23/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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The health trust which runs Lincolnshire's ambulance


service has admitted losing a data cartridge containing the records


The chief executive of East Midlands Ambulance Service, Sue Noyes, says


the cartridge went missing from the service's Nottingham headquarters.


It contains copies of handwritten reports taken


after ambulance call outs between September and November 2012.


Debt as a great concern and we are taking it very seriously. We are


going to take it to all the commission to regulate these things.


We have put steps in place to secure the information and we will do so


once the investigation is underway. A man's been airlifted to


hospital after his light aircraft The accident happened last night,


shortly after the plane took`off A group against the process known


as fracking have marched through Campaigners congregated in


Queen Victoria Square to listen to It comes as a protest camp continues


outside of the Rathlin Energy Site Rathlin Energy deny they plan


to carry out fracking there. I think a lot of people do not know


this is going on. We need to spread the word. We are trying to raise


awareness. We want to stop it when we still time.


Some Hull City fans say they'll never follow the team in Europe


again, after violence overshadowed thursday's game in Belgium.


Fans say they were attacked by banned supporters of home side


Today, as they arrived back in Hull, many blamed poor policing.


Fans arrived back at Hull's ferry terminal this morning, some battered


and bruised as a result of thursday night's violence.


Others say they'll never follow the tigers in europe again.


I will not go again. My grandchildren were signing. ``


crying. Those who were there describe being


attacked after the game by supporters


of the Belgian team Lokeren, As they passed this pub,


bottles began to fly, It is always disturbing when you


think of what they get made it should be for everybody.


Unfortunately, trouble. It is a shame.


Supporters were united in blaming Belgian police.


They did not do anything. They stood there. Somebody next to me was cut.


Not offer any support. They would not let us move.


With Lokeren fans due in Hull on Thursday for the return leg,


police will be keen to ensure these ugly scenes aren't repeated.


And there's coverage of Hull City next game in the Premier League


tomorrow on BBC Radio Humberside. They play their first home game of


the season against Stoke City. Kick off is at 1.30pm.


In today's football, Scunthorpe United are still looking


The Iron did pick up their first point of the season at Yeovil.


They went behind, but a goal from Paddy Madden earned them a 1`1 draw.


In the Conference, Grimsby Town went to Gateshead and


Strikes from Craig Disley and two each from Lenell John`Lewis


and Scott Neilson, as well as an own goal, gave them a 6`1 victory.


Sean Newton, Hamza Bencherif and Ben Tomlinson all scored.


Let's get the weather forecast now, with Kay Crewdson. Showers are going


to continue. Some of them are happy. Plenty of clear skies eventually.


Take a look. Eight or nine Celsius. Very chilly start tomorrow. We are


going to see the sunshine tunnelling increasingly easy. `` hazy. Goodbye.


It has been a familiar story again today, pleasant in the sunshine but


certainly a chill in the air and tonight will be unusually cold for


this time of year. There will be some sunshine on Sunday before cloud


increases in the West to bring some rain around on Monday. Still showers


at the moment, some heavy ones, maybe thundery across eastern


England, Windows will fade away, maybe thundery across eastern


England, Windows will fade tonight will be dry, clear, cold, not a


breath of


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