14/09/2014 Look North (East Yorkshire and Lincolnshire)


The latest news, sport and weather for Yorkshire and Lincolnshire.

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A Lincolnshire man is vowing to return to Thailand to clear


Andy Hall from Spalding has been working in the country


for the last ten years and hs now waiting to hear the verdict


He's also facing further legal proceedings


after criticising working conditions in Thailand's pineapple indtstry.


The human rights activist is currently visiting his parents


in Lincolnshire, but has told Look North he'll return


to Thailand to continue fighting for the rights of migrants.


Back home with his parents, Andy is enjoying a short break in Spalding,


but his work in Thailand has placed him at the centre of both criminal


It is challenging times, but to look at it positivelx, I


think the case has created ` lot of international interest and ht has


raised the profile of abuses against migrant workers in Thailand.


Earlier this month, Andy appeared in court in B`ngkok


A second case is due to start tomorrow after


alleged poor working condithons at a company owned by this lan.


TRANSLATION: This is for the future


of my company, so I ask, is that important?


Today I am fighting my case, that is all.


Back in Spalding, Andy has received support


He's now vowing to return to Thailand, but his family know


if he loses his cases, he could face a lengthy prison sentence.


I have got butterflies in my tummy all the time.


Would you prefer Andy just to stay here and leave it all behind?


We would love for him to be home, but it is his life and that is what


Andy's family will now have to wait six weeks before finding out if he


will be jailed, but with further criminal and civil proceedings,


Hospital officials have tridd to address concerns about plans to


build more than 100 new homds on land next to


the Diana Princess of Wales Hospital in Grimsbx.


An application has been madd for planning permission to build


104 houses in the Scartho Road area of thd town.


Local residents have been invited to take part in a consultation


I think they need to come and have a look at the plans.


I certainly think the area we are looking at,


it would be a significant improvement to this area.


We are also submitting detahled accessibility surveys as part of


our work, so that we are addressing the concerns that residents may


have around the increased transport within the area.


There's been more success for local athletes on the fhnal day


Lincolnshire's Micky Yule took gold in the powerlifting and Hull's Craig


Gadd was in the Great Britahn Squad, which won the sitting vollexball


gold following a win against the USA in this afternoon's final.


This was the moment when Great Britain's sitting volleyball


Craig Gadd, seen here wearing the number six, has had a busy weekend.


He finished just outside thd medals in the cycling yesterday, btt today


There was also success for Lincolnshire's Micky Yule.


He was head and shoulders above the competition as he took


The event for injured servicemen and women was the idea of


Prince Harry and has receivdd a visit from Prime Minister.


Giving people the opportunity to compete, to have pride


in what they do, to be part of a team, I think it means a huge amount


Competitors such as Sam Stocks, who won the 400m, will head home


tomorrow, and can expect a great reception from friends and family.


It is the best thing that h`s happened in a long time for us.


It is an inspiration to us and hopefully to Great Brit`in.


Thousands of spectators havd attended the games and it is


hoped it will now become a regular feature on the sporting caldndar.


In football, Scunthorpe United remain in the relegation zone


following a heavy defeat at Chesterfield yesterday.The


Iron took the lead at the start of the second half through Paddy


Madden, but the home side took control thanks to a hat`trick from


In rugby league, Hull Kingston Rovers ended the


Omari Caro scored three of their eight tries as the Robins


It means that they finish in ninth place in the Super League t`ble


Through this evening, across East Yorkshire and


Lincolnshire, it will stay dry, but as we head overnight, thickdr cloud


starts to push in, turning things misty, with hill fog and patchy


It will be a mild night, with temperatures at about 14 Celsius,


with a gentle north`easterly bredze.


A gloomy start for tomorrow morning, cloudy and damp in places.


It will get brighter gradually, with cloud breaking


for some sunny spells, but `lso the risk of some isolated showers.


Temperatures tomorrow are bdtter than today, reaching 19 Celsius


On Tuesday, it will again bd a cloudy day, but it will break up.


We will see some spells of sunshine, with the risk of


showers on Wednesday, temperatures around 19 or 20 Celsius.


That is it from us for now, but we are back at 10:20pm. Goodbyd for


now. Still, some clear spells in western


areas. If you spot stepping into single figures but foremost, it will


not be a cold night. It a rather murky and grey start to Monday.


Still, the far north-east of England, into eastern Scotland,


whereas elsewhere, slow


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