30/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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points and their mood is considerably darker


Detectives have arrested four more boys in connection with


42`year`old Warren Fee, from Coronation Close,


died from a serious head injury in hospital on Thursday.


Police had previously arrested three children.


One girl has been released on police bail, while two others, a


A man has been airlifted to hospital after falling 40 feet from


Coastguard workers helped to transport the man to the helicopter


because it couldn't land near the building on Palace Avenue.


It's thought he could have been lying there for three to


A Lincolnshire council says fly`tipping is costing them


The City last of Lincoln Council says it had to deal with over 1,000


dumped items last year, including fridges,


Our reporter Phillip Norton has more.


Dash`macro two. An army of litter pickers marching to clear up the


streets. Residents have joined forces with army cadets and a


community group to tackle a rise in litter and fly`tipping around the


Abbey and Parkwood areas. There is fly`tipping, sofas, things like


that, so it is an issue that lots of other places have. It is not nice


when there is litter everywhere so it is good to make a difference. It


is not just compliant `` confined to this part of Lincoln. The latest


figures reveal more than 1100 items were dumped in public areas in the


city. Compared to 925 the year before. A rise of 22%. In the last


12 months, it has cost the City of Lincoln Council taxpayers around


?22,000 to clear it up. `` 20 ?7,000. More than a tonne of waste


collected already today includes televisions, printers, computers,


even hypodermic needles, collected just this morning. We have had


residents today saying, thank you very much for what we are doing. And


also, you should not have to do it. Because the minority of people who


are irresponsible and do not care about others or the environment.


Fly`tipping is a criminal offence but if my officers are reporting a


fridge and a freezer dumped, the likelihood of them relating that


back to an individual is slim. The poor must see this happening, this


large`scale fly`tipping and we need good evidence from members of the


public to take it forward. It is hoped these events will inspire


others to report people and to make culprits think again about their


actions. Hull's mobile libraries have carried


out their last rounds today. The council has provided a mobile


service since 2006, but now says it needs to reduce the library budget


by over ?400,000 by March next year. Football now, and Scunthorpe United


finally got their first win The Iron beat Walsall two`one,


with goals from Hakeeb Adelakun Both our teams in the Conference


lost today. Grimsby went down two`one


at Aldershot, after having a man sent off, and


Lincoln also had a player sent off Hull City return to Premier League


action tomorrow, The Tigers have made


an impressive start in the league, with only a late goal last week


by Stoke preventing them Manager Steve Bruce says Aston Villa


have had an equally good beginning They have had a good start. Really


good start. It has been interesting to see things developing. With


players coming in. They have had a good start. It is always a difficult


race to get a result but let's hope we can do it. `` place.


And you can hear that game at Villa Park on BBC Radio Humberside.


The risk of showers but overnight, they will fade away to the South and


we will see clear spells from the North. Light winds and temperatures


down to 12, 13 degrees. Tomorrow will be another pleasant day, it


will be dry with variable cloud, right and sunny spells. It will


cloud over from the West late in the day, gentle winds and temperatures


down to 18, 19 degrees. That is all from us this evening, we


are back tomorrow, enjoyed a weekend. `` enjoyed the weekend.


our BBC London radio station. I will be back tomorrow. Goodbye.


Good evening. We still have some showers in parts of the UK with


heavier ones in North East Scotland close to this low pressure. There is


a deeper low in the Atlantic, the former hurricane, which is moving


towards Iceland. Ahead of that through the night and tomorrow, we


see pressure building. That clears away the showers and for many


tomorrow will be drier and clearer with lighter winds and feeling


warmer. As we start Sunday morning, bright skies breakthrough across


parts of South West England with temperatures about 15 degrees




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