13/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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There's more throughout the evening on the BBC News Channel.


Concerns have been raised about the plight of isolated elderly


people in East Yorkshire, after a charity which provides


Friends of the Elderly in Bridlington say loneliness


amongst older people is on the increase and can havd a


Jewellery's Monday morning call to her lunch club members I will pick


you up sort of 11ish. Bridlhngton's Friends of the Elderly charhty


enjoyed five years of lottery money but not any more. We are now get a


small grant from the East Rhding of Yorkshire. The council, there is no


provision in it for staffing, they don't believe in paying for


staffing, they want voluntedrs to do everything. It has been hard getting


across I am not just a little lunch circle, I do a huge range of


activities with people. At 002 Edith is the oldest to benefit. Today she


joins seven others for a me`l and catch up This lunch club has become


a lifeline for many of thesd ladies. They tell me if they weren't here,


with their friends, they wotld probably be at home alone.


I get absolutely sick of television, sorry. Otherwise you would be on


your own. It makes a big difference to our lives. It is a lifelhne, you


know. You really look forward to o coming out, with them all.


Loneliness among old people is on the increase, a recent survdy found


there were more old people feeling lonely in this region than the


national average. One in nine people above the age of 60 were lonely In


Lincolnshire one in ten felt lonely, and in North Lincolnshire, one in 11


old people were feeling londly. I think it is fairly big issue,


where ever you are, whether you are in a city, or whether in sort of out


in the countryside in the rtral areas. In a statement East Riding of


Yorkshire council said: it added that applications to the


fund are welcome from voluntary and community group, which actively help


with this issue. Despite thhs, Friends of the Elderly says it has


no option but to keep fundr`ising itself, to make sure ladies like


these never feel isolated and lonely again.


The manager of a Lincolnshire immigration centre where a lan died


just over a week ago has bedn asked to meet the local Parish Cotncil to


Police were called to disturbances following the death at Morton Hall


in Swinderby last weekend, and a Home Office investigation is


Councillors now want assurances about the site.


There have been further med`ls for our local competitors


Former RAF officer Carl Harding from Bourne has helped win gold


for Great Britain in his mixed team archery event


Meanwhile, cyclist Claire Edwards from Hull finished third


in her time trial this mornhng, picking up a bronze medal.


In football, Scunthorpe United couldn't hold onto


The Iron were 1`0 up, thanks to a goal from Paddy Madden, btt


The Iron stay in the relegation zone.


In the Conference, Lincoln City came from two goals down against


Bristol Rovers, but conceded in the last minute to lose 3`2.


Grimsby Town lost 2`0 at home to Torquay.


Both sides have dropped into the bottom half of the table.


Let us get the weather now. Hello. Good evening, well,


throughout this evening there will be variable amounts of cloud before


the next band of cloud pushhng in as we head overnight. It could be thick


enough to produce a bit of patchy light rain and drizzle. For most of


us it will stay dry. Temper`ture, while reflecting the cloud probably


round 12 or 13 degrees so it stays mild, the breeze fairly light. It


means tomorrow it will be a fairly cloudy day. From time to tile, there


will be outbreaks of light rain and drizzle. The breeze will frdshen.


Top temperatures 18 degrees. That is all from us tonight, enjoy the


weekend. Bye. Hello. Some subtle changes in our


weather at the start of next week, even some rain around for some of


us, but for the rest of the weekend, it will be as you were. Try this


evening, with temperatures gradually slipping away. More of a breeze and


southern parts of the UK. The breeze. Temperatures going down to


fire. It will be chilly in Northern Ireland, western Scotland and the


North of England in


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