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Good evening and welcome to BBC Look North. The headlines tonight.


A major rescue operation's tnder way ` as a helicopter crashes off the


East Yorkshire coast, killing two men.


I am alive here is the investigation begins.


Also on tonight's programme: Humberside Police is critichsed for


telling victims of crime thdy shouldn't always expect homd visits.


Hull City fans divided, as they boo each other over the club's name


change. And on a visit to Lincoln, Professor


Brian Cox tells us why getthng kids interested in science is good for


Join later father weather. ``Join me later for the weather.


Two men have died after a hdlicopter crashed into the sea off thd East


Yorkshire coast. A major emdrgency operation is still underway tonight


to recover the privately owned jet ranger aircraft. The accident


happened around lunchtime close to the cliffs at Flamborough, north of


Bridlington. The emergency services have recovered two bodies. Nobody


else was on board the private charter helicopter which had taken


off from an airfield near Edinburgh on its way to Retford. Well, our


correspondent Paul Murphy is on the cliffs at Flamborough now.


This rescue and recovery opdration has been going on all afternoon and


is now slowly winding down. Two bodies have been recovered from the


wreckage about 250 feet below the clifftop here. The police and no


securing the scene and making the wreckage safe and away that it can


be investigated properly by the air accident investigation Branch were


no `` who are now on their way. The call to the emergency services came


just after half past one and it became clear that a helicopter


flying just a few hundred y`rds of this coast was in serious


difficulty. Some eyewitnessds had a change in the engine tone while


others said it was more dralatic. We had a crack and then saw thdir


helicopter descending almost like an aircraft. At the nearby golf club


the crash was witnessed by several players. Many ran to the clhff edge


to see if they could help the Touraine made that impossible.


``terrain. It went behind the cliff and did not reappear. By


mid`afternoon that this was clear dash it was an operation to recover


bodies and not to rescue thdm. Efforts are being made to identify


the men who died. What else do we know about the helicopter and the


two men who were on board? Hn terms of the journey, we understand that


this aircraft took off from an airport close to Livingston in


Scotland. The helicopter is a Bell jet Ranger. . It flew south through


dilemma airspace and was on its way to Humberside airport. It w`s going


there to refuel before conthnuing its journey down to rectify it in


Nottinghamshire ``to Retford. We do not yet know the circumstances of


the crash. We hope to establish that within the coming hours.


who reports a crime should dxpect a police officer to turn up at their


home. The force says it recdived 160,000 calls last year and of those


almost half were unnecessarx and could have been dealt with over the


phone or at the front desk of a police station. The force s`ys it


has to prioritise its response to save ?31 million over the


next five years. Our political editor Tim Iredale reports.


Long gone are the days when a family doctor would turn up at our homes to


treat the mildest of ailments. So should we expect the polhce to


guarantee a home response for every call they receive?


That's the question being posed by Humberside's Chief Constabld Justine


Scunthorpe's Westcliff Estate feel about not being guaranteed ` home


Then heated to send the polhce out and it is no good speaking of oil


the phone. ``They need to sdnd four. The report on the future of


Humberside Police published in full today, says we're ringing the police


for the wrong reasons, like parking According to the report, out of


600,000 calls to the switchboard Whilst


the public's being asked to change its expectations, thd force


says it needs to reorganise to go where the demand and not have


officers stationed by geogr`phy Some feel that rural policing could


suffer under the changes. I want the assurance that residents in the East


Riding also get a decent service from the police.


Police and Crime Commissiondr, Matthew Grove, has defended


I asked if police had previously made home visits were not absolutely


necessary. Yes last year. The first thing the forested last year when we


got a call about a rape that had taken place. The first thing we did


was sent to officers renewed for rent at the door. They were


horrified because neighbours were asking them if they had had their


shared a broken into. Give le an example where a police officer


should not be required. We should not send uniform officers in every


sexual crime. We need to is CDs people in a place that is private to


them. But if you want to cut numbers from 160,000 to 80,000, these are


not just examples you have given. We do not want to cut them but we


simply point out that we cotld respond in a way that is better for


the victims and better for the public. Tell me about a crile where


you do not want to call. We do not want to have the visit but we want


to make sure that when the public do not want officers we make stre we do


not send officers. I myself was the victim of theft and the offhcer


turned up at 1030 at night H simply wanted to report the crime. I want


to make sure that we can send an officer more quickly to vulnerable


people because they are not wasting their time by going to placds where


they are not required. The public were being conned when somebody was


pretending that every crime was investigated under our formdr police


superintendent. He says it was and he sat in that she and told me that


was the case. I have checked and that was not the case but what was


the case is that I learnt that the main demand for policing in the East


Riding is in Bridlington but most of the police officers when Beverley.


How does that make sense for the East Riding?


What do you think of the suggestion there that some less serious crime


should be dealt with over the phone? Do you expect an officer to turn up


at your doorstep every time a crime is reported? Should we change the


way we view police, and accdpt that they have to prioritise mord serious


In July a High Court judge ruled that the consultation process over


reforms to the library servhce and ligature was flawed. ``in


Lincolnshire. Most people understand that we have a pretty good solution.


Look North last week that the "silent majority" of supporters had


let him down over his plans to change the club's name to Htll


Tigers. Last night those supporters found their voice. Fans protesting


against the change were loudly booed by their fellow supporters `t the


match against West Ham. It was the most obvious sign so far th`t the


name change is dividing fans. Phillip Norton reports from the KC


With more than ?30 million spent on new signings, and the club for sale,


it has been an interesting break for fans arriving at the stadiul. Yellow


knock it is disappointing. We need to get behind the team. If we stay


In the Premier League, silence lets you down eventually. I sank subtly


to die. ``City Till I Die bding sung.


On the pitch the new signings made an instant improvement to the


team. Able and Anders opened the scoring. West Ham levelled hn the


second half before another new boy Mohammed Di army restored the lead.


It did not last long, Curtis Davies credited with an own goal after the


ball trickled into the net. Fans happy with the performance but much


been said on the divide between them. City fans are entitled to


sing. I do not like to see that they should support regardldss of


the situation. We stay in the Premier League and stand by this guy


it will be OK. Steve Bruce has called for fans to unite and backed


the team. It was an exciting night of football. There is lots taking


who booed last night, why dhd you do it? Do you feel like the supporters


are split over the name change debate? Should it have come to a


head like this while the te`m needed fans' support?


Still ahead tonight: Hundreds of children are encouraged to take up a


career in science at an event in Lincoln.


They just need to know that they can achieve this.


This is a photo of the Humbdr Bridge by Andrea Kearton.


There has a lot of cloud and West. ``and mist. We have had 68


Fahrenheit weather cloud did it break but we still have adrhft from


the east and high pressure over Scandinavia and the Bay of Biscay.


That is why we will see quite a lot of low cloud and mist and fog


developed a night. Coastal `reas are already pretty grey and mistake and


coastal cloud cover is quitd a last lot of East Yorkshire. The sun will


rise just after half past shx tomorrow morning and your ndxt high


water time in Skegness will be half past midnight. It will be a very


dull and misty and drizzly start tomorrow with the risk of one or two


showers. Skies will brighten slightly and might be a bit of


sunshine in places that alw`ys the risk of a shower. Letters h`ve a


look at the top temperatures. ``Let us. It will be very similar on


Thursday and Friday and Sattrday with just the chance of somd cloud


breaks during the afternoons. The Red Arrows opened their hanger


to hundreds of school children today to try to inspire them to t`ke up


careers in engineering. Bushnesses say they need 1.8 million more


engineers by the end of the decade just to meet demand for skilled


workers. At RAF Scampton sole of the biggest companies in British


industry were showing youngsters what kind of jobs they could do if


they carried on studying schences and maths. Gemma Dawson has this


report. Among these schoolchildren could be


the engineers, scientists and I think it is really import`nt for


the new generations to see `nd to experience stuff first`hand,


particularly in the science and engineering fields so to cole here


today is brilliant. There are so many different


opportunities and different aspects of science and technology and so


much to look at, it is amazhng. We have been arch and learning about


civil engineering. Hopefullx the future will be bright for md. These


young people are hungry to find out where they are going and possibly to


validate the fact they are really interested in science and tdchnology


and engineering and the need to know that it is exciting and acttally


achievable. Engineering UK says that


87,000 new engineers are nedded 51,000 being recruited each year.


That's a shortfall of 36,000. So it's hoped events like this will


attract more young people into the We have a huge skills short`ge and


when I retire somebody needs to fill my shoes.


And what better way to insphre these pupils than a display by thd Red


Arrows, a team that relies on the work of


engineers to enable them to do this.


presenter Professor Brian Cox. I asked him if schools needed to do


more to make subjects like laths and physics more interesting for budding


I do not know because I am not at school but I know there is `n


increase in pupils wanting to do science and engineering so the


schools must be doing something right. We have a huge deficht in the


number of engineers that we need in the economy. We need 1 millhon more


engineers at all levels by 2020 so that is a big skills gap to fill.


Events like this help to fill it. Why are young people, particularly


girls, not going in for it? That is a problem there, isn't therd? That


is a problem in the sense that it is a demographic problem. The dngineers


tend to be at the older end of the spectrum and we have not bedn


replacing them but we are bdginning to do it now. It is events like this


that direct and students like these ones here come here because they are


science and science and enghneering and they see the range of c`reers


that are available to them. It might be a disgrace. It also might be


Rolls`Royce. You also have BAE Systems. It is all about showing


them that it is for them. Students are always stood in the big


questions but occasionally xou find that they think it is impossible to


get into these areas while hn fact we have just been discussing that


the reality is that there are more jobs at our people and all these


peoples, weather it be building spacecraft are building aircraft of


the next generation of comptters. The shortage of 1.8 million people


at the moment is an extraordinary shortage because it is a very secure


job at the moment, is it not? Yes, I said that the students. You do not


always choose your life by the most sensible sources and you often


choose it by inspiration. I find that the students will find for


themselves that whatever thdy are interested in this huge arr`y of


opportunities for them but there's a shortage of a sense of posshbility


and that is what we get thel with events like this.


to Chesterfield. Peter Swann has spoken out about his surprise and


disappointment at recent poor performances. He expects thd team to


step up when the Iron face hn`form Coventry at Glanford Park tonight.


We only have four points from 2 points. We do not want to bd down at


the end of the table for thd whole season and that was part of the


message from me. Let's not wait any longer and get on with it now.


And Scunthorpe United's match at home to Coventry will be on BBC


Radio Humberside on FM. The build`up is on the air now. Grimsby Town s


trip to Halifax is on AM, dhgital and the BBC Sport website. @nd BBC


Radio Lincolnshire have Lincoln City's match at Welling.


There has been good news for Cleethorpes FC who have thehr


goalposts stolen. We got a call last night from a local businesslan who


offered to pay for new goals so from being a television to within a


couple of the minutes, we h`d a problem solved which is fantastic


for the club and we are delhghted. An argument breaks out in Scotland


over weather it stays in thd union. A helicopter crashes with the death


of two men. Top temperatures tomorrow will be around 18 Celsius


which is 60 45 night. Let's go back to our top story now, the hdlicopter


crash on the east coast of Yorkshire. What happens now with


this investigation? Investigators will want to find out what the


aircraft was doing at the moments before it crashed. Coast Gu`rd is


busy speaking to us within the last two minutes. These are very


dangerous areas to be working and because of the overhanging cliffs at


the teams are specially trahned and there was a good effort to be able


to get a satisfactory concltsion. One of the challenges for the


investigation is getting access to this aircraft which lies about 00


feet below the clifftop herd at Flamborough. It is likely that the


two men have already been identified from passenger manifests from the


flight of the aircraft. Thehr families are still to be informed of


which is why they have not xet been named. There will be more from us at


25 past ten. A lively discussion with a crime can Mr about wdather


people should always get hole visits from the police. Natasha saxs that


all these changes are to save money and not to make police work better.


Police are looking to move of resources from the main are` to


rural areas. Sega says that it makes sense to ask victims if thex want


visitors rather than simply turning up and wasting the time of police


officers. I will see you at 25 past ten. Take care and good night.


There's so much more to this story than I thought. Wow.


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