24/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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crash as "absolutely unacceptable". -- booing.


A father from Hull who's been trapped in Iraq could be on


Kristian Nicholson has only been able to talk to his family via


the Internet after his passport was confiscated by


Today, he received a six month suspended sentence


He got a six`month suspended sentence, which means he can


He has to go to the police station tomorrow to pick his passport up,


so we're hoping that he'll be home before the end of the week.


Canal restorers are hoping to secure a ?3 million lottery grant


The Grantham Canal was once a key transport link,


Volunteers think they can return it to its former glory


200 miles of British canals brought back to life in the last 14 years.


Now Grantham's Canal is bidding to join them.


We restored disc 2009 when the war started to collapse.


John Brydon from the Grantham Canal Society and Stephen Hardy from


the Canal and River Trust, taking a look at the success so far.


The restoration of the Woolsthorpe Top Lock.


This is a completely refurbished block. We want to move down to the


next flight, that's the big project ahead of us.


Their day may have gone, but Lincolnshire make the most


Well the Canal and River Trust is calling for volunteers to help


improve waterways around Louth, Sleaford and Grantham.


We are likely to see more commercial activity, particularly in northern


Lincolnshire whether there is currently trade movement but that is


capacity for more. Leisure is still an important part of local


economies. If it was developed more, we would have more trade. Pubs are


in decline at the moment. The message from other parts of the UK


is to make the most of the canal. Wildlife is currently the


Grantham Canal's main attraction, but if a ?3 million funding bid can


help fix a few significant lock gates, then boat owners might also


find it appealing. If we can get beyond these four


blocks, that is our initiative. The importance of getting them restored


is just so important. Of course, restoring the canal


isn't an overnight project. But here,


the hope that this waterway can flourish and bring tourism,


trade and boats back to Grantham. Football now,


and Hull City were taking on Stoke City in their first home match


of the Premier League season. They suffered an early setback


when James Chester was sent off, but still took the lead through


Nikicia Jelavic before half`time. It wasn't


until six minutes to go that Stoke Scunthorpe United moved


off the bottom of League One The Iron are still looking


for their first win of the season, but did manage a draw after


Paddy Madden's equalising goal with Fishmongers from across


the country are in Cleethorpes this weekend for the annual


British Fish Craft Championship. Representing large supermarkets


and small shops, they've been competing in various categories,


as Jake Zuckerman reports. With a flash


of their filleting knives, 50 of the UK's top fishmongers made


short work of the salmon, plaice All had come to Cleethorpes to


battle for the title of There are various rounds that you


can enter. You have two choose any five out of 12 competitions. The guy


or lady with the highest score gets the overall winner.


This impressive shield is what they'll be hoping to take home.


The competition has been going for 62 years


I've been doing it for 14 years now.


But to have any chance of winning they'll have to get


the better of this man, last year's champion, Mike Crates.


I was the runner`up 19 times and won it last year for the first time


ever, which was very emotional to me and my family.


Given the area's fishing heritage, it's perhaps surprising that it's


the first time the competition has come to North East Lincolnshire.


The festivities continue tomorrow with displays of filleting


We have a yellow running for rain. Overnight tonight, the breeze is


going to freshen. It will stay dry and be milder than it was last


night. We continue to see cloud increasing, rain pushing up from the


south, most persistent in Lincolnshire. Lighter and patchy


across northern After that cold start this morning,


it has been quite a nice day for most of us. We have seen cloud


amounts increasing but it is this cloud that is coming in from the


Atlantic which is going to bring change in weather. Not too much rain


from it, further patchy rain across Northern Ireland overnight, some


rain at times across Wales and the south-west, shovelling further


east. Far north of England and particularly Scotland, saying drive.


Clearer skies, still quite cold,


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