06/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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Good evening. Emergency services remain at an immigration centre in


Lincolnshire this evening, `fter a disturbance broke out earlidr today.


Jill Archbold is at the centre, and sent this report.


We know that these men were staff who had been drafted in frol other


parts of the present servicd. ``prison


In a statement, the Home Office said: "Our thoughts are with the


family at this very sad timd. Deaths in removal centres are rare but


A man's body has been found in Mablethorpe near the Lincolnshire


coast. Police were called to Quebec Road earlier this morning, where


they pulled the body from a water`filled ditch. Sherwood Playing


Fields were cordoned off whhle underwater teams carried out a


search. The death is being treated as unexplained.


A day of commemorations has been held at Woodhall Spa in


Lincolnshire, to mark 70 ye`rs since the Battle of Arnhem. More


than 2000 men of the First @irborne Division were based in the village


during the Second World War. They were deployed to the Netherlands in


1944 to try to wrest the cotntry from German control. Out of the


thousands that went, only 435 returned. A special salute from the


Dutch military was given to veterans who attended the attended the event


Festival say they had doubld the number of people at its opening


night, compared to last year. Despite the rain, thousands of


shopping trolley ballet. And last night, 22,000 people turned out


to watch bands and street pdrformers like the Spark drummers.


service Looking at the figures, they tell us that 22,000 were thdre last


night. We are very pleased. I live in Manchester that I had to come


over because I think it is really good to do and to visit. We have


been watching the trapeze artists. A blue plaque has been unvehled


marking the residents of actress ``birthplace of actress Kay Kendall.


We get visitors who have bedn to look at the house. It is nice that I


have a plaque on my house commemorating her.


teams today. Scunthorpe United continued their difficult start


start in League One, losing two`nil away to Bristol. And in the


Conference Premier, Grimsby beat Welling two`nil at home. Whhle


Lincoln City were beaten aw`y by three goals to nil against Woking.


There will be some clearer skies. These other temperatures in towns


and city centres. It will bd a much better day in prospect tomorrow with


some good spells spells of sunshine. We back tomorrow evening and hope


you enjoy Good evening. It was a mixed bag to


start the weekend. The satellite sequence shows cloud across northern


Scotland in the centre of an area of low pressure and associated weather


fronts drifting east across England and Wales with sunshine following


behind with showers. The showers should be gone by the small hours of


the morning. Clear skies follow behind, so temperatures will dip


into single figures and maybe a few patches of fog to go with that. In


the North of Scotland it is pretty wet in the overnight period and into


the morning. The North of Scotland will be a focal point for some of


the wettest weather on Sunday, 0-40 millimetres of rain quite widely in


some places may see more than that and it will be accompanied by some


brisk wind. A different story through the central lowlands,


sunshine here. Northern Ireland might start on the cloudy side but


not for Wales and the Midlands where it should be a nice start.


Temperatures should stay up due to


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