more bespoke facility


without maintenance or expenditure to achieve exactly the same aims.


Winterton's not the only sports facility that's been facing


financial pressures. Hull's Young People's Institute has been forced


to sell land too. The difference is that the sale here is only on the


condition that it remains in place for sport.


And in Winterton, that's the fear ` uncertainty of how this site will be


used. So now there are calls for local groups to bid to take it over.


Any community group that comes up with a business plan can put that


for what in the next six months and hopefully we will get more people to


come forward to try to get this going.


may help financially, but right now the club seems set on exploring its


options. Which could mean the loss of community facilities and land in


A specially commissioned piece of music will include the sound


of a 1960's jet they restored at Metheringham Airfield.


The ears of these aviation enthusiasts, and now to lovers of


classical music as well. The sound of the engine has been chosen to be


part of a special piece of music, performed for the first time at the


BBC Proms this evening. Paul Flynn and his team at the airfield in


Lincolnshire contributed the sound of the aircraft they have spent the


last decade restoring. We think we've spent upwards of 20,000


man`hours on the aeroplane and we've certainly spent an amount of money


The music, commissioned by BBC Radio Four,


includes 18 everyday sounds, all contributed by listeners. They


include the sound of thunder... And even the sound of Crewe railway


station. The aircraft was originally used to train pilots before


performing in air displays, but when it was found in a scrapyard, this


is what it looked like. It was just an empty shell, the wings have been


broken off. All the interior was missing, there was no engine. Will


it ever fly again? No, we've tried long and hard to locate the original


paperwork for the aeroplane, it is never come to light. Without that


provenance, it will stay firmly rooted to the ground. The team have


been invited to the first public performance of the competition,


taking place at the Royal Academy of Music. It may never take to the


skies of Britain again, but at least it will


If you have a story you think we should know about, drop us an e`mail


and give us your telephone number. Hull City's big summer signing


Robert Snodgrass faces six months on the sidelines after being diagnosed


with a dislocated knee cap. Snodgrass was injured during the


victory over Queens Park Rangers at the weekend. Manager Steve Bruce


confirmed the news before boarding the plane for the Tigers next


European game in Belgium. We've lost Robert Snodgrass now, and


with the diagnosis we're thinking we're going to lose him for


six months, which is a big blow to us all, because we spent a terrible


amount of money to add to the midfield area, and obviously we've


lost him. He's out for the best part of the


season. It's a tragedy for him and The Irons were beaten 2`0 by


Fleetwood Town ` one of the two sides promoted with


them at the end of last season. Manager Russ Wilcox is looking for


an improvement all`round. Obviously, we don't want to lose the


first six, but it is a long way to go. We have 43


games yet, we need that first win soon to give everybody belief and


confidence. have been selected to cheer on Rugby


League teams Leeds and Castleford in this weekend's Challenge Cup final.


The girls are regular performers for Hull Kingston Rovers Dance and the


Michelle Kent School of Dance. They've been rehearsing their final


routine ahead of the performance at A married couple from Lincolnshire


who have grown cacti for decades say a 25`foot plant has become


part of their family. The succulent, commonly mistaken for a cactus, was


bought by the couple in France 50 years ago. It grew so quickly, it


even smashed their greenhouse roof. This plant has taken growing towards


the sun quite literally. The plant used to be this big. A lot of them


do not grow anywhere near as big so we just waited, as you doing these


things. This one grew too big. This plant has been growing for over 50


years. They have never raised anything the spec. Having kept it


for 50 or 60 years, it has been part and parcel of the family and it is


one of those things that is always been sitting at the end of the


greenhouse. We need a chainsaw to try and keep the flower stem intact


but when we put it is probably going to be up on the part of the roof as


a talking point. It is not a completely sad end to the story. If


you look under here, for offsets are many plans can be ``or mini plants


can also be planted. It is not clear why are plant bought in the South of


France grew so big in the Lincolnshire Sun but the family hope


that its offshoots will always be part of the family.


Let's get a recap of the national and regional headlines.


The US, UK and France express disgust over the apparent beheading


of an American journalist by an Islamic State militant. A Grimsby


man says his life is being put at risk because of hospital


The top temperature tomorrow will be 17 Celsius.


One lady says she has had for appointments cancelled in Grimsby.


``four appointments. Another man says he has had three appointments


cancelled even though he is on the priority list. Goodbye for now.


We've got factory boys and butchers' apprentices and office clerks


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