07/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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That is all of the sport. Thank you. That's it from us,


It's been claimed that struggling shops in Lincoln will be left to


fend for themselves, that's if a support group for businesses


More than 800 companies pay a fee to Lincoln's Business


Improvement Group, which ails to boost retail and tourism.


But those businesses will now vote to decide


From installing a temporary ice rink to running


Lincoln Big's work is varied, but it's future is in the h`nds


We have invested over ?10 mhllion through the business improvdment


district, we have helped to create a good atmosphere,


Lincoln Big is funded by more than 800 businesses which whll now


Local retailers, including these three,


I would say it is about 50`40 at the moment, looking at independdnce


I am undecided, I was in business for three years, subsequently the


There was limited support from Lincoln Big,


They have good dialogue with the shopkeepers, listen to ts and we


It is difficult to predict which way the vote will go here


in Lincoln, but in recent ydars businesses in Boston and Sldaford


In Hull, it was voted in by a narrow majority.


One local retailer says there was a lack of support for his shop


when it was struggling, could you be doing more?


We could always be doing more, I know it is difficult, we have


over 800 businesses in the city centre, we have a lot of ch`llenges,


Without us, nothing would bd happening to help those bushnesses.


Businesses now need to decide if they are prepared to continue


paying for Lincoln Big to ddliver services like these.


The Home Office is investig`ting a disturbance at an immigration centre


near Lincoln yesterday, which began after the death of a detainde.


Emergency services were called in when 30 men reportedly rdfused to


The disorder was brought under control last night.


It's believed the man who dhed on Friday was a 19`year`old


Organisers of Hull's Freedol Festival say numbers are already up


from last year's event, that's in spite of bad weather yesterday.


It's the last day of the festival today, and this was


the Colour Parade that took place through the city centre earlier


Estimated attendance figures so far have exceeded the


Thousands have turned out in Lincolnshire to watch three


Lancaster bombers unite for the first time in fifty years.


A Canadian and UK bomber fldw over East Kirkby, as another ran


Our reporter Jill Archbold was there.


Usually at East Kirby, it is just Jane, but today, she'll be joined by


two assist the Lancaster bolbers. 5000 people had tickets, sole had


travelled hundreds of miles of year. The sound of 12 engines is going to


sound amazing. One man who knows what it is like to fly a Lancaster


is this pilot. When you get an opportunity to go to the window you


see people waving and smiling, you know you are making someone's date.


Then the moment everyone had waited to see. Further and bumper like the


first pass, then again, this time closer. `` Vera and Thumper. I can't


believe it, I am still shakhng, I just wish that generation w`s still


here to see, there are very few left, massive respect to thdm for


they have done for us, for this country, to see them over as is


spectacular. It has been more than 50 years since the Lancaster bombers


have been together. This evdnt will be repeated again next Sund`y.


Scunthorpe United manager Russ Wilcox says it's been "a long


four weeks" for his team, after they lost to Bristol City yesterday.


Aden Flint got Bristol's first goal in the second half, before


It leaves the Irons third from bottom in League One.


It was a bad afternoon for our rugby league sides: Hull


FC were beaten by Huddersfidld 38`28, and Hull KR lost


Time to get the weather. However, another pleasant today or tomorrow,


more cloud in place, but not much around at the moment. Good clear


spells at the moment, the lhght breeze will allow a bit of tp to


develop. These are the valuds in the town and city. Cooler in thd


countryside. A cruel start the day, it'll be fine and dry that'll go a


star. `` a cruel start to the day. Here is where temperatures will reap


the highest. Looking ahead, settled and dry weather. We are back at 25


past ten them. The buyer. Good evening. Most of us had a


lovely end to the weekend but the exception was the north-east of


Scotland. It was cold, wet and windy but the low responsible is now


moving away and we have high pressure moving its way in from the


West. The pressure is rising all the while over the next few days which


will settle things down nicely and it will be dry pretty much all week.


But the forecasting headache will be the amount of cloud. The next few


hours will still be pretty wet and windy in the north-east of Scotland


but through the small hours the ring becomes quite liked


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