31/08/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Local groups in Beverley are calling for a multi`million pound shopping


centre to be the last major retail development in the town.


?30 million is being spent in the Flemingate area to build


The developer says it will compliment the historic areas


On one side of Beverley's railway line is it's


historic town centre, complete with Minster and cobbled streets.


Cross over the bridge, and you will meet the modern and a multi`million


It's the marriage of these two parts that many are keen to get right.


This is very much a complementary development to


Beverley, it is to offer a retail and leisure footprint that's not


Beverley has kind of stood still in retail terms for many years, but as


part of our negotiations with the council and local interest groups,


we have improved the footpath links into Beverley town centre.


Roadside boards give a glimpse of the development's scale `


this huge steel frame is the beginning of a new college.


Many welcome these changes, but some say the town is reaching


This, I think, is the last retail site we should


Good towns grow and aren't plonked upon, if you like.


We are much happier about this development.


Accusations have been levelled at us, because there are other


developments that we are opposing and that we are not very happy


about, that we are anti`development, that's not the case at all.


Beverley is a town, all towns are dynamic, they need to grow.


Less than a quarter of a mile away, some independent retailers in the


In terms of passing trade, and footfall, this will be a really


busy area, I think, with people walking from one end to the other.


But my only concerns are that with such big buildings and also bringing


a lot of chains into Beverley, I just worry for the independent


traders, because Beverley is predominantly made up from people


that have given their life and soul to their businesses. Many


high street retailers are committed to doing business here,


enough to give the developer confidence to start building.


Those with doubts will have to wait until next year to see


if the big brands can blend with the rest of Beverley.


Detectives are questioning a 47`year`old man


following the death of a man in Bridlington earlier this week.


39`year`old Graham White was found unconscious on Sewerby Road early


on Wednesday morning and died shortly afterwards.


The man, who was arrested but hospitalised following the


Five other men and one 14`year`old boy have been released on bail.


The seven children arrested in connection with the murder of a


42`year`old Warren Fee from Coronation Close died in hospital on


Police say all five boys and two girls have been released on bail


In today's football, Hull City were hoping to bounce back from their


They travelled to Aston Villa, but it proved to be a disappointing


After European heartbreak, it turned out to be


The first half described by manager Steve Bruce


as the worst he'd seen as Hull City manager.


It was Aston Villa's Gabby Agbonlahor who opened the scoring


Andreas Vyman slotted home to give his side a 2`0 lead going


But City hit back with a better performance after the break.


Nikichi Yelavic's header deflected in off a Villa defender


The goal rejuvenated the Tigers, but they couldn't find an equaliser.


It's the worst I can remember in two years of being at the club, so we


changed it round and that made a difference, but we gave ourselves a


mountain to climb after the pathetic show we produced in the first half.


With more new signings possible before the transfer window closes


tomorrow, the two`week international break may have come


Scunthorpe United are moving up the League One table


after finally getting their first win of the season.


A solo effort from Hakeeb Adelukan gave The Iron the lead as he ran


Gary McSheffrey then curled a 25`yard free`kick


into the top corner for his first goal since re`joining the club.


Top athletes from around the world have been competing


The city bid successfully to become part of the EAP international


athletics circuit earlier this year, joining cities such as Amsterdam


Athletes came from as far afield as Senegal and the USA to take part.


It's the first big event of this kind that Hull has had


in a lot of years and hopefully it will be a full success.


It's really nice to be here competing, obviously there's a home


crowd and it's really good to have this competition in Hull and I hope


Time now for the weather with Keeley Donovan.


A fine end to the day, but overnight we are going to see


What we'll find is extensive cloud will spread down from the north,


some mist and murk as well, and some patchy rain and drizzle from that


cloud too, the temperatures falling back to about 13 or 14 degrees.


So an improvement tomorrow, but it will be a very slow one, so


through the morning, patchy rain and drizzle continue, a lot of cloud,


It may be that later in the day, we start to see some brightness


Temperatures tomorrow around 18 or 19 degrees.


That's it for now. We're back at 10:15 tonight.


Good evening. Much of the country has enjoyed some sunshine to finish


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